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Ideas for Unique Winter Wedding Colors


Classic choices for winter wedding colors usually include combinations that reflect the holidays: red and green; red, pink and white; burgundy and gold, or silver, white and other shades of ivory. However, if you want to do something different, try coming up with a color combination that is more unique and less holiday-focused. Here are some tips on finding a unique color scheme to accent your winter wedding decorations.

  • First of all, do not think of traditional winter wedding ideas and colors; instead, think of your favorite color in the world. Then, consult the standard decorating color wheel for corresponding colors.
  • For example, if your favorite color is a bold color (such as midnight blue), use this color as the focal point and other, lighter colors as the accents. Your color combination could be midnight blue, a paler shade of blue, silver, and ivory.
  • If your favorite color is yellow, you could choose a mustard-yellow and pair it with shades of peach and chocolate browns. To give this color combination a more wintery appeal, add earthy, foresty elements such as branches or pine cones to your centerpieces.
  • Otherwise, you can also add extra flair with feathers or rich fabrics such as satin or velvet. Sometimes accents of plaid are the perfect way to pull together your winter wedding colors.

3 Tips for Choosing Winter Wedding Dresses and Accessories


Add fur or other wintery accessories to winter wedding dresses. Fur is elegant, charming, and perfect for the season! You might add a fur stole, a cozy cashmere wrap, or even a pair of long leather gloves accented with pearls. With these types of accessories, you get the beauty of both worlds. You can wear a sleeveless or strapless dress at the reception, and during other parts of the day (when you are arriving, outdoors taking photos, or during the ceremony), you can don your wintery accessories. You will evoke the image of a film star from the 1940’s. Hint: You could even add some fur or feathers to a vintage hairpin. Just make sure not to do overdo it; if you are already wearing a fur stole it is probably best to keep your hair accessories simple.

Experiment with blues, silvers, and grays. A light icy blue wedding gown is absolutely stunning. You could also wear an ivory dress (whichever shade suits your skin tone best) and accentuate your waistline with a charcoal grey sash.

Fabrics for winter wedding dresses. Winter is the season for heavier fabrics, such as silks, satins, and thicker laces (like Battenberg), and your dress could be embellished with pearls, other beads, crystals, and sequins. Dresses with sleeves are also making a comeback (take a look at Grace Kelly’s 1956 wedding gown).

Winter Wedding Flowers: Eclectic and Whimsical


One big difference between winter wedding flowers and fall, spring or summer flowers is that creativity and eclecticism is generally more acceptable (and perhaps even more encouraged). Winter brides have been known to carry Christmas wreaths, swags, lanterns, candles, or even pomanders down the aisle (pomander comes from the French word pomme d’ambre, or “apple of amber,” and is typically a ball comprised of perfumes, herbs and spices, such as an orange studded with cloves).

Another marked contrast of winter wedding flowers is that a floral centerpiece often contains only one shade of color (not including white). For example, shades of ivory are mixed with intense red roses and red berries, or crisp white is mixed with dark green foliage or amaryllis. With fall or spring bouquets, many different splashes of colors are often intermixed, whereas winter demands a sort of understated elegance with extra shine and sparkle. Also, winter wedding bouquets are often wrapped in luxurious ribbons accented with satins, pearls and silks to add a degree of richness and depth to the arrangement.

You can also be eclectic with winter wedding centerpieces for your reception tables. When going for a whimsical look, texture is the key.Start by experimenting with wood or different types of unusual foliage, such as pussy willows, silver dollar plants, Scottish highland thistles, branches or feathers.

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Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas


The convenient aspect of having a winter wedding is it makes the planning process easier because you can steal ideas from the holidays and the winter elements. Not only do you have Hanukah and Christmas to gather ideas from, but snowflakes, snowmen, mistletoe, tasty winter treats, and a gorgeous pallet of winter colors. Use the following ideas when exploring wedding invitation designs.

  • Christmas: Adding some Christmas cheer to your custom wedding invitations is a great idea, just make sure to do so in a tasteful manner. For example, an all white and silver invitation with a Christmas tree adorned with ornaments and lights would be more tasteful than one with a multitude of colors. The reason being because too many designs and colors typically appear tacky.
  • Hanukah: Pull from the various Hanukah symbols for your invitation such as the Star of David, a dreidel, or a menorah. The Hanukah colors of white and blue are nothing less than perfect for a simple, classic, yet festive wedding invitation.
  • Color: You might think you’re limited to only winter colors but you aren’t, just make sure that if you use summer or spring colors that they are over a base winter color such as silver, blue, or chocolate brown. The exception to that rule: You can use whatever colors you’d like as long as the invitations have some winter elements such as snowflakes or white capped pine trees.


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Winter Wedding Receptions: Transform Your Reception Hall


The majority of your wedding celebration will take place at your reception, and that space should be nothing less than stunning. Let your wedding theme and the following tips be your guide—you won’t have any trouble transforming simple reception halls into beautiful winter wedding receptions.

Plan Alterations
Before you make changes to your reception space, ask the owners what alterations are acceptable. When scouting locations, keep possible changes in mind and pitch them to the space manager before signing on the dotted line.

Make Use of Fabric
The most significant change you can make to any space is the color of the walls. Since painting likely isn’t an option, choose fabric that highlights your winter theme (silver, black, white) and cover the walls. Measure to find exactly how much fabric is necessary to cover the entire space. Attach the fabric to the walls with fabric glue, and you won’t have trouble with removal.

Foliage is Your Friend
Flowers and plants can make a huge difference in any space. Large potted plants and trees are great for filling corners and give the room a multi-dimensional feel. Transform your space into a winter themed party by choosing poinsettias, silver painted tree branches, holly, and mini-Christmas trees.

And Then There Was Light
If the space doesn’t offer sufficient lighting that matches your desired mood, use your own lights. Highlight your winter wedding theme by placing trees throughout your reception space with white Christmas lights strung around them. Since your wedding is taking place in the coldest time of year, warm up the space with soft lighting.

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Winter Wedding Theme Idea: Classic Films


If you are looking for an interesting or unusual winter wedding theme—and particularly, if you love classic film or movies—consider using romantic winter films as part of your wedding theme. Many famous old (and new) movies have taken place during the colder months, and as a result, could make for some great winter wedding ideas.

First of all, you will need to start looking for vintage wedding posters. Posters of Christmas films such as It’s a Wonderful Life, Christmas in Connecticut, or White Christmas should be relatively easy to find with today’s online market. If you do not want the movies to be primarily Christmas-themed, there is still a vast array of choices, from Dr. Zhivago and The Lion in Winter to the Chronicles of Narnia.

For winter wedding colors, it depends on whether you focus on old films or contemporary films. For old films, you could do black and white (with a splash of color of your choice), as most posters you come across will not be in color. Each of your tables could feature a poster from one of the films (and the table can also be named after that film, as opposed to simply giving it a number). Wouldn’t it be amusing for guests to find out they are sitting at the Narnia table, or the It’s a Wonderful Life table?

Remember that you can incorporate this movie winter wedding theme in whatever way you choose. Be creative!

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In Season Winter Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings


One of the best things about winter wedding flowers is that you can mix interesting embellishments into a floral centerpiece naturally. Accent your wintery bouquets and arrangements with pine cones, berries, ornamental balls, fir branches, ivy, holly leaves, eucalyptus, or wheat stems.

If you want to choose your winter wedding flowers based on their meaning, you could even have a nicely printed card next to your centerpieces explaining what your flowers mean and why you chose them. Perhaps there is even an interesting story behind the flowers that you could tell. Guests love stories, and your flower arrangements present the perfect opportunity to tell one. Here is a list of flowers that are in season during the winter, and what they represent:

  • Bells of Ireland (green): good luck
  • Amaryllis (red or white): pride or pastoral poetry
  • Anemone (blue, pink, red, and white): Forsaken
  • Camellias (white): you’re adorable
  • Camelias (pink): longing for you
  • Casa Blanca Lily or Star Gazer Lily (White): purity, majesty, it is heavenly to be with you
  • Daffodil (Yellow): regard, you’re the only one, the sun always shines when I’m with you, you are the only one
  • Holly (Green with Red Berries): defense and domestic happiness
  • Narcissus (White or Yellow): egotism, formality, stay as sweet as you are
  • Forget-me-nots (Blue): true love, memories
  • Tulips (in general): perfect lover
  • Red Tulips: believe me, a declaration of love


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Winter Wedding Dresses: How to Stay Warm


Comfort and style are both important facets of your wedding day. If you’re having a winter wedding, consider wearing a long sleeved winter wedding dress. There are countless styles and accessories that will keep you warm and cozy while still looking your best on your big day.

If you’re exploring long sleeved wedding dresses to stay warm, then also keep fabric in mind. There are gorgeous wedding dress fabrics that are both luxurious and warm, such as velvet and satin. If you do choose long sleeves, you have to freedom to choose lace sleeves that have an intricate pattern or design such as paisley or flowers. Take advantage of the extra fabric and use it to highlight and showcase your own personal wedding dress style.

Another great way to stay warm and stylish on your wedding day is by wearing gloves. Depending on how long your sleeves are and what type of wedding style you’re going for, you can either choose long or short gloves. Short gloves fit best with tea-length wedding gowns, while long gloves fit practically all other wedding dress styles. You just need to make sure that your sleeves and gloves don’t bunch.

Other Accessories

  • Capes: Staying warm while you’re en route to the ceremony, the reception, and back to your hotel suite is something you’ll want to prepare for. Capes are a fantastic option because this accessory won’t compromise your wedding dress. A cape is especially handy if you end up choosing a long sleeved wedding gown.
  • Vest: Another bridal fashion piece that’s making its way down more aisles is a faux mink vest. This piece will protect you against a cool breeze and increase your value on the fashion forward meter.
  • Wrap: Besides a cape and faux mink vest, you also have the option of wearing a wrap to keep you warm on your big day. Fortunately there are countless styles, colors, and varying fabrics to choose from. You won’t have any problem finding one that fits your style and winter wedding colors.
  • Jacket: There is no rule that states you’re not allowed to wear a jacket over your wedding gown. The key to pulling this off is finding the right style and color that fits your physique and doesn’t take attention away from your gorgeous wedding gown. If you go this route, choose a jacket that has a snug fit and doesn’t fall below your hips.
  • Tux Coat: If you find goose bumps on your arms and a chill in your bones but have nothing to warm you up, borrow your fiancé’s tux coat. This accessory will keep you warm in a fun and flirty way that will make you feel like you’re at prom again.


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Ideas for Winter Engagement Photos


Engagement photos are a fun and creative way to let your friends and family know that you and your partner are planning to tie the knot. Pre-wedding photos will also come in handy when you and your husband want to reminisce on your engagement. The tricky part about getting the right pre-wedding photos is ensuring that they not only capture your personality, but your wedding theme as well. Use the following ideas as you brainstorm your pre winter wedding pictures.

  • All White: When looking at professional wedding photographers, check their portfolios to see if they’ve done any all white photo shoots. Not only are all white photos captivating, but they also encapsulate a winter wedding theme beautifully.
  • Snow Setting: Grab your fiancé and your wedding photographer and go play in the snow! If you go this route get a few shots of you and your fiancé writing each other’s names in the snow with a heart around them.
  • Black and White: Black and white photos have a colder, more winter feel than colored photos. If you love this idea but want to add a smidge of color (perhaps your winter wedding colors) then have the entire photo in black and white except you and your fiancé.
  • Rainy Day: The most romantic kissing scenes in movies take place in the rain. Grab an umbrella (or not), your fiancé, a camera, and hit the streets of your city for some winter-perfect pre wedding photos.


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Winter Wedding Ideas: From Centerpieces & Colors to Drinks & Appetizers


From centerpieces to colors, cocktails to skincare, here are some things to keep in mind as you plan a fabulous winter celebration:

Winter colors naturally lend themselves to weddings. What says “wedding” better than a frosty silver, crisp white, pale blue, or sparkling tone of gray? The excellent thing about winter wedding colors is that they are naturally complementary to each other, leaving a softness mixed with subtle contrast and depth: the epitome of elegance. If your wedding falls closer to the Christmas season, you can take advantage of the bolder winter wedding colors, such as cranberries, greens, deep blues, and even dark purples. Winter wedding ideas and colors should revolve around the warm and intimate atmosphere of the season. (Note: Be careful with the bolder colors, however, as you still want your wedding to feel like a wedding and not another Christmas party. Mixing deeper colors—such as midnight blue—with shades of silver can give you the elegance you are looking for). Or, you could go with an earthier approach, like using a deep chocolate brown and mixing it with a sparkling shade of lavender. The possibilities for fabulous winter winter colors are endless.

During a season that is not in bloom, finding winter wedding centerpieces is surprisingly easy. In fact, it can also be a great deal less expensive than displaying large flower arrangements. For example, bare branches make wonderful centerpieces for numerous reasons. For one thing, they reflect the winter season, when trees and plants are barren and leafless. Second, they add a lot of height, yet they do not block guests’ view as they converse during the meal. Third, you can display the kind that sparkle, the way trees and branches reflect light after a snowy afternoon. (Another great winter centerpiece idea is candles. Candles can be arranged in many different ways and come in many shapes, sizes and colors, They add warmth and romance, the essence of winter wedding themes).

Winter weddings also present many possibilities for favors. White chocolate, wrapped in silvery paper, and tied with a sparkling ribbon, makes an excellent wedding favor. You could also give out things like candles, miniature snow globes, packets of gourmet cider or hot cocoa, Christmas ornaments (if you are getting married in December), sparkling snowflakes, or even customized lip balm with your own message or text on it.

One of the best things about winter is comfort food! Imagine: Puff pastry stuffed with caramelized onion and goat cheese, macaroni and cheese bites, creamy tomato soup with crunchy croutons, mushrooms stuffed with pesto, and miniature hamburgers. Whether or not it’s cold outside, the food will set the tone for the winter season!

You could have a “coffee” bar with wintery drinks such as hot toddies, rich liqueurs such as kalhua and baileys to spice up some decaf coffee, hot caramel apple cider, peppermint hot chocolate, Russian hot chocolate (with vodka) and of course, mulled wine. Believe it or not: one really fabulous drink can leave an excellent impression on guests.

Winter wedding cakes are some of the most beautiful seen in the wedding world. Layers of crisp white cake, with sparkling icing designs in silver or pale grey, are absolutely striking. With winter wedding ideas, less is more. A striking, statuesque white cake says it all.

Beauty and Skincare.
After you have chosen your wedding dress and your overall winter wedding look, one thing you will need to pay special attention to (especially in the weeks leading up to your wedding) is your skin. Skin can sometimes lose its luster in the winter, getting dry and flaky. You want your skin to be dewy, luminous, and healthy on your big day, so make sure you invest in a good moisturizer early on, and use it diligently. Also, take it easy on the sugar and alcohol, as nothing is worse for taking the glow out of your skin.

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