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Posts for June 2009

A Blushing Beyonce


Although many people focused on Janet Jackson's surprise appearance to pay tribute to her brother Michael, we would be remiss if we didn't mention Beyonce's bridal fashions.

Performing a medley of songs at the BET Awards (as well winning awards for Best Female R&B Artist and Best Video) Beyonce wowed the crowd in gorgeous bridalware.

Perhaps the fiercely private star, whose own wedding was mostly kept out of the press last year, wanted to show off her bridal best without shoving her 'real life' into the spotlight.

"Don't Screw Up Your Bride's Wedding"


We love talking about how "the other half" plans weddings.  Check out this guys' guide to not screwing up "your bride's wedding" from the founder of GroomGroove.com.

"Let’s face it: Most men are clueless when it comes to choosing place settings and invitation color schemes. But unlike their fathers and grandfathers, modern men are expected to participate in the wedding-planning efforts like never before. This book is a comprehensive, clearly stated, and convenient guide for grooms. The gurus at GroomGroove.com will usher husbands-to-be through each stage of planning and preparation, including how to: pop the question correctly (yes, there are right and wrong ways!); set up a budget - and still give her the wedding of her dreams; deal with bridezilla; handle the groom’s duties - and make a to-do list; live up to wedding-night expectations; and more! This book is all a groom needs to calm his fears, care for his bride, and make it down the aisle on time - and with his sanity intact."

We love it!

Diana & Scott's Books of Love


Creativity is in full bloom this spring!  We recently posted about Matt & Jill's awesome invitations, Adam & Halli's big top blow-out and Chip & Brenda's amazing invites, but what we though were just a few posts is turning into an exciting series!

Check out these adorable library themed wedding invitations courtesy of Diana and Scott, who coincidentally were both librarians when they met and fell in love.  Everything about these invitations is too cute, from the library date stamp for the wedding date, to the reception rules and the warning, "Library is not responsible for lost of damaged invitations."

Rustic Chic


Think charming weddings on a budget can't also be fashion-forward?

Lawren Howell recently shared with Vogue her wedding ideas, and one of them was a gorgeously simple natural bench from Party Rental Ltd.

Says Lawren, "Long benches for the ceremony not only look great, but they seat more people (and cost less money) than renting chairs."

Finally something that the high-gloss, high-fashion of Vogue and casual, classic Americana of Martha Stewart can agree on!  We love it!

Inviting Those Who Won’t Attend


We just posted a new article which answer the question: "Why invite someone who's not going to come anyway?"

Each person cut from the guest list will save an average of $100, so brides on a budget often try to keep their weddings on the small side.  But should that mean not inviting people who live far away, simply because you assume they won't want to travel?

Check it out!

The War On "Wife"


Okay brides-to-be, any thoughts on the decades-long debate about using the word "wife" in a non-spousal way?

Today on Jezebel, a lefty/feminist blog that we sometimes think is okay and sometimes don't, there is an interesting post: Why I (Don't) Want A Wife.

Ever since Judy Syfers wrote "Why I Want a Wife" in 1971, people have been using the word "wife" to refer to non-spouses who perform traditional "wifely" chores, like cleaning. The latest culprit: a service called The Occasional Wife.

Jezebel is, of course, totally against using the word in that way, but what do you think?  Is using the word "wife" in this way offensive or playful?  Or both?  Does the fact that "husband" and "husbandly duties" are also used as metaphors or euphemisms make it all okay?

Receptions in San Francisco


We just posted a new article all about some San Francisco reception hot-spots.  It's the latest update to our San Fransisco Bay Area.

Look for a brand new local wedding guide to be launched soon, plus more articles and updates in all of our current wedding guides, including Los Angeles, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and New York.

Pregnancy Fears Dispelled


As we've discussed several times before, for many of us with marriage comes plans of motherhood.  And as joyous as news of pregnancy is, it can also be scary.

Well, Sophie Keller is offering honesty and answers for 5 of expectant mothers' most common fears, like: Will I put on too much weight?, What will happen to my career?, and Will I be any good at motherhood?

Of course there are no one-size-fits-all answers to pregancy and motherhood, but different perspectives and insights are always helpfull.  What do you think of her advice?

Chip & Brenda's Amazing Invites!


We're loving it when couples get creative with their weddings!  We recently posted about Matt & Jill's awesome invitations and Adam & Halli's big top blow-out!

Now check out these great invitation & response card that Chip & Brenda are mailing to friends and family!  Just great!

Remember, just because weddings are full of tradition doesn't mean they should be cookie-cutter.  It's YOUR wedding.  Celebrate your love, your personalities and your interests!

Manhattan Reception Hot Spots!


We just posted a new article on New York City reception hot-spots!  It's the latest update to our New York Wedding Guide.

Look for a brand new local wedding guide to be launched soon, plus more articles and updates in all of our current wedding guides, including Los Angeles, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and the  San Fransisco Bay Area.