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Wedding Etiquette: How to Politely Throw a Small Wedding


Is it possible to have a small wedding without offending your friends and family who aren’t on your wedding invitation list? It is possible, but you have to be conscious of who you are excluding and take the appropriate measures to make sure they aren’t offended. Even though it is proper wedding etiquette to invite your nearest and dearest, doing so may not be an option if you plan on having a small and intimate wedding. Follow these tips and you’ll be in good standing both at the altar, and with your friends and family who don’t make the cut.

  1. Make two lists—one with those who are on your wedding invitation list and another for those who are not on the list. The key to protecting your uninvited guests feelings is communication. People get their feelings hurt when they aren’t included in your life, especially your wedding, but if you are open and honest with them as to why they aren’t invited the better. Keep this list close by, as you will need it for sending invites to other events, wedding photos etc.
  2. Send out a tasteful note to those who are uninvited letting them know that you’re getting married, but that you’re having a small wedding that won’t permit many guests. Let them know you’ll be either mailing or emailing them wedding photos and honeymoon updates to ensure that they feel included and up to date.
  3. Throw a wedding celebration dinner or cocktail party for those who are not on the wedding guest list. This will give those friends and family an opportunity to congratulate you and to meet your fiancé if they haven’t already.
  4. Create a wedding blog, update it regularly, and email it to those invited and not so that everyone is able to share the excitement of this joyous event from beginning to end.  Your personal wedding website can easily be used for this.

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