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The Royal Wedding Cake of the Century


Prince William and fiancé Kate Middleton proved that they are determined to go against Royal tradition and declined to use their long time family wedding cake designers from Andrew Davidson’s bakery. The Andrew Davidson Bakery has baked big wedding cakes for the Royal family for nearly forty years, including all four of the Queen’s children, up until now.

On a side note, did you know that the Royal family doesn’t have to bother with wedding cake prices? Andrew Davidson’s students, who took six weeks to bake Charles and Diana’s wedding cake, did so for free. The five-tiered towering wedding cake was one of 23 cakes chosen from various wedding cake bakeries for their wedding, all of which were created free of charge.

The reason the couple declined to use the traditional bakery is due to the fact that Kate is taking a hands on approach to planning her wedding, and intends to put her own unique stamp on it instead of using Buckingham Palace courtiers. In fact, it’s been rumored that the couple has been using this approach in all aspects of their wedding, including the design of her wedding gown.

Regardless of which cake designer Prince William and Kate Middleton choose, I don’t doubt that it will be absolutely stunning and representative of their unique style and taste.

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What Will Kate Middleton Choose as Her Wedding Gown?


Ever since Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton the fashion industry has been clamoring to predict her wedding gown pick. This topic is so much fun to discuss, because not only is Kate Middleton going to be modern day royalty, but, she’s expected to follow in the late Princess Diana’s footsteps by wearing a wedding gown that will shock and amaze the world.

A fashion expert predicts Kate will hit the aisle in a hand embroidered, high necked, lace couture gown. Other fashion experts think she’ll go the traditional route but with a splash of modernism. Experts aren’t foreseeing too many embellishments such as a blanket of Swarovski crystals, but rather a gown with hand embroidering and lace.

It’s expected that Kate’s shoulders, out of respect for the Church and the Royal family, will be covered, at least until the reception. Ever since Kate’s been a public figure she’s done an excellent job at balancing fashion forwardness with classic and tasteful styles, so it’s not likely she’ll change her ways for her wedding.

Kate’s figure, petite yet curvy in all of the right places, certainly won’t hold her back from choosing any specific style. Kate could pretty much wear anything and make it work. She could very well choose a pillowy full skirt, but experts are expecting something more formfitting, like a fishtail style bridal wedding gown.

The fact that Kate has impeccable style indicates she knows how to make a look work. Princess Diana wasn’t as fashion savvy at the time of her wedding to Prince Charles, which most likely prevented her from putting her very own unique stamp on her larger than life wedding gown. Kate’s style is more sophisticated than Diana’s, who was more reserved and shy.

Of course the fashion designers of England are hoping Kate will remain loyal to her roots by choosing a British designer. The obvious pick of British designers would be Vivienne Westwood, who designed fictional character Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding gown in the film Sex and the City. For someone as fashionable as Kate, Vivienne Westwood seems like a perfect fit for her needs.

If Kate doesn’t choose a British designer, she’ll most likely commission either Vera Wang, who’s one of the most celebrated wedding gown designers in the world, or Oscar de la Renta, who’s designer wedding dresses are nothing short of jaw dropping.

Whatever exceptional creation Kate sashays down the aisle with, it will certainly gain public notice, and influence wedding gown trends for years to come. Designer of Sarah Ferguson’s gown, Lindka Cierach, has already warned the designer of Kate’s dress that they should brace themselves for an immense amount of fun, excitement, and pressure. Cierach also said that her experience was thrilling but she often felt as though she was in a pressure cooker and that secrecy was of the utmost importance. Cierach had friends carrying the gown’s embroidery and beads around town for her and that she couldn’t escape car loads of journalists who waited patiently for a glimpse of the custom wedding dress or any indication of it outside her home.

First Look: Prince William Gives Kate Middleton Diana's Wedding Ring!


After announcing her engagement to Prince William, Kate Middleton showed off her engagement ring today, which used to belong to William's mother, Princess Diana. [via Gawker]

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Prince William and Kate Middleton Update


Although they are not officially engaged, rumors have been circling the media saying long-time partners Prince William and Kate Middleton are well on their way to having a traditional wedding in 2012. Given that William is indeed a Prince and has done a wonderful job of keeping an upstanding public image throughout his life, it’s a no brainer that they will probably have a traditional British royal wedding.

Because there are so many similarities between Prince William and his father, Prince Charles, it leads me to believe he could have a wedding that mirrors his father and mother, Princess Diana.

Royal Summer Wedding
Charles and Diana were married during the summer of 1981, so why wouldn’t William and Kate follow in their footsteps? A daytime summer wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral with a royal reception under the sun and stars would be nothing less than dreamy.

Royal Wardrobe
I'm sure Kate will choose a traditional white, simple, yet gorgeous wedding gown with a classic train and veil. Prince William could dress in his Royal Air Force uniform, mirroring his father’s naval commander uniform. Given that a whopping 8 million viewers tuned in to watch Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding in 1981, Kate and William will want to look just as good, if not better for their viewers in 2012.

Whether they turn to traditional royal roots for help with their wedding planning or not, I’m sure William and Kate’s wedding will be absolutely beautiful.

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