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Is This The Most Romantic Proposal Ever?


This may be one of the most adorable marriage proposals we've seen to date... and trust us, we've seen a lot.  Nathan and his friends found a nearby forest with a grove surrounded by trees.  During the day, they set up over 200 battery-powered tea lights and struck then all along the trees.

Later that night, Nathan met Katie on the beach to go for a walk.  As they approached the woods Nathan tied his sweater over Katie's eyes and brought her to the lit grove.  What is even sweeter is that once he uncovered Katie's eyes Nathan stumbled over his proposal because he was so nervous, and Katie simply kept nodding her head yes unable to speak.

Check out both sides of the story here.  Ahh romance!

posted by Angila

I think this was a very romatic way of proposing. I would have loved to walk into a lite grove while being proposed to. Mine was pretty special in itself, our entire families and friends were there. I just thought I would leave a comment stating how beautiful of an idea this was.

Enjoy your new lives together and I wish happiness for the both of you!


posted by

We agree, such an adorable proposal. How were you proposed to??

posted by CARALEN

Are you kidding me? I mean yes it was a sweet gesture, but the most romantic to this day I DONT THINK SO! He didn't even propose and she didnt Say yes. Romatic would have been for him to fight his nerves and open his mouth so she could hear the words WILL YOU MARRY ME come out. Anyway cogratulations on your non-verbal engagement. I hope your nerves dont cause you to keep secrets from your wife since you can't talk when you get nervous.

posted by Lauren I.

Eh... very sweet, yes. Most romantic? No way. When my fiance proposed to me, it probably wasn't THE most romantic proposal ever, but it was still way better than this. I think in order to be truly romantic it has to be meaningful - something significant to the couple. I see no evidence of that here. So - while it was very sweet, and I tip my hat to Nathan for being creative - I've heard better.

posted by

How cute!
Ive been married before so has my fiance he has been asking me to marry him for the past few months I keep saying "no, marriage changes people I love us the way we are." 2 weeks ago he came to my place of work {I work in a restaurant} in front of everyone he got on 1 knee & said this is the last time Im gonna ask you I promise who I am today is who I will be 60 yrs from now, I want you & the kids to be my family I love you more today then I did yesterday for Gods sakes say yes & make me the happiest man in the world.... I said YES!!!

posted by imabride

Yeah, I'm not real sure this proposal "takes the cake" for me either. However, everyone has her own story. Each romantic and sentimental. (I'm pretty positive the sweater-tied-across-the-face was neither of those, but each to their own!) In this situation, I'm sure I'd find the proposal "cute" if I was the one being asked to say yes. It truely is wonderful that they found joy in it, and I, for one, will rejoice with them!

posted by Anonymous

This one "takes the cake" in my book. http://www.brideorama.com/post/2626/remember-the-ritz-an-amazing-wedding-proposal

posted by

That is sweet but to each his own. my fiance's proposal was priceless...we have a 3 year old and they called me into the room with both of them on their knees and our son had the ring and said "mommy marry daddy please" I was in tears it was so touching!!!

posted by

This proposal was sweet and she will remember it for the rest of her life. i know i will mine. i had gotten off of work and went to spend some time with him and his family. on the way home we stop by our favorite spot, one we come to a lot when we want to be by ourselves and just talk. it's called Lover's Leap and since we were there at night you could look off into the valley and see the city lights. well, after lissoning to romantic music he started telling me how much i mean to him and he sings our song "Earth Angel" to me gets down on one knee and asks me to take this leap of faith with him. i could have stayed their forever! and i was still in my work uniform lol!

posted by

Great input! If you guys have other proposal stories you think may top this one then definitely let us know!

posted by cjniya

I think almost every girl would like to have a romantic propose. And so do I. As I had dreamed of being the most beautiful bride in the world since I was a little girl, I wished I could have the romantic propose also. For thousands of hundreds of times, I dreamed about the proposal to me. My Prince Charming should wear the white suit with excellent workmanship. He would walk towards me with a smile on his face, and then he shows me the ring. My eyes would be nearly blinded by the shining diamond and the place for proposal should be the Hawaii or at least the Caribbean beach in the sunset. Or my Prince Charming should bring me to a high class restaurant, in which lots of well dressed ladies and gentlemen would be the witnesses of our love. He should put the ring in the champion or in my dessert. The band would play romantic songs, such as The First Time When I Saw Your Face or Can You Feel Love Tonight, while he proposes to me. These scenes are all in old style, but I love them just like girls want to have wedding in Plaza.
All my dreams about proposal are romantic and beautiful. But my boyfriend ruined everything. I moved into his apartment three months after our first date. I love him but I did not think about marry him so quickly so I did not tell him anything about my dream. I thought it might give him so pressure. But one day, when we attend a party together in his hometown, the host gave me a rubber wristband with a ring connected to it and it printed “Would you marry me?” As soon as I received the ring, he asked me through microphone on the stage. The location was in a farm and the theme for that party was about propagation of farm animals. It was far away from my dream! I love him so I accept his proposal, but the disappointment would company with me for my whole life.

posted by

it's definitely cute, but i think that my proposal was cooler... to each his own for sure, though. my fiance and i were on vacay with his parents in mexico. it was somewhat of a last minute trip (a month in advance) because their friends couldn't make it and so they asked us if we want to join for free. obviously we were up for a free trip! not to mention we love hanging with his parents. so a few days into the trip, my soon to be mother-in-law commands my then boyfriend to take me out for a romantic dinner... now i know that she was in on it all along! but at that moment i thought that he was just going to take me to the lobby to grab food (he's the most amazing guy ever but creative romantic ideas aren't his strong point haha). so i ask, "we're going to the lobby aren't we" he says, "yes, but first we'll watch the sunset" (how romantic... yawn!). so we're watching the sunset and i see a light go on in this beautiful hut in the middle of the ocean so being the nosy person that i am, i jump up and demand that we run over there and see what's going on. that hut, by the way, was my favorite thing at that resort! it was amazing. anyway, so he says, "okay, we'll go, i just want to lie here for a few more minutes". so he keeps stalling and i keep getting nosier and nosier. finally he agrees to go look "on our way to the lobby restaurant". we approach the walkway that leads through the ocean to the hut and there's a woman standing there, waiting. so he asks her if we can take a look and what is going on. she tells him that it's an example of a romantic dinner that someone set up for their girlfriend and that we can go on and take a look... so as we're walking down this pathway i see this gorgeous little table lit up from underneath in the middle of the ocean, wind blowing, candles everywhere, classical music playing so i start yapping "see how creative guys can be? this guy is awesome who did this for his girlfriend. we need to find him so you can get some lessons!" at that moment we approach this table and he pulls out the chair and goes "have a seat". i was so shocked! that's how it began. the dinner was lovely and SO romantic but i still had no idea what he was up to! until he started telling me how much he loved me, etc. and my jaw dropped because i realized what's about to happen. he quickly caught on and got down on one knee. i was so surprised i hid my face in my hands for like 5 minutes until he started pulling on my arm going "uhm say yes???!!?" haha he got scared because i couldn't speak for so long! anyway, it was absolutely incredible in my point of view... but then again, like i've said... to each his (or her!) own

posted by Anonymous

My fiance and I were on a 2 week vacation in Europe. We stayed on the Rhine River in Germany in a castle. We had a 7 course dinner then we took a walk up to the tower of the castle. Up there, he asked me if staying in the castle was my fairytale and I said yes. He then told me that he thought our whole relationship has been a fairytale and he never wanted it to end. He pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him standing on ruins of a castle from 955. We're getting married 10/16/10 :)

posted by Anonymous

Aww, that's so cute! My proposal was amazing as well. My fiance is really into theater, and he had been telling me that he wanted to do something different, that was equal parts romantic and embarassing. So one night we were on our way back from seeing a movie, and we were standing on the train platform to go home (one of the ones that has both trains in the middle, and the platforms are on opposite sides). We were just casually hanging around, when he said, "Hey, what's that?" and pointed across to the other platform. When I looked, a whole bunch of people (that I didn't know) that had been standing there suddenly spun around and faced us and took off their jackets, and they were all wearing black T-shirts with white letters that said "Sam will you marry me?"! My guy then got down on one knee and proposed (in front of ALL the people waiting for the train!), and when I said yes, all the people on the other platform in the T-shirts spun around and the shirts said "Spectacular!". Turns out all those people were his friends from improv class, and they had worked out a flash mob scene, just for me! It was the most romantic (and embarassing, but in a good way) proposal ever!

posted by

OMG! Thats so damn sweet! Good Luck Guys!

posted by Anonymous

Wow, people are so rude. Just because you have different ideas of what is considered romantic doesn't make you right. I think this is sweet and shows that he's put thought and effort into it, which is more than can be said for some grooms. There's a lot of pressure on the guy to give a decent proposal, no wonder he was nervous.

posted by

I have to agree. Each proposal is romantic in its own way. Its the way the guy sets it up and how she persives it. Each one that has been listed here has been romantic, and sweet in its own way. Many would think that the way my fiance proposed was stupid, but I loved it. And the fact that he was able to keep it a secret for so long with so many people know amazes me. My best friend, my parents and pretty much everyone he works with knew what he was planning for a month before he actually proposed. He even called my best friend to make sure that he wouldn't do anything that woud over shadow her wedding that was taking place a month later. Then he got premission from the theater company that he works for to show a short video on the screen before the movie started. So instead of all the ads telling you to go to the concession stand it was blank until the video started. I was shocked to see pictures of us on the big screen in front of the Sunday night movie crowd. He had even made sure that all of our friends were there to witness it,as well as some other friends that just happened to be in the same movie. It was so sweet, and everyone loved it. Now we are planning our dream wedding, and have even gotten permission to have the wedding in the theater as well. Everyone is excited about it.

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