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Minimalist Wedding Flowers


For those of you who live by minimalist standards, being that your goal is to live more without the clutter of material items, then you’ll want to choose floral wedding decorations that reflect that way of life. From your minimalist wedding table decorations, to your bouquet, how you choose your wedding day flowers should be an extension of your minimalistic ideal.

Since the model for living a minimalistic way of life begins with less, choose a wedding bouquet that includes only one varietal, and perhaps only one color. Use the following ideas as inspiration for your bouquets or wedding reception decorations:

A minimalist bouquet made of only roses would be lovely and simple. You can choose whichever color roses you’d like, however keep in mind that white is the most minimalistic color because it exudes a calming energy and looks simple. If you choose white roses as your reception centerpieces, then place them in a transparent vase with water. If you also use them for your bouquet, then place a white ribbon around them to secure the flowers together.

Another fantastic minimalist bouquet is one comprised of white tulips because this varietal encapsulates simplicity and sweetness. As with the aforementioned rose bouquet, you are welcome to choose a different color, just make sure you only use one varietal per bouquet or centerpiece.

A bouquet of hawthorn flowers in both pink and white is more complicated, but ideal for the minimalist who wants to add some spice to her simple wedding. The reason this bouquet is still considered to be minimalistic is because it is comprised of only one varietal. What makes it interesting is that hawthorn flowers come in different sizes, so you’re welcome to include flowers of varying size to create a bouquet that’s simple, yet interesting.

Figuring out what to tie your bouquets together with can be challenging because you don’t want to add too much. A simple ribbon is perfect, but if you want to go the green route, feel free to explore hemp ribbon or string. A strong vine is always a fantastic option—it’s natural, a simple mixture of brown and green, and pleasing to the eye.

An accessory that you’re welcome to use with your reception centerpieces is rock. Since rocks are calming, simple, and natural, you can use them to fill up transparent vases, bowls, or to help hold flowers in place. Rocks also add an extra special something to your wedding decor without having to spend more money than you planned.

Apply the aforementioned bouquet ideas to your flower girl bouquet, bridesmaid’s bouquets, and any flowers you might use as boutonnières or corsages. As long as you choose simple flowers that match your minimalistic ideals, then you're well on your way to having a wedding with less—but still has it all.

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Romantic Honeymoons: Maui


When it comes to romantic honeymoons, Maui is difficult to top. Here are a few reasons that Maui ranks high on the list of honeymoon spots:

Maui’s resorts provide some of the most pristine accommodations in the world. There are pools, restaurants, golf courses, swimming pools, and shopping everywhere you go. Whether you want to be active or simply lounge at the pool, you will be in heaven.

The famous Road to Hana is one of the world’s most beautiful drives. Though it takes a whole day in the car (and the road is very windy, at parts), it is completely worth it. The best way to do it is to take frequent stops along the way to get out and stretch your legs. Note to the adventurous—most people take the road to Hana, then turn around and head straight back the way they came. However, there is a back road that you can continue on (though it is not completely paved and potentially dangerous in some areas if it has rained a lot). However, this road is just as stunning (if not more so) than the main road. It is highly recommended for those who want to see some of the most gorgeous and desolate areas on the planet.

Lahaina Town (West Maui) and nearby Kaanapali Beach is one of the most fun and lively places on the island, perfect for romantic honeymoons and sunsets. You can find snorkeling trips, turtle watching excursions, fishing trips, and a wealth of great restaurants and bars.

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Bridesmaids Gifts: Go Vintage


It’s important to put time and thought into thank you gifts for your bridesmaids. After all of the time and effort they’ve put into your wedding, it’s a kind and necessary gesture to give something back.

One popular gift in particular is jewelry. Give your Bridesmaids jewelry that’s unique by going the vintage route. Giving your Bridesmaids jewelry sets is one thing, but giving them vintage jewelry sets is another. Vintage jewelry includes lapel pins, dress clips, brooches, and of course earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

If you don’t want to go the jewelry route, but you love the idea of giving a vintage keepsake, then explore the idea of giving them plants in vintage holders. Vintage planters are unique, fun, and something your bridesmaids can enjoy on a daily basis for many years to come. The world of vintage planters is vast. Teapots, watering cans, vintage buckets, baskets, and teacups, can all be used planters. You can present this gift with a plant already in it, or you can give them seeds that they can plant themselves. This portion of the gift is entirely up to you, but it’s always nice when to give a plant or flower that’s already blooming.

The vintage world doesn’t end with jewelry or planters, in fact there are countless vintage pieces that would make great bridesmaid gifts, such as vintage vases, picture frames, and jewelry boxes.

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Cakes Toppers Unique for You


Every aspect of your wedding should reflect your unique personality and style, including your wedding cake toppers. With an abundance of unique wedding cakes to choose from, chances are you’ll already be inspired to pick a topper that’s as amazing as your cake. If you need more inspiration, feel free to explore the following ideas.

Religious: If you’re having a religious ceremony then you might want to consider choosing a topper that reflects that. For example, a cross or a bible topper might be the perfect accessory to your wedding cake.

Animals: If you and your partner are animal lovers then you’re in luck because there are many fantastic animal cake toppers to choose from. Don’t shy away from being specific with your cake topper—if you have a black Labrador, then explore black Lab cake toppers.

Butterflies: Butterfly cake toppers are beautiful and inspiring. They come in all colors and sizes, so you won’t have any trouble finding the butterfly that matches your wedding cake.

Flowers: With a countless number of varietals to choose from, picking the perfect flower or group of flowers to top your cake with will be fun and easy.

Holiday: If you’re getting married on or near a holiday, such as Christmas, Easter, or Halloween, explore cake toppers that were created for that specific holiday. For example, cake toppers ideal for an Easter wedding include bunnies, carrots, and Easter eggs.

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Designing Your Wedding Invitation List


When it comes time to begin your wedding guest list, there are three questions that you need to answer:

Do I want a large, medium, or small wedding reception?
A small wedding reception can be intimate and lovely, but for people with very large families, they are sometimes not possible. Do your best to blend what you want with what is practical for your situation.

When you picture yourself getting married, who are you unable to imagine not being there?
Even if there is someone who you do not see often (yet who perhaps played a very influential role in your life), you should invite him or her. This could be a high school English teacher who played an important role in your career. Inviting people like that says a lot to them, even if they are unable to attend your wedding.

Who do you not want at the wedding?
This could include a number of people, but more than likely, it’s not people you necessarily “dislike.” For personal reasons, you may decide that you do not want children at the wedding, so no children are included in the guest list. You may not want to open the invitation to work colleagues, which is completely acceptable. The more consistent you are with your choices, the better you will be able to explain your wedding invitation list to people who didn’t get invited.

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Wedding Makeup Tips: Perfect Eyelashes


Whether you’re a makeup pro or not, extra makeup tips are always helpful, especially when your wedding day is right around the corner! Make sure your wedding makeup is flawless by taking note of these tips regarding eye makeup, specifically on your eyelashes. Since you’ll want your wedding style to be perfect, make sure you spend ample time on every little detail, including your bridal makeup.

Mascara 101
If you want gorgeous, thick lashes, then make sure you hold the mascara brush as close as you can to the base of your lashes. Wiggle your brush as you move it toward the ends of your lashes. This will maximize thickness and minimize clumps. Repeat this two times on each set of eyelashes.

Mascara Shades
The big question is—do you go with black or brown mascara? Fortunately there’s black brown mascara that gives you warmth and drama at the same time. If you’re having an evening wedding and want ultra dramatic eyes, then opt for black.

Eyelash Curler Tips
Eyelash curlers were designed to give you that extra lash lift you’ll probably want on your wedding day. Clamp your eyelash curler right at the root of your eyelashes (upper only), and hold for five seconds. Repeat this motion as many times as needed to make sure you’ve curled all of your upper lashes. Make sure you curl your lashes before applying mascara.

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Multiple Wedding Gowns: Pros and Cons


Nicole Richie, Chelsea Clinton, and Carrie Underwood wore multiple wedding reception dresses, so why shouldn’t you? Here are some pros and cons on both sides of the subject.


  • It’s fun to play different roles, and slip into multiple outfit changes, especially when it’s your time to shine.
  • Your mother insisted that you wear her wedding gown, so you opt to wear it in the ceremony and then change into a gown of your choosing for the reception.
  • You can’t decide! There are so many amazing bridal gowns to choose from, how could you possibly choose just one?
  • Your ceremony gown is too difficult to dance in.

Why Not:

  • The first reason you should reconsider wearing more than one dress lies in your answer to this question: Why do you think you need multiple bridal dresses? Perhaps the dress you’ve already purchased isn’t the one. Maybe you jumped the gun and bought a dress when you knew in your heart of hearts that your search for the perfect gown was not quite over.
  • If your reason is that you simply want the best of both worlds; one in which you are a princess in a full ball gown, and another where you are the sexy seductress in a white cocktail dress, think of your wedding dress this way: How often do you get the opportunity to be the belle of the ball, and prance around in a full length wedding gown? Not often.
  • Your wedding gown is expensive, so why not get your money’s worth?


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Planning a Minimalist Wedding


If you’re a minimalist, then less is more, even when it comes to planning your wedding. Fortunately, there are many ways for brides or wedding planners to adhere to the minimalist style of doing things. Your wedding planning checklist will look similar to any other bride’s, but your intentions will be focused on having a simple, organized, and modern day wedding.

A great place to start is at your location. Be on the lookout for wedding venues that have a minimalistic look. Shy away from five star hotels, mansions, castles, and cathedrals, and focus more on simple, sleek, and small spaces that are just big enough to fit your wedding guests. Explore modern facilities that look simple and clean. You might consider art galleries, museums, lofts, or even your own home. Your venue is of the utmost importance considering you won’t have many extra decorations to make it look nicer than it actually is. Once you find a venue that looks beautiful on it’s own, without having to add any bells or whistles, then the rest of your minimalist wedding details will fall perfectly into place.

When it comes to minimalism, color is crucial. If you pick colors that are too loud or distracting, like red, or fuchsia, then it could detract from your minimalist style and have an adverse effect on your wedding as a whole. Explore muted colors such as espresso, or olive green. Greens, blues, and white are the most popular and effective minimalistic colors. You want your wedding colors to calm, not excite. Keep this in mind when picking your wedding flowers, invitations, bridesmaids dresses, table linens, etc.

Your wedding gown is also a key player in your minimalistic wedding. This can be tricky because you might find dresses that you love, that don’t adhere to minimalism standards. The key is to stay focused when you’re shopping and if you find a dress that has frills and embellishments, don’t try it on and keep on looking. Explore wedding dresses that are simple, with clean lines and very little detail. Also be aware that your dress should fit you well. A loose, baggy gown could look frumpy and a bit too big. If you find a simple dress you love that is too big, then have it altered to fit your body perfectly. A gorgeous, yet clean and simple fabric to keep in mind is silk Mikado. If you choose a simple gown with this type of fabric you will find that it won’t need any embellishments or added details, such as embroidery or lace.

When choosing your wedding accessories, like jewelry, less is more. Small diamond stud earrings, and perhaps a simple diamond pendant necklace are stunning choices that will shine brightly when paired with a simple gown. If you have your heart set on danglers or droplet earrings, then opt out of a necklace or bracelets. When choosing your jewelry also be aware of the fact that minimalism doesn’t mean a lack of style, so choose any style you love, just keep your final choices to a minimum.

Planning weddings can be stressful, but since you’re coming from a minimalist point of view you’ll find that your guidelines will simplify the process.

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Jewish Wedding Ring Traditions


As with most religious weddings, rings play an important role. In the Jewish religion, rings have a significant amount of symbolism, and must be present if the couple chooses to have a traditional Jewish wedding.

In the Jewish religion, rings are extremely important, and have specific requirements. Jewish wedding rings must consist of solid gold, and cannot have any holes that break the circle. While most Jewish wedding rings are solid gold, it is not uncommon for a couple to have them engraved with Hebrew phrases on the inside surface.

Jewish rings, and as with most Religious wedding rings, are given as a symbol of hope for a marriage that lasts an eternity. In ancient times, rings were worshiped because their shape matches that of the sun and moon.

During traditional Jewish ceremonies, the groom places the ring on the right index finger of the bride. The bride then places the ring on her left “ring finger” any time after the ceremony has been concluded. The reason for the ring being placed on the right hand initially dates back to the early years of Judaism, when those following the Jewish faith wanted the ring to be placed closest to the heart.

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Wedding Planning Websites: DIY Brides are Staying Online


There are tons of wedding planning websites out there to use while gearing up for one of the most important days of your life. Fortunately, ourweddingday.com is a one-stop shop that offers planning tools and services that will keep you right on track from the moment you put that engagement ring on your finger, until you’ve stamped the last thank you note.

Personalized wedding websites aren’t going anywhere. In fact, creating your own website is quickly becoming the norm. Ourweddingday.com allows you to create your own wedding website that essentially replaces the bulky wedding binder of yesteryear. On your personalized wedding website you can choose a design that fits your style, tell your site visitors your story, upload photos of you and your fiancé, organize your wedding-related parties, rehearsals, and create guest lists. You can also post location, travel and accommodation details for your wedding guests, and also share guest book notes. It’s an invaluable tool not only for you to use, but for your wedding guests as well. Your website is also a fantastic way to cut down on the use of paper and the need to organize business cards and small slips of paper from wedding vendors that could easily slip through the cracks. Most of all, your own website will give you peace of mind just knowing all of your wedding related information is contained on one site.

Once you’ve created your own wedding website, you can then navigate through ourweddingday.com for guidance and tips on anything and everything wedding related. Ourweddingday.com offers and hints and tips on the following: Wedding Fashion & Beauty, Wedding Traditions & Etiquette, Booking & Hiring Vendors, Wedding Planning, The Wedding Reception, Wedding Travel & Honeymoon, Wedding Gift Registry, as well as wedding guides for the following cities: New York-Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Newark, and Baltimore.

Under “Tips & Advice” for wedding guides for specifics cities, you will find information regarding your cities wedding bands, officiants guide, videographers guide, bakers guide, photographers guide and more.

If you think wedding advice websites could not possibly offer a bride more information—think again. OurWeddingDay.com also allows you to create your wedding save-the-date cards online and send them as e-cards. Along with this service you are able to update your address books, which allows you to automatically update your guests’ contact info and quickly send your save-the-date cards as well as e-cards.

Planning your wedding can get stressful, and at times you may run out of ideas. Fortunately, ourweddingday.com is one of the few bridal wedding websites that offers a community forum. Interacting with other brides-to-be, exchanging ideas, asking and answering questions about anything wedding related is one simple click away. Even if you have a ton of friends who are either getting married or have been married, sometimes objective unbiased advice is what you need to make a decision about your wedding dress, wedding venue, honeymoon, or even pre-wedding day jitters.

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