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Celebrating & Preparing For Your Big Day with OurWeddingDay.com Today is Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Crazy Wedding of Google's Marissa Mayer


Google's Marissa Mayer got married this weekend in San Francisco to Zach Bogue.  Details have been scarce (we wouldn't expect anything else from someone at the notoriously secretive Google!), but some tidbits have crept out:

1) The Killers played a private show for Milissa and her pals at a San Francisco hot spot on Friday night (and maybe it would have stayed secret is her friends hadn't Tweeted about it!);

2) Perhaps one of the world's best chefs, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, catered the wedding even though he does not have a restaurant in San Francisco, but in New York City;

3) The whole affair was very high-fashion and very high-security (electronic tracking of guests may have been used!).

Check out a full report here.

Congratulations Marissa & Zach!

UPDATE: Marissa shares the details of her wedding with Vogue here! From fashion choices, to food, to guests...  Marissa is being shocking candid, by Google's standards!

Radio Romance: Pet Shop Boys


Radio Romance is our weekly series that highlights songs you may or may not have heard yet or considered for your wedding day playlist.

This week on Radio Romance:

Heart by Pet Shop Boys

This one is for all of you '80s babies. One of the most celebrated duos in pop music history, Pet Shop Boys have created an astonishing catalogue of music over the years. They certainly have their share of themes, but naturally we're partial to their love songs! Heart comes off of their sophomore album, 1988's Actually.

Although they originally wrote it for Madonna, she turned it down, so the Boys recorded Heart themselves and took it all the way to #1 for many weeks.  It's one of their most simple and straight forward love songs, and also one of our favorites.


BONUS: Pet Shop Boys were recently awarded at the 2009 Brit Awards for their outstanding contribution to British music. Check out their 10 minute, 14 song medley featuring Lady Gaga and Brandon Flowers (of the Killers) below.