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A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Wines


A good wine is something that most of us enjoy, but few of us know how to find.  When choosing wines for their weddings, many brides are concerned about quality and price in a vague sense, but don’t even know where to start with the specifics.

Recently, we spoke to Anu Karwa, founder and CEO of Swirl Events, an in-home private and corporate wine tasting party company with a fresh, hip approach.  They specialize in chic bridal showers and bachelorette wine tasting parties where everyone has fun.

We talked about choosing wines for weddings, and the conversation was a corker!

“When choosing wine for your wedding, you want to pick one white and one red that will go well with the meals you’re serving and will be widely liked.  Don’t pick anything extreme or non-food friendly, like something too sweet, a big Barolo, or a red Zinfandel,” warns Anu.

“For white wines, I suggest a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand (especially the Marlborough region), or a dry Riesling from Washington State or Alsace. For reds, I would pick a Pinot Noir,” (know as Red Burgundy in France).

“Don’t be blinded by an exotic-sounding vineyard; you’ll find a great selection of wines from any number of locations throughout the word, from Oregon to Burgundy.  Gone are the days when people think that only imported wines are worth enjoying.  We all know that wonderful-tasting wines are not exclusive to one region or continent!”

Bubbly brides.
Not all bubblies are created equal: Only ones from the region of Champagne in France are really Champagnes, but that does not mean that only Champagnes are delicious and refined.

“Everybody loves Champagne, but it can be a major wedding expense,” since couples usually budget 2 glasses per guest, “and all you really need for that toast is something sparkling.   Instead, pick an Italian Prosecco or a Spanish Cava. Both are equally elegant and you can find fantastic bottles for as little as $12!”

Sipping it in.
Quality wines hail from many different locations, not just a few famous places.

“Another way to save money on your wedding wine is to skip the regions with big brand names like Napa and Bordeaux. Pick an up-and-coming region that people aren’t as aware of like South Africa. I adore the value and quality you can find in wine from Chile and Argentina.

Anu also recommends personalizing your wine selections as much as possible, as you would with any other detail of your big day.

“If you live near a wine-producing area, incorporating local wines into your wedding can add a wonderfully personal note to the proceeding, or if you’re traveling on your honeymoon to a spot known for its wines, choosing bottles from that area is a great way to share something of yourselves with your guests!  You can create a small tent card with an explanation as to why these wines are special to you. Place it in front of the wine or near the bar. It give guests a little insight into what interests you as a couple.”

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