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What to Wear When You Renew Wedding Vows


If you are planning to renew wedding vows, it is important to find the right outfit, or dress, for the occasion. Whether you have been married two years or 50, you want to look your best. Here are some tips for finding the appropriate thing to wear:

  • Do not wear a veil or all-out wedding gown, unless you were married very recently (such as, within a few months or up to one year). If you have been married for a few years, a wedding gown and veil would not be appropriate.
  • It depends on how formal the event is, and how formal the venue is. If you are planning a fairly dressy occasion to renew wedding vows, then it would be appropriate to wear a formal dress (not in the vein of a ball gown, but more along the lines of a floor-length dress, with a bolero jacket, in silk or satin). If your ceremony is at your home, or at the home of one of your children, then you would probably want a more casual dress. There are many gorgeous informal wedding dresses to choose from online.
  • You can wear pants. If you are not a huge fan of wearing dresses, then a quality pant suit is just as classy. Or, if you are getting married on the beach, you can always wear some sort of sundress or Capri pants. Most of all, make sure you are occasion-appropriate.

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