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Outdoor Wedding Dresses For Every Season


Backyards, parks and beaches are all beautiful locations for a wedding. With the backdrop of crashing waves, a gorgeous sunset or a landscape of fall-colored leaves, how could you resist? While it can be wonderful to get married outdoors, you have to consider how the weather could affect your big day and your choice of wedding attire. When planning your outdoor wedding, be sure you are looking at comfortable and weather-appropriate outdoor wedding dresses.

Summer beach wedding dresses should be made of light, breathable materials. Go with light fabrics such as a thin silk or chiffon—they are airy and fit perfectly with the beach atmosphere. These fabrics are easier to move in, which will come in handy when you’re walking down the sandy aisle. Also consider wearing a strapless or one-shouldered gown—these are cooler and allow you to show off your neckline. Let your guests know ahead of time that they should wear beach wedding attire. Linen is a great choice. You want your guests to be comfortable, happy and focused on the ceremony, not worried about wiping their brows.

Heavier fabrics like satin or velvet are appropriate for fall weddings. Satin is great for fall because it’s solid and dense, but won’t weigh you down. You are welcome to go with a strapless, one-shouldered or even a halter style—just make sure your dress is floor length. Putting a deep red rose in your hair would complement your fall theme. You can even wear a chocolate brown or burgundy sash or satin draping belt.

Winter wedding dresses tend to be more formal and made of thick, warm materials. Velvet is a popular Winter wedding fabric because of its warm and luxurious qualities. An all-white long wedding gown, long white gloves, and a clean up-do will add to the formal theme and make you feel like you're in a winter wonderland. Because of the cold weather, you have the green light to wear a faux fur, silk or satin shawl that you can take off depending on your mood or temperature.

Spring weddings offer a world of opportunities for wedding attire. Dupioni, a lightweight silk fabric that is somewhat coarse with a subtle sheen, is an appropriate fabric for spring. Tea-length wedding dresses are a perfect choice for spring weddings because they are fun and flirty—just like the season. Add some bright spring accents to your ensemble such as pink, blue, or yellow sapphire gemstone jewelry. Since spring can still get chilly, be prepared with a light shawl or silk wrap if you need to get rid of goose bumps.

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Autumn Weddings: Putting Together the Perfect Fall Outdoor Wedding


Out of all the seasons, autumn offers the richest color pallet and an element of transition that can feel nothing less than magical. The great aspect of having an autumn wedding is that the season itself will help you with all things décor, venue, and more!

Capitalize on this breathtaking season and hold your autumn wedding outside. Make sure you choose the perfect location and take advantage of the autumn leaf colors on elms, maples, oaks and birches. Consider exploring public parks, orchards and vineyards. Turn to your community for venue outdoor wedding ideas.

Cold Weather Comfort
Make sure to rent plenty of gas patio heaters to ensure your guests are comfy cozy throughout the special occasion. Keep your guests smiling under a rented tent—it can come in handy in case of rain, heavy winds, or low temperatures. If you have access, use fire pits. This will accentuate the autumn vibe, and will give your guests the opportunity to roast marshmallows!

Outdoor Wedding Decorations
There are so many gorgeous autumn color combinations to choose from, it’s unlikely your décor will be anything less than stunning. Classic and natural autumn décor will fit into any fall color pallet you choose. Explore various shades of yellow, red, orange, gold, and cinnamon; they will lead you to the perfect décor pieces and vice versa. For example, if you decide on specific orange tones, you can find pumpkins that match and place them throughout your ceremony and reception areas.

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Planning an Autumn wedding?  Fall is a season in which the elements have a very specific impact on skin and hair, but brides still want to look their best..  With that in mind, readers provided both questions and answers to Autumn beauty dilemmas, like preventing chapped lips, soothing dry skin & hair, fighting allergies and more.

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