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Celebrating & Preparing For Your Big Day with OurWeddingDay.com Today is Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bridal Beauty Trend Alert: Overplucked Eye Brows


How quickly things change: Just last April we were told that bushy eyebrows were "the thing." Now, according to The New York Times, it's practically no eyebrows at all!

Over-plucking is officially a trend. It has been before, sometimes beautifully so, from those fabulous flappers to many early Hollywood vixens (see Jean Harlow's famous peepers, above). But there's a fine line (literally!) between stylized glam and gothic horror show.

The Times piece seems to be pretty clear which side of the line they're on, right from their photo choice (see below). Not exactly a classic bridal look, is it?

The whole thing reminded us of that recent complaint from an American Apparel employee, who claims her American Apparel boss (and all around slimeball) Dov Charney sent around a newsletter telling sales workers to make sure their eyebrows are more like Brook Shields'.

Still, we've seen plenty of ladies look lovely with thinner or thicker brows, so we remain open on the subject... within reason.

The Tradition of Corsages and Boutonnieres for Your Wedding Party


We just posted a new article about your wedding party wearing flower arrangements.

Boutonnieres are given to the Best Man and all ushers, as well as the fathers of the bride and groom. (A good rule of thumb: anyone walking down the aisle should wear one.) If you are having a Ring Bearer, he gets one as well. Also, the groom’s boutonniere should stand out from the rest of the ushers’. On the female side, bridesmaids get bouquets, so corsages are given to the mothers of the bride and groom.  You can also opt to give nosegays, a small bouquet of flowers that wrap around the wrist.

Check out the full article here!

Telling Guests What to Wear to Your Wedding


Have you considered the differences between Black-Tie, Black Tie Optional, Cockatil and Casual attire at your wedding?

We just posted a new article about why -- and how -- many brides instruct their guests on appropriate wedding attire.

Despite what you might have thought, people enjoy dress guidelines for weddings. Close friends and relatives never want to worry that they’ve chosen an inappropriate outfit, so the more precise you are, the better. Check out the full article for a few smart tips to make everyone comfortable.

Will You Change Into a Reception Dress?


We just posted a new article about changing out of your wedding gown and into your reception dress.

Changing into "something more comfortable" will add about 15 minutes to the “between time,” and you want to make sure your groom waits to make an entrance with you.  Take a few extra minutes and enjoy a snack or glass of Champagne before you head to your reception; once you get there you may not a get a chance for a bite or sip of anything!

Check it out!

Have you considered a reception dress?

Find Your Houston Makeup Artistst


We're still updating our Houston Wedding Guide all this week.  The latest addition: Our Houston Makeup Artists Guide

In a city that prides itself on lush elegance like Houston, makeup plays a major role. For your Houston wedding, you might opt to hire a makeup artist to ensure a flawless face. Makeup artists are an especially smart idea if you’re a Texas Tomboy at heart, and don’t even like to apply lipstick. It’s also a good decision if you think you’re going to be too flustered on your big day to worry about fixing your face. As a bonus, makeup artists can do your bridesmaids, as well as the moms.

Check it out!

And check out our other regularly-updated local wedding guides as well: New York, Miami, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles the San Francisco Bay Area and the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

How to Get the Pixie Look for Your Wedding


For a little late Thursday afternoon wedding inspiration, check out the adorable Cassie with her pulled back hair and chic yet understated pixie dress.  We love how the dress hangs perfectly on her and accentuates her thin frame and blonde hair.

Check out more photos of Cassie and her wedding to Paul here!

Have you ever thought about going the less traditional dress route?  The results could be great!

New Stone Options for Wedding Rings


We just posted a new article all about diamond alternatives!

Marilyn may have famously cooed “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,” but diamonds aren’t the only friends for engaged girls. While still the most traditional wedding stone, alternatives abound -- some trendy, some cheaper, and some downright delicious!  We weigh in on "blood diamonds," raw diamonds, colored diamonds, and alternate wedding stones like sapphires and rubies.

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5 Things to do Before You Diet


For many of us, wedding planning includes dieting -- and not necessarily just to lose a couple pounds.  Eating healthily is also a great way give you more energy and to feel better through the months and weeks leading up to your big day.

But dieting takes preparation too.

Check out this article from Self, detailing "5 Things to Do Before You Diet (And 1 to Skip)."  It's a great primer to becoming a healthier you.

Buying Your Wedding Ring


We just posted a new article about buying your wedding ring.

Tradition (and just about every Hollywood wedding movie!) dictates that your groom surprises you with a ring. It’s a wonderful and romantic notion, but it’s not the only way to go. Nowadays, many women prefer to shop for their rings themselves.  Says Hayley Henning, New York Jewelry consultant, “Women really know what they want and guys are too afraid to make the choices for them.”

Just remember, since finger size varies depending on menstruation cycles, salt intake and even the size of recent meals, try the rings on more than once—this goes for your groom too.

Check it out!

Vintage Wedding Dresses are All the Rage


So we've all discussed vintage hair styles but perhaps we've glossed over the most important part: the dress!  Check out this gorgeous wedding dress Sarah wore on her big day.  The lace detailing is stunning and matches perfectly with her simple, chic chignon.  What do you think of her dress. Is it too vintage (if that's even possible)?  Would you go for something more modern?

Check out more photos from their wedding here!