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The War On "Wife"


Okay brides-to-be, any thoughts on the decades-long debate about using the word "wife" in a non-spousal way?

Today on Jezebel, a lefty/feminist blog that we sometimes think is okay and sometimes don't, there is an interesting post: Why I (Don't) Want A Wife.

Ever since Judy Syfers wrote "Why I Want a Wife" in 1971, people have been using the word "wife" to refer to non-spouses who perform traditional "wifely" chores, like cleaning. The latest culprit: a service called The Occasional Wife.

Jezebel is, of course, totally against using the word in that way, but what do you think?  Is using the word "wife" in this way offensive or playful?  Or both?  Does the fact that "husband" and "husbandly duties" are also used as metaphors or euphemisms make it all okay?

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