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Celebrating & Preparing For Your Big Day with OurWeddingDay.com Today is Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dress Your Shape Online with "Figure Flattery" at David's Bridal


Worried you won’t find online wedding dresses that fit your shape? Don’t be! At Davidsbridal.com, you’ll find different links for various body types, and specific gowns for each. Knowing what your body type is and how to find the ideal bridal dresses for your shape is one of the secrets to finding the perfect gown. You’re welcome to drive around town, going from one wedding gown boutique to another, asking wedding dress vendors which gown fits your shape, or you can visit davidsbridal.com.

Where: Visit the home page at davidsbridal.com and click on the link titled “Bridal Gowns.” There you will find a box in the middle of the page called “figure flattery.” Click on this and you’ll be well on your way to finding your ideal wedding gown.

What: Below the words “figure flattery” you can choose which body size you’d like to shop for: Plus, Petite, Maternity, or Tall. Click on the appropriate size and you’ll find a large selection of gowns that are designed to flatter your specific body type.

Extra Info: Once you make your way to the appropriate gown selection, you will find a box that has the text “sort” to the left of it. Click it and you can view the gowns in one of three configurations: Price low to high, price high to low, or newest arrivals.

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Dress Your Entire Wedding Party Online


The best part about getting married in the digital age is that you have a ton of wedding resources right at your fingertips—online. There are countless wedding websites with info about the hottest wedding dress designers, trendy color combinations, and top-notch accessories. Some websites even help you design your entire wedding! At Davidsbridal.com, you can explore various wedding attire and accessory options for each member of your wedding party.

Dressing your wedding online is so easy and fun. After you click the “dress your wedding” link and go forward you will automatically be taken through the registration process. Once you are registered, you can pick and choose from the various David's Bridal dresses for your bridesmaids as well as attire for the rest of your wedding party.

You can dress any or all of the following: Junior Bridesmaid, Flower Girl, Mother of Bride, Mother of Groom, Groom, Groomsman, Ring bearer, Father of Bride, and Father of Groom.

This is a great way to see your entire wedding party all together in their wedding attire before you make your final decision on what they should wear. This way you can play with colors, styles, and even backdrops before adding anything to your cart. Even if you don’t buy online, this is a fantastic way to make solid decisions before visiting any wedding dress vendors.

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6 DIY Wedding Favors Ideas


Leave your guests with a piece of you by giving them DIY wedding favors. There’s something special about giving a homemade gift that feels more personal than something store bought. If you’re looking to put your time, energy, and creativity into your wedding favors then use the following DIY wedding ideas and you’ll feel like Martha Stuart in no time.

  • Homemade candles: Keep the flame of your wedding memory alive by giving your guests homemade candles. The best part is that you get to choose the size, color, and scent if any.
  • Homemade Scented or Herbal Soap: Easier to make than you might think, and will give your guests an excuse to indulge in aromatherapy.
  • Bath Scrub: A perfect homemade favor to pass out to your lovely bridesmaids, thanking them for their contribution to your big day.

Eco Friendly: Use recycled materials to create personalized wedding favors.

  • Mini-notebooks with you and your husband's names and the date of your wedding stamped on the top or bottom..
  • Staple recycled paper to create a mini- envelope and place organically cultivated seeds. This will encourage your guests to grow plants, which is great for the soul, the environment, and is a fantastic wedding memento that will live on.
  • Edible favors are always a great gift; just make sure to buy delectable delights that are made from organic ingredients.


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Ideas for DIY Wedding Favors


DIY wedding favors serve two purposes: they act as both wedding table decorations and as complimentary gifts to your guests. Not only that, but favors also give you a chance to be creative and individualize your wedding! Here are a few ideas for wedding favors:

  1. Customized Jones Soda bottles featuring a picture of the bride and groom. Jones Soda bottles have a naturally retro look, and pictures of the happy couple add a personal touch. Place different flavors at place settings so guests can trade for their favorite flavors.
  2. CDs with music that is meaningful to the bride and groom. CDs make great DIY wedding favors because they are something that your guests can use after your wedding!
  3. Seeds to plant your favorite herb or flower. You probably never thought that lavender seeds could make excellent wedding reception supplies! Guests can go home and plant their seeds, and they will be reminded of your momentous occasion as the plant grows, .
  4. Edible Arrangements. When in doubt, send home some delicious chocolate! You can purchase luxurious ribbon (that fits in with your reception's color scheme) and silky satchels to package the chocolate or candy. Guests will be delighted.

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5 Simple DIY Wedding Ideas: Ways to Keep it Small, Simple and Intimate


Some brides dream of large, fantasy weddings with guest lists in the hundreds. Other brides prefer smaller, more intimate affairs to reflect their tastes. Here are some suggestions for keeping it simple on your wedding day.

  1. Keep the guest list small. When your guest list is smaller, you can manage everything more easily. Simple wedding ideas, such as making your own invitations or having your wedding at a private home, are far more feasible when the guest list is intimate. A DIY wedding is not impossible with a large party, but it can be far more stressful.
  2. Make your own invitations. DIY invitations do not need to be fancy or elaborate. It could be as simple as choosing stationery that you love and handwriting the necessary information.
  3. Consider DIY wedding decorations. You don’t have to have huge floral arrangements at every table. You can have a centerpiece of floating candles (which are inexpensive), along with some lilies or other greenery as great do-it-yourself decorations.
  4. Have a friend or relative bake your cake. A wedding cake also makes a great wedding gift for the couple, and it is very personal. Simple wedding ideas can also present opportunities for friends and relatives to get involved as one of your vendors in ways that they enjoy!
  5. Keep the food simple. Remember that you do not necessarily have to serve a three-course meal. It is perfectly acceptable to serve appetizers, or have a station with cheese, crackers and fruit. You can also opt for a dessert and coffee reception. Just make sure that you detail this on your wedding invitation, so guests do not arrive expecting a full meal.

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Printed or Handmade? Choosing the Right DIY Wedding Invitations


There are many reasons that more and more brides are turning to DIY wedding invitations instead of ordering from the large books at bridal shops. Whether you're looking to save money or flex your creative muscles, there are as many types of DIY wedding invitations as there are wedding gowns. Use this handy primer to help you narrow down your options.

Types of DIY Wedding Invitations

  • Printable Wedding Invitations:
    This is certainly one of the simplest types of invitations and can be very inexpensive. Printable wedding invitations are a great option for someone who likes traditional invitations but wants to save a little money. You can purchase a variety of wedding stationary and download free or premium templates from the Internet. Customize your templates and print your invitations on the paper stock of your choice. Your cost will vary depending on the type of paper you use with heavier stocks or specialty papers generally being more expensive.
  • Handmade Wedding Invitations:
    Although handmade wedding invitations can be less expensive than store-bought, they can also be very time consuming. Some brides add ribbons, decals, specialty borders and cuts to their invitations. If you're interested in an invitation that is unique and creative, DIY wedding invitations can let you standout from the crowd without breaking your wedding budget.
  • Themed Wedding Invitations:
    f you're having a themed wedding, a handmade invitation can set the tone for your guests. You might bypass traditional card stock and head to your local craft store for more creative ideas that reflect your theme. Having an outdoor wedding? Look for paper embedded with dried leaves or flowers.

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Checklist: The Basic Tools for Creating Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations


One of the best ways to personalize your wedding is to set the tone for the anticipated celebration by making your own wedding invitations. When you create wedding invitations, you're not limited to the designs that you see at the specialty paper store or online. Do it yourself wedding invitations give you the opportunity to save money, send out a wedding invitation that will be completely unique, and to be creative and enjoy some time collaborating with friends.

When guests receive handmade wedding invitations, they often pay more attention and notice small details. Also, guests who don't know you very well yet, such as a family member who has not seen you for a long time, or someone who only knows your future hubby, will enjoy receiving a specialized invitation that says something about the two of you as a couple.

Gather the Tools for Do it Yourself Wedding Invitations
Before you create wedding invitations, gather the proper tools and materials. You'll need:

  • Scissors: Good scissors or other types of cutting tools such as a guillotine paper cutter for thicker, weightier papers, or a sliding blade paper trimmer for precision are absolutely essential. You will likely be doing a lot of cutting with this project, so purchase a high-quality paper cutter.
  • Glue: Keep a couple different types of glue on hand. It's often a matter of experimentation; some glues work better than others, depending on the paper you choose to work with. Never use regular craft glue unless you're working with extremely thick paper, as it will almost always look messy. Glue sticks work well in many scenarios, as does glue spray. Glue dots are very reliable and perhaps the cleanest option. Glue pens are ideal when you need to be extremely precise with glue placement.
  • Paper Punch: Paper punches are great for making decorative edges, adding embellishments, or creating textures and layers. This particular purchase may require some time and research to figure out what works best for the look of your invitation.
  • Rubber Stamps and Inkpads: These are a great way to decorate your invitation on a budget. With stamps, choose images that fit your overall theme, whether they say “vintage,” “modern,” or are reminiscent of the season of your wedding.
  • Decorative Paper: Decorative paper comes in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and textures; the choices can be overwhelming. Go with your intuition and choose what you are initially attracted to. Remember that if you like a certain design but may not want the actual invite to be printed on it, you can still use the paper for decoupage. Decoupage is the art of layering different pieces of paper together by glue, as if each paper were a different fabric. Decoupage naturally gives invitations a whimsical look, especially if you mix a few complementary designs that may not (at first glance) seem to go together. Remember, the fun is in creating something that's unusual and unexpected!

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