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Kelly McGillis' Wedding is Inspiring Even More Tom Cruise Jokes!


Did you check out this week's Altarcations, over at Gawker?  No?  Well you missed an especially cranky Phyllis Nefler, which is always kind of fun.

She starts off with a list of gripes about recent weddings she's attended, and has some ideas on how to save some money that really tickled us:

"Is there anything more ephemeral to spend a week's salary on than giant flower centerpieces that make dinner table conversation an impossibility? No one will notice their loss except your best friend's snobby mom, and she's found fifty other faults already."

After a somewhat lengthy intro she segues into this week's couples who were featured in The New York Times, starting with 80's star Kelly McGillis (The Accused, Top Gun, Witness).  This week she married longtime partner Malanie Leis (above, with McGillis wearing the scarf).

Nefler could not let the occasion slip by without cracking, "Does that make Top Gun the most famous movie in which both romantic leads are gay?"  Zing!

There's plenty more, so read this week's Altarcations here.