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Wedding Jewelry: Classic, Trendy Vintage, and Diva


There are so many different bridal jewelry styles to choose from, it could make any bride’s head spin. The key to simplifying your choices is to decide what type of overall style you’d like to showcase on your big day. For example, the trendy vintage bride should explore antique wedding jewelry, while the traditional bride should lean toward more classic jewelry styles. The following wedding jewelry options are ideal for the classic, trendy vintage, and diva bride.

The classic bride typically wears either pearl or diamond bridal jewelry sets. If this is you, then choose simple pieces, for example, small pearl earrings or diamond studs. Focus on minimizing your jewelry so that it doesn’t take too much attention away from your dress. The classic bride is clean, simple, and uncluttered.

Trendy Vintage
The trendy vintage bride should explore vintage and heirloom pieces that highlight her unique style. Since vintage jewelry can have intricate, colorful, and eye catching designs, it’s best to choose your jewelry pieces first, then choose a dress that fits with the overall look. The best aspect of this style of jewelry is that it typically showcases head turning geometric prints and flower ornaments.

For the diva bride, the bigger and more colorful your jewelry, the better. If this is you, then you really have the freedom to choose whichever style you love the most, in other words, no holds barred. Sizable crystal wedding jewelry is ideal for the bride who wants to be the belle of the ball. This style would match perfectly with a wedding gown adorned with crystals and sparkling embellishments. If you already have a dramatic piece of jewelry in mind for your big day, then make sure to plan your dress, shoes, and veil around that signature piece.

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Bridal Earrings: Diamonds or Pearls?


Choosing the perfect bridal earrings is almost as important as choosing the right gown. There are countless bridal jewelry sets to choose from, but the most commonly chosen styles include either diamonds or pearls. If you’ve narrowed down your wedding earrings to either one or the other and can’t commit to just one, then perhaps the following ideas will help to narrow it down even more.

  • Let Your Dress Guide You: If your dress is simple, with little to no frills then your options are wide open. You aren’t limited to just diamonds, or just pearls, and you certainly aren’t limited to only simple designs. The simpler your dress, the bigger your jewelry can be. For example, if you have an empire waist strapless white wedding gown then you have the option to go for chandelier diamond earrings. If your dress is simple, you also have the freedom to choose earrings that combine pearls and diamonds. For example, diamond earrings that dangle into a pearl would be stunning when paired with a simple wedding gown.
  • Think of Your Personal Style: If you are a low-key, laid-back kind of gal then pearls most likely fit your personality better than diamonds. Pearls aren’t as flashy as diamonds, and have a subdued quality to them since they don’t demand a lot of attention, unless they are large pearls. If you are a retro gal then pearls are also a fitting choice.
  • Time of Wedding: If you still can’t decide then let the time of your wedding make the decision for you. Pearls are a better choice for a wedding that takes place before 6pm, and diamonds are more appropriate for evening weddings.


Considering Convertible Jewelry: Bridal Accessories that Can Multi-Task!


Wouldn’t it be nice if that tiara you’re so in love with could be worn after the wedding day? Now it can: Convertible jewelry is all the rage these days, with headbands worn as bracelets, brooches turned into hair ornaments, earrings doubling as charms. At a time when bridesmaids are finally getting to wear outfits they’ll put on again, it makes sense that the bride should get more baubles for her bucks too. (There’s another trend emerging of brides wearing one engagement/wedding ring, but that’s a different, um, story.)

Enhancing the stone.
In addition to being cost-efficient, convertible jewelry cuts down on the baggage, and the time to shop. Wedding-jewelry kings Swarovski Crystals are making gorgeous tiaras that double as bun holders. The best part? You buy once! TigerlillyJewelry.com, which specializes in convertible jewelry, has a whole online selection for you to choose from. There are workshops that teach you how to make convertible jewelry yourself, as well as books devoted to the craft. If you have the time to make it yourself, it’s a great way to incorporate more of your personality into the wedding, and to dazzle your friends with what looks like a magic trick. If it’s all Greek to your clumsy hands, let the pros do it for you. The last thing you want as you walk down the aisle is for that double-duty tiara to open up into a bracelet.

Double duty jewels.
Don’t be fooled into thinking everyone’s hip to this trend. Any unethical salesperson, when asked, will say “Of course you can wear that drop earring as a tiara,” and then snicker as you walk away. Stick to companies that specialize in making convertible jewelry. Here’s a hint: If the jeweler thinks “convertible jewelry” refers to your getaway car, he’s probably not the right person to talk to. Like every other aspect of your wedding, it’s not going to appeal to everyone: You might want a tiara that only doubles as a wonderful keepsakes treasure. The important thing is that you go with your heart, and, if that heart happens to double as a brooch, more power to you.

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Have You Considered Renting Your Wedding Day Jewelry?


Renting wedding day jewelry is the latest trend in bridal fashion, and it's no surprise: Just because you're planning your wedding during a recession doesn't mean you have to downplay the glam!

Ever watch those Hollywood starlets stroll down the red carpet wearing jewelry so fabulous it really does make them seem ethereal? On your wedding day, you too can wow the crowd with a to-die-for diamond necklace, a dazzling gold bracelet, or maybe some emerald earrings as stunning as you are. If you’re worried that expensive pieces are not in your budget, you should know that it’s not in theirs either.

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