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2011 Wedding Dress Trends


2011 wedding dress trends have been nothing less than thrilling, with an influx of vintage rings, indie style wedding photos, and tantalizing wedding dresses. Bridal boutique sites with online wedding dresses give any bride-to-be easy access to the latest and greatest creations by top designers. The following wedding dress trends have taken the bridal industry by storm, and have given brides a plethora of fashion forward styles to choose from.

Flowers, flowers everywhere! With an abundance of blooming flowers amongst the new wedding trends finding their way onto 2011 wedding gowns, you’d think bridal gown designers had a special affinity for gardening. Some gowns have even been designed to emulate a giant flower, while others are resplendent with cabbage roses, silk petals, and flowers of all varieties. Don’t be surprised if you see a bride making her way down the aisle in a gown completely covered in rose buds, from the top of her bodice to the tip of her toes.

Another ubiquitous style that has found its way into 2011 is ideal for romantic brides who love lace, chiffon, tulle, light-weight taffeta, and organza. If you want to float down the aisle in a dreamy gown comprised of feather-light materials, then you’ve got a lot of styles to choose from. The dreamiest of the romantic gowns this year are adorned with intricate and simple embellishments and embroidery. You also won’t find a shortage of lace. Designer Elizabeth Fillmore’s 2011 creations seem as though they were plucked straight out of a romantic’s fantasy. One Fillmore design, was a tea-stained lace empire wedding dress, which encapsulated what a true romantic style wedding gown should be.

Belle of the Ball
Hooray for big ball gowns! This trend is large and in charge on the 2011 bridal gown runways. For brides who have always dreamed of looking like Cinderella on their big day, this style is for you. The great news is that these large gowns are still lightweight regardless of their size, due to the fact that they are made from sheer fabrics such as tulle, point d’esprit, and organza. Pnina Tornai debuted numerous designs that were reminiscent of something Marie Antoinette would have worn. Tornai’s creations had rather large hoop skirts and were deemed to be “statement ball gowns,” a term that you should learn now if you want to be in the 2011 bridal fashion loop.

Show a Little Leg
Another bridal fashion forward style is one that shows skin, specifically legs. This style ranges in length from mini, super mini, and back down to knee length. Brides with fantastic stems should snag this style and make it your own. One designer in particular, Priscilla of Boston, dropped jaws with a wedding hot-pant romper. If brides can get away with wearing shorts down the aisle this year, then it should be interesting to see what’s in store for 2012. The shorter length gowns often come as separates, like designer Melissa Sweet’s delicate blouses and multi-layered mini-skirts.

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3 Tips on Choosing Ring Bearer Outfits


Choosing ring bearer outfits and flower girl dresses is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. There are so many adorable things to choose from, so here here are some guidelines for choosing ring bearer attire:

Consider the theme of your wedding. For example, if you are getting married in Cape Cod in the summer, a sailor outfit might be the perfect choice. If you are getting married indoors at a very formal venue, you should probably go with a mini tux or suit. If your wedding is vintage or Victorian, a miniature turn-of-the-century design might be absolutely adorable on your ring bearer. There is no one-size-fits-all for ring bearer outfits; use your judgment and try to keep in line with your theme, season, and venue.

Try to blend your ring bearer’s outfit with the rest of the wedding party. It doesn’t have to match perfectly, but it is a good idea to add an element of color to his outfit; for example, if the bridesmaids’ dresses are coral, give him a small coral bow tie.

Don’t forget the ring bearer’s pillow. Remember that you are picking out another wedding accessory, so try to find a pillow in similar tones and fabrics to the rest of your wedding. For fancier weddings, choose a satin pillow; for vintage weddings, consider a pillow with tulle fabrics, ruffles, or pearls.

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Honeymoon Ideas: 4 Reasons to Consider Panama


One of the least likely places for newly weds to think of when considering honeymoon ideas is Panama. It should definitely be on your list of places to consider though! Not only is it easy to get to, the country is rich in history, culture, and adventure. Here are a few reasons to begin searching for honeymoon packages in Panama:

  1. Accessibility. Many major airlines fly to Panama, and because of that, flights there are getting cheaper. You can even take a boat ride from Colombia, or a bus ride from Costa Rica. Many of the people in Panama speak English, which is helpful, and the currency exchange is easy; Panama uses the U.S. dollar, officially called the Balboa.
  2. No matter when your honeymoon is, it will be summer weather in Panama! It does rain more often in some seasons than in others, but it is usually only in the tropical areas (and not for more than an hour a day).
  3. The people of Panama are warm and friendly, and the culture is rich, with influences from Spain and France. Seven Indian tribes still live in Panama, such as the Wounaan tribe, the Embera, Bribri tribe, and the Teribe tribe.
  4. Panama is one of the best honeymoon spots for adventure. You can go snorkeling or diving in the Pacific or in the Caribbean, hike trails in the jungle, go kayaking, surfing, or hike along a volcanic crater (at the top, you will have views of both oceans). Panama is full of activities and honeymoon ideas for those who like to stay active.


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Dress Your Shape Online with "Figure Flattery" at David's Bridal


Worried you won’t find online wedding dresses that fit your shape? Don’t be! At Davidsbridal.com, you’ll find different links for various body types, and specific gowns for each. Knowing what your body type is and how to find the ideal bridal dresses for your shape is one of the secrets to finding the perfect gown. You’re welcome to drive around town, going from one wedding gown boutique to another, asking wedding dress vendors which gown fits your shape, or you can visit davidsbridal.com.

Where: Visit the home page at davidsbridal.com and click on the link titled “Bridal Gowns.” There you will find a box in the middle of the page called “figure flattery.” Click on this and you’ll be well on your way to finding your ideal wedding gown.

What: Below the words “figure flattery” you can choose which body size you’d like to shop for: Plus, Petite, Maternity, or Tall. Click on the appropriate size and you’ll find a large selection of gowns that are designed to flatter your specific body type.

Extra Info: Once you make your way to the appropriate gown selection, you will find a box that has the text “sort” to the left of it. Click it and you can view the gowns in one of three configurations: Price low to high, price high to low, or newest arrivals.

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Wedding Cake Transportion and Storing


Picking out the perfect wedding cake is an important component to your special day. Which is why it’s just as important to ensure the cake is stored properly and safely transported to your wedding reception. Just as your wedding gown must be properly stowed, cleaned, and altered, there are steps you must take in making sure your wedding cake is well taken care of.

First and foremost, be aware of how to transport your wedding cake. Whether you have one or multiple custom wedding cakes, make sure you follow these steps:

  • If your wedding cake has multiple tiers, with pillars in between, make sure the cake is not assembled until it reaches the final destination. Also remove any cake accessories, such as loose flowers or toppers before transporting it to the reception. Place the accessories and fully assemble the cake once it is at your reception venue.
  • Most cakes—especially big wedding cakes—are heavy, which is why each base should be extremely sturdy. A ½ inch thick fiberboard or plywood base is sufficient.
  • Some cakes might require additional icing after transport, so make sure you have what you need on hand at the reception.
  • Have one box or pan per cake tier. This will make transporting it a lot easier than placing the tiers together in one large box. Wedding cake bakeries should be able to provide you with the boxes you need.
  • Have a thorough route mapped out to the reception, and make sure to include stairways and ramps so that you and who ever else is transporting the cake is prepared. You may need to bring a dolly, or cart.

As far as what you choose to transport your cake in, you have three options: a pan, a box, or on foam. One isn’t better than the other, but you might want to test out all three before the actual wedding day.

Once you reach the reception location, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Bring a leveler to make sure the cake table is level.
  • Instead of pulling the cake tiers out of the boxes from the top, have scissors handy to cut the box, and slide the cake. This will minimize your chances of grazing the cake with your fingers.
  • Have a cake making kit for safety. If the cake somehow gets smudged along its journey, you might need to perform repairs with extra icing or cake decorations.

If you plan on following the one year anniversary top cake tier tradition, make sure you know how to properly store the cake, to ensure it is as moist and delicious as ever—even one year later! Before storing it, remove all decorations and ornaments, and replace the cardboard base with foil. Freeze the cake for approximately 20 minutes, take it out and cover it with airtight plastic wrap, followed by two or more layers of aluminum foil. Then, one day prior to your anniversary, remove the cake from the freezer, defrost, and enjoy!

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Traditional Asian Wedding Gowns, Ceremonies, and Receptions


Asian weddings have a rich history of traditions that have been practiced for hundreds, even thousands, of years. Even modern-day Chinese weddings often include many of the traditions listed below. If you are about to attend or be a part of an Asian wedding, then be prepared to partake in an intricate, rich, and multi-faceted event.

Asian Wedding Gowns
Chinese wedding gowns are typically red. In Chinese culture this color signifies prosperity, love, and joy. This red color scheme is carried throughout traditional Chinese weddings. The wedding invitations, gift boxes, wedding flowers, and the home of the bride and groom are all decorated with red colors.

Day Before
In order to grieve the loss of her friends and family, it is an Asian wedding tradition that the bride spends the day before her wedding in seclusion with her nearest and dearest friends. It is on this day that the groom’s family delivers “uang susu” in a red basket to the bride and groom’s home. “Uang susu” is a term given to the items in the basket, which consist of the bride’s personal belongings.

Ceremony & Reception
Only immediate family members are invited to a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony. Directly following the ceremony, the bride is expected to serve tea to her in-laws. Once the couple arrives at their reception, they are welcomed and then invited to cut the wedding cake. If the couple chooses to have a more elaborate traditional Chinese reception, then the cake cutting would take place after a 9- or 10-course meal, myriad musical entertainment acts, and at least three outfit changes made by the bride.

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Unique Veils and Headpieces


A lot of brides are opting out of the race for the perfect veil or headpiece for a single flower or even nothing in their locks on their wedding day. For those of you who are still in the running, make sure you choose a veil or headpiece that’s unique to you and is also a perfect pairing with your gown and wedding jewelry. Make sure your grand entrance counts, and choose a veil or headpiece that will turn heads.

Bridal veils:
Go long: If you really want to turn heads at your ultra-formal wedding, then consider a cathedral length wedding veil that’s typically a whopping 106” long!

Spanish style: This style is typically adorned with wide French alencon lace, and is an elegant bride’s dream.

Angled birdcage veil: If you want to be a wedding fashion forward bride, then this is the style for you. This style veil is the perfect mixture of uniqueness, classic, and vintage all in one.

Go vintage: Your vintage headpiece options are endless! You could go with a tudor-style tiara made with milk glass, vintage gold crystal feather brooch, vintage flapper style forehead tiara,or a vintage amethyst tiara to name a few!

Custom made: After you choose your dream wedding gown, have your headpiece custom made to match it perfectly. For example, if your gown is adorned with pearls, lace, or crystals, then have your headpiece made with the same materials.

Whether you explore unique wedding veils, headpieces, or both, make sure that you don’t settle because the possibilities are endless!

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3 Unique Spring Wedding Flowers


The secret to picking the perfect spring wedding flowers is to choose a varietal that’s unique to you and your personality. You are welcome to take the road most traveled, and allow wedding flower vendors to create wedding flower bouquets and centerpieces that fit well with your overall theme and color scheme, but you also might want to do some research on your own, and choose spring wedding flowers that are not only unique in general, but also unique to you.

Peonies: This varietal is uncommon at weddings, but still absolutely gorgeous. You can choose peonies that are still in the bud, or fully open blooms, depending on what look you feel best represents your tastes.

Lily of the Valley: Since this varietal only blooms during April and May, they are an uncommon pick amongst brides. This varietal has a distinctive and pleasing aroma. Due to its size, this is one of the more expensive varietals, which could affect how many you choose for your bouquet, your fiancé’s boutonniere or table centerpieces. These gorgeous small white flowers are elegant, and epitomize spring.

Gerberas (Gerber Daisies): This spring flower is beautiful by itself, or paired with other varietals like tulips or roses when creating your bridal bouquet. You could also mix different colored gerberas in one bouquet or centerpiece. Gerberas colors include cream, white, pink, red, yellow, and combination two-toned orange and yellow.

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5 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony


Personalizing your wedding ceremony is a great way to kick off your wedding on a unique note. Go beyond writing your own vows, and design a wedding ceremony that’s all your own.

  1. Consult your ceremony officiant to see when it would be appropriate to include friends and family in the ceremony. For example, if you ask the officiant to tell a story about you and your fiancé, make sure to include the names of friends or family members who may have been there for the aforementioned event.
  2. Work with your wedding officiant to find ideal time slots in the ceremony for your friends to read poems, prayers, or sing songs.
  3. Pick an officiant that you know on a personal level. More and more friends and family members are choosing to officiate their loved ones' weddings.
  4. If you have children, include them in the ceremony from beginning to end.
  5. Last but not least, write your own personal vows. This is a common, but deeply personal practice that allows you to bring your own words to what can be an otherwise impersonal ceremony. Add spontaneity to your ceremony and surprise your soon-to-be spouse with an old love letter, song, or poem written by you for them.

Take your time when designing your ceremony, and add in your own special touches wherever you see fit.

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David’s Bridal Flower Girl Dresses


Flower girl dresses have never been more fashionable. If you want to find a fantastic selection of fashion forward dresses for a toddler flower girl, or even older, then visit davidsbridal.com for the latest and greatest.

Here is a sneak peek at the newest arrivals available to view on the website.


  • An organza tiered tea-length ball gown style dress. Since the tea length dress is on the hot list for 2011, this would be a great pick for brides who want only the trendiest styles at their wedding.
  • For a more princess look, check out the spaghetti strap asymmetrical tiered organza gown. This dress is nothing short of dreamy.
  • The new cap sleeve tea-length gown with floral details is sweet and elegant.
  • The shantung taffeta ball gown features a large bow, which accents an empire waist.
  • The tank satin bodice with satin pick-up skirt is gorgeous and unique.
  • If you like the idea of a ballet dancer flower girl, then check out the tea length tulle ball gown brocade tank.

Davidsbridal.com also offers a wide selection of flower girl accessories that include shoes, headbands, veils, tiaras, necklaces, earrings, rings, and hair clips. Choose your flower girl’s dress first, and then design the rest of her ensemble around it.

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