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How to Include Your Siblings in Your Wedding


Your siblings have been with you from day one, and you’ll want to recognize them on your wedding day. The most common honors are making them Groomsmen, Best Man, Bridesmaids, and Maid or Maids of Honor. Those are wonderful ideas, but sometimes they aren’t feasible, or you still have “openings” among your siblings. Here are a couple ideas to make your wedding a true family affair.

Groomsmen almost always serve as ushers, but if you have a lot of brothers you can always add extras. (You can also have one of your brothers hand out programs.) That’s a simple way to include the guys, but there are other, creative options. Readings are smart ways to include the women and men, provided they’re keen on the idea—some people are uncomfortable speaking in front of crowds. Give this “job” to older siblings who love poetry or have something special in mind to recite on your big day.

If you’ve got a singer in your clan, they can perform a song or two for the occasion. This can be tricky if they’re not “American Idol” material, and works best if you still have a DJ or band. On a similar note, a sibling can play you a song on the guitar, violin, even harp. For little ones who’ve been studying piano, a “concert” in your honor can be one of the sweetest gifts you’ll receive. Always make sure that young children are comfortable in front of a crowd, and don’t push them if they back out at the last minute. Flower girls and ring bearers are common roles for very young siblings; once again, don’t pressure them into taking on the responsibility.

Since it’s not always practical to make far-away siblings bridesmaids or groomsmen, you can ask them to read (clear any material with your clergyperson ahead of time). Remember, too, that family like to feel involved, and feel free to ask siblings who live out of town to help with such projects as the guest list or your wedding web site. If you’re going back to where your siblings live for your wedding, have them throw a pre-wedding party at their home or, if they’ve got room, house a few of your guests.

For any sibling who doesn’t have a lot of free time, ask them to make special toast Your brother or sister can practice a short, 5-minute-maximum speech in their spare time, and it’s a wonderful way to let them know how special their words are on the biggest day of your life.

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