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Minimalist Wedding: The Dress


One of the many perks of being a minimalist is that you get to simplify everything, including your wedding. Weddings can be stressful enough as it is, so having added pressure to buy a big expensive wedding gown can really weigh on you. Use the following ideas while on the search for proper wedding attire that supports to your lifestyle.

Stay away from bulky gowns, for example princess wedding dresses. You’ll find that this style is one of the top wedding trends of 2011, but that doesn’t mean you need to hop on that train. Speaking of trains, stay away from them as well. As a minimalist, one of your goals is likely to have as little fabric and bulkiness for stowing as possible, so stay away from any unnecessary fabric.

Forego any veils or headpieces, and instead opt for a gorgeous hairstyle. Although veils, headpieces, and hair accessories can be beautiful additions to your wedding ensemble, they aren’t necessary and can be costly.

If it’s space you’re most concerned about, then consider a cocktail length wedding gown. This length comes in many different styles, including halter, strapless, one shouldered, and is available in countless different fabrics.

Whichever dress you end up choosing, just make sure you keep it simple—just like your lifestyle!

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Wedding Planning Websites for Minimalists


These days, you can find information on just about anything in just a few clicks. Since minimalism is on the rise, so are websites about this movement, and way of life. If you are a minimalist who’s on the lookout for wedding planning websites, then make a note of the following minimalist sites.

This bridal planning website is fantastic because it’s a blog written by Alison Andrews, a bride who had a full-blown minimalist wedding from beginning to end. Alison and her husband, Jaye, decided to have a minimalist wedding mainly because it financially made sense for them, and also because of their lack of time. Alison was prepping for her graduation, which took place the day after their wedding, as well as a move to Taiwan with Jaye for one year to teach English. An extreme wedding didn’t make sense for Alison and Jaye because they were gearing up to move their lives post vows.

Alison and her fiancé got married at their local Home Affairs Office in their hometown of Cape Town. Only their closest family members were there as Alison and Jaye exchanged their vows, wearing non-traditional wedding garb—casual outfits they already had.

Alison and Jaye, with the help of their friends and family, had small wedding bouquets, off-the-cuff wedding photos, and the perfect minimalist wedding experience.

Alison’s blog delves into every other aspect of her minimalist wedding, including her and Jaye’s wedding bands, the reception, her minimalist wedding car (a VW Bug), and more.

Paper Doll Romance is another great wedding blog for minimalists. It's a blog about “romance, weddings, and generally girly things.” This blog will inspire minimalist brides throughout their search for answers, ideas, and general wedding guidance.

This blog has great ideas about your wedding venue, and agrees that most wedding venues are bombarded with brocade curtains, patterned carpets, and chandeliers, which are visually overbearing and unnecessary. For the minimalist, a venue with an abundance of wide-open space is ideal, and should look like a blank canvas. Open, white, modern spaces are the perfect space for minimalist couples to have a wedding that represents their way of life, and gives them free reign to scatter a few simple candles, vases, and flowers.

This post also offers some great photos for wedding inspiration in regards to your wedding dining tables, flowers, name cards, wedding cake, wedding dress, and bridesmaid dresses.

For those of you seeing advice on minimalism, explore SimpleRabbit and BeMoreWithLess.

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