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Spring Wedding Ideas for Reception Sites


There is something fresh, magical, and revitalizing about spring, more so than with any other season. Spring wedding ideas present infinite possibilities for colors, themes, and flower arrangements. If you live in an area where the weather is nice, you can take advantage of that by having your ceremony or reception outdoors. Here are a few ideas for wedding reception locations that you may not have thought of:

A private home or estate.
Many brides love the thought of having their wedding at a private estate, and feel like they are welcoming their guests to their own private home. There is something very intimate and special about this type of venue. Depending on where and when you get married, you may have the option of having both the ceremony and the reception outdoors. For the reception, you can do a garden theme (an added bonus—you will likely need to purchase fewer flowers and decorations, as the lush greenery around you can provide enough natural color and décor). If you consider this type of venue, one very important thing to think about is how the owners maintain the property. You will find that some take excellent care of the grounds, while others do the bare minimum, expecting the bare bones of the structure, or the interesting architecture, to sell the venue. If you are someone who likes cleanliness and a perfectly manicured lawn, make sure to pay close attention. Try to drop by when another wedding is taking place to observe how well the place has been presented.

A city park.
This can be an excellent site for a wedding, but you will need to look into how to reserve the space. Some cities encourage events like weddings; others do not. A park can also be one of your cheapest options.

A museum with a beautiful courtyard.
Museums often have interesting architecture, are well preserved, and some even offer an elegant courtyard. Museums can sometimes be expensive, though, so make sure that they fall within your budget.

A cultural center or art gallery.
Like museums, cultural centers and art galleries can also be expensive, but guests often enjoy looking at the art, roaming around the premises during cocktail hour, and exploring the grounds.

Presidential Libraries.
Presidential libraries are another option for spring wedding ideas, and they are often gorgeously preserved. Many boast beautiful gardens and pristine lawns.

More and more arboretums are offering their grounds for weddings. Usually they are not too expensive, and vegetation is in peak season during the spring.

A golf course and country club.
Golf courses are an excellent idea for spring wedding receptions, and many offer all-inclusive packages that can end up being the most economical. Also, golf courses typically treat their clients very well, so you likely won’t run into some of the snobbery you sometimes find with cultural centers and galleries.

A vineyard.
Vineyards can be idyllic settings for weddings, being relaxed, elegant yet earthy, and outdoorsy. You can also serve the vineyards’ signature wine at your wedding.

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