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Avoiding & Fighting Pimples on Your Wedding Day


You’re a vision…. spectacular dress, a magnificent bouquet, exquisite accessories and….that pesky blemish right in the center of your forehead!

Wedding stresses, finalizing the honeymoon arrangements and dealing with your mother-in-law will all attribute to bad skin.  The proper precautions and skin care game plan will ensure the focus is on you instead of a breakout.  

Make sure to add 500 milligrams of vitamin C to your regimen  two weeks prior to your wedding.  Vitamin C will support your immune system and prevent breakouts.  Use a daily moisturizer.  Even for oily skins, a water-based moisturizer is a must.  Stressed out skins can cause pimples and blisters. Moisturizers sooth and protect and will minimize a surprise pimple on your wedding day.

If you do get a blemish…don’t fret and don’t touch!  Squeezing or prodding will only make it worse and more noticeable.  If time allows, head to your Dermatologist for a steroid injection.  This will reduce the inflammation.  If not, simply place an ice cube or a frozen cucumber slice directly on the spot.  This will also reduce swelling and discoloration.  Do NOT use drying agents such as benzoyl peroxide or exfoliating agents such as glycolic acid.  These products will create dry, uneven skin and call attention to the very area you are trying to conceal.  The untouched, shrunken blemish will easily be covered with makeup.  To mask areas that are red, use a green-tinted concealer.  Purple tones will be neutralized with a yellow base.


Elysa Ross is a celebrity makeup artist & paramedical Aesthetician who has been perfecting bridal makeup & skincare for over fifteen years.  Check back next week for more beautiful bride tidbits and advice and add anotherlook weddings to your Facebook favorites for more wedding advice!

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