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Celebrating & Preparing For Your Big Day with OurWeddingDay.com Today is Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wedding Timeline Template


Every aspect of your wedding will affect the overall success of your big day, especially your wedding timeline. When planning a wedding, be aware that the timing is extremely important. If your timeline is even a tad off it could throw your entire wedding reception off course. The last you’ll want is for your guests to be ravenous by the time their first course finally graces it’s presence on their tables, or for the best man speech to take place before everyone has had time to find their seats. Follow this wedding timeline template, and the last thing you’ll have to worry about is a timeline train wreck on your big day.

5:00pm Cocktail Hour: Directly following the ceremony, it is customary for the newlyweds and bridal party to take photos, while their guests enjoy cocktails for an hour prior to the reception. Some couples choose to take formal wedding photos prior to the ceremony, if this is you, then enjoy a glass of champagne in your hotel suite (if you’re getting married at a hotel), or a quiet room. If your reception is at a different location than your ceremony, then you’ll have a relaxing limo ride to share a smooch and toast with your new hubby!

6:00pm: At this time the doors to the reception area are open and everyone should be encouraged to take their seats. Wine or champagne is served and dinner orders are taken if the dinners were not pre-ordered.

6:10pm: Newlywed Entrance/First Dance: The bride and groom are welcomed into the main reception area and perform the first dance. It’s not necessary but some choose to have the entire wedding party introduced prior to the bride and groom.

6:25pm: Serving of first course.

6:35pm: The parents of the bride welcome the guests and thank them for coming.

6:40pm: The best man makes his toast, and the maid of honor’s toast follows.

6:50pm: The main course is served and other family members are welcomed to make speeches in honor of the bride and groom, including the parents of the groom.

7:20pm: The dance floor is open to guests.

8:30pm: Best Man/Maid of Honor Dance, as well as the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance.

8:45pm: The cake cutting takes place.

8:50pm: At this time the servers offer guests coffee or tea, or more wine or champagne.

9:00pm: The servers place wedding cake slices on reception dining tables.

9:30pm: The tossing of the bouquet and garter toss.

10pm: Final dance for the entire wedding party and all of the guests.

There is countless wedding planning advice that you should keep in mind when putting together one of the most important days of your life, and sticking to a timeline is one of the most important, and could save you from wedding day disasters. If you need any more guidance on this topic, feel free to contact wedding coordinators if you haven’t already.

10/10/10: Record Breaking Number of Weddings Yesterday!


Did you get married yesterday?  If so, you weren't alone!

According to numerologists the "row of perfect tens" created by yesterday's date made it a very lucky day. To take advantage of the good fortune, couples around the world tied the knot in record numbers.

What to Do When You Have to Postpone Your Wedding


Life happens, even when you’re getting married. If you are faced with the possibility of having to delay or cancel your wedding date, know the proper protocol for doing so. Just as important, take a few tips in the hope that you might be able to avoid the worst-case scenario.

Should the wedding have to be called off, due to a family emergency, work, or something else out of your control, get the word out as soon as possible. When you reschedule, make sure the same guests are invited.

There’s no need to tell guests what the exact problem is, but enlist your close friends and wedding party members to call and/or email people with the news. If you’ve already rescheduled, give them the new date. If not, simply tell them you will keep them posted. If the wedding invitations have already gone out, etiquette says you should send out new ones, but don’t sweat the details too much.

“These things happen,” says Danielle Bobish of Curtain Up Events in New York City. “If you’re way over budget already, a phone call wouldn’t be the most inappropriate second invite.” Bobish says that you can re-do invitations if they’ve not gone to the printer, and to call all vendors immediately.

“Depending on how far in advance you cancel, you might get your deposit back,” she says. “If the vendor has lost work because they can’t rebook, you shouldn’t expect a refund.”  Bobish says you should still talk to each vendor and explain the situation, as each service provider has a different cancellation policy.

Before you start making calls and stop dieting, make sure calling off the wedding is inevitable. If you can salvage your affair despite a setback, try and make it happen. “Canceling a wedding is not a decision you make lightly,” says Bobish. “It’s going to cause a lot of people a lot of money and be a huge inconvenience.”

Bobish notes instances such as vendors canceling at the last minute or site’s going bankrupt or being otherwise unavailable. “If you’re thinking of canceling because of a vendor, you can usually get another one at the last minute,” she says. “Also, you’ve be surprised at sites you can find. You can’t afford to be picky, and you’re going to have to sacrifice some of your wants, but you’ll still have your wedding.”

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Stream a Live Video Feed on Your Wedding Day


Nowadays, people anywhere in the world can attend your wedding—sort of. Live wedding feeds are the latest trend to hit the ceremony circuit, and they’re getting more popular all the time. The benefits of live feeds are enormous: if your relatives in Europe can’t attend your wedding for whatever reason (cost, obligations, illness, etc.) they can watch it in the privacy of their own home. Live wedding feeds are an especially nice idea for aging friends and loved ones who would never be able see your ceremony otherwise.

There are several ways to go about streaming your wedding. Your videographer generally does not offer this feature as part of his package deal, although he might partner with a company that streams. You can also do a search for live feeds, and find a company that offers the service. Many of them contact videographers in your area and work together on the project.

You can also purchase equipment that connects to your computer to streaming servers, or rent an entire laptop streaming kit. Prices will vary, ranging anywhere from about $200 to $800. Live chat is generally available if problems arise, and companies offer viewing for a limited time period after the ceremony. Find out, too, if you can have a recorded copy of the event as a keepsake. There are also different ranges of how many people can watch—usually up to about 50, so ask ahead of time and get everything in writing.

Since live wedding feeds are still a novel concept, it’s recommended that you hire a pro for your ceremony, as opposed to trying to handle the streaming yourself. If the two of you are computer whizzes, or you have a close friend you’d like to do it, feel free to go DIY, but practice ahead of time to make sure all glitches have been taken care of. Make sure that someone is responsible for set-up and operation on the actual day of your ceremony.

When you consider the benefits of live feeds, it’s a wonderful addition to your wedding plans. If your affair is small and easily accessible to all who are invited, it’s probably not worth the extra cash. Go over your guest list, figure out your budget, and then feed the love!

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Choosing the Right Day for Your Big Day


Picking the wedding date is one of the most important and exciting decisions you’ll make as a couple. Before you pull out a calendar and randomly choose a day, make sure you’ve covered the basics.

For starters, you need to decide how long of an engagement the two of you need. Should there be complicating factors—job, family, finances—an engagement of a year or more is smart. If the wedding is less complicated, you can aim for less than a year. Keep in mind that planning a wedding inevitably takes more time than expected.  Review this wedding planning checklist for a brief overview of everything you’ll need to consider for your wedding.  It will help you determine how much time you’ll need.

If you’re having a large, formal affair, you need to make sure all the important people are available—immediate family, your best friends, etc. While loved ones will make your wedding a top priority, if Mom and Dad have already planned a trip to Europe next year, you need to work around their schedule.

Once you know the time frame, figure out a date, and then pick a few alternates. If you’ve already chosen your ceremony and reception sites, it’s possible the exact date you’ve selected won’t be available. Also, you might find out that the Friday night you prefer is much more expensive than another night, or an afternoon wedding. Decide before you book how flexible you are with days of the week.

If you are set on a specific date, or even a few specific dates, you also need to have alternate sites in mind. For instance, that Valentine’s Day wedding you’ve dreamed about for years might be a wonderful idea, but it also might be impossible to book your first-choice venue.

The length of your engagement is also going to affect vendors’ accessibility. You don’t need to have your site picked when you choose a wedding band or a reception caterer, but understand that top vendors get booked way in advance. The further off you put the date, the more access you’ll have to the best of the bunch.  Days and time of year are important too: Vendors are more popular around holidays, weekends, and during prom time, from March through June.  Check out how to get started with wedding vendors here.

Before you check off Memorial Day Weekend as your wedding date, keep in mind that many of your friends might already have plans. Should you decide on any holiday weekend, picking a far off date is wise; guests aren’t as likely to have scheduled trips. Even so, you will receive more RSVP “no” responses during those times of the year. Once you do pick the date, stick with it, and know that there is never an absolute best day to get married, only an absolute perfect reason to do it

Missing Your Groom at Your Wedding: Too Often You’re Too Busy to Spend Time Together


It’s your big day, and you get to share it with the one you love. Or at least you think you do. On the day of your wedding, things can get so hectic you often barely see the man you love and are about to spend the rest of your life with.

There are several reasons why brides seldom see the groom on the wedding day, and we’ve offered a few ways around it. For starters, more often than not a wedding is considered “your day,” which means people are going to be clamoring around you to see the dress and offer congratulations. Also, getting ready means makeup, hair, dress, and a lot of other distractions. If you’ve decided you don’t want to see the groom before the ceremony, it’s not a problem. However, should you like to share that before-time with your fiancé, you need to make some quick fixes.

“I often tell brides to get ready with their groom,” says Daniele Bobish of Curtain Up Events in New York City. “If you are not superstitious, spend that time together, whether at home or in your hotel. Remember, this is your last few hours before it’s legal, and you want to savor the moment.”  It also frees you to take pre-ceremony wedding pictures, which in turn can provide more time to enjoy your reception.

Once the reception starts, you’re going to be more of a star attraction than the guy in the tux. “Everyone wants a piece of you,” says Bobish. “Also, brides tend to be more involved with the wedding, making sure they see everyone and that things run smoothly.” So if the groom is off with the guys having a cigar, pull him over and work the room, together. Make it a rule beforehand that you’ll walk around the room hand in hand.

Another key in keeping the two of you together is to appoint a point person who makes it happen. “Ask a close friend or someone in the party to make sure you don’t get separated for too long,” says Bobish. “No one’s going to be offended if someone walks up and says the bride is needed elsewhere.”

Finally, skip all or part of the cocktail hour to savor the moment. “Take the whole hour off or a few minutes,” says Bobish. “Find a quiet place, grab some champagne, and take it all in. This is your time and your day. Enjoy it together.”

Take Breaks from Your Planning to Celebrate Why You're Getting Married in the First Place!


Planning a wedding is stressful! There is absolutely no doubt about that, and remembering the love and romance that got you there in the first place can get lost in all the commotion.

Keep the spark and passion alive, and take time for yourselves as a couple to enjoy one another! Whether it’s a weekend away to a bed & breakfast 20 miles down the road, or relax into a day of couple’s pampering, plan something special for the two of you.

Hang up the phone.
It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in every single detail. Although your Saturdays are usually spent making phone calls to the caterers, the florist and the photographer while you’re running to the tailor to fit your dress, and he’s buying shoes for his tux...STOP!

For one day (or a whole weekend), take the phone off the hook, curl up on the couch, and watch a DVD. Or make dinner together from scratch! Although this doesn’t seem like much, it will also force you to take a break and relax.  It’s important!

Massage out the kinks.
When the planning is too much of a pain in the neck, get a neck rub! Are you both feeling stress pains in your necks, backs and shoulders? Well, there is a perfect solution that is both therapeutic and romantic. Spas offer what is known as a couple’s massage, where a masseur works out every kink in your body, while you lie next to your fiancé in a dimly lit room, filled with aromas of candles, essential oils and soothing lotions. Although this may seem like an extravagant activity, the benefits to your mind, body and relationship are invaluable. If money or time is too tight for that, you can also message each other at home (just make sure that you both get a turn!).

Get out.
OK, so money is probably a bit tight these days with everything being put toward “the wedding fund.” Well, just because you may not be able to fly to Rome does not mean that you can’t sneak away with your beloved for a weekend (or just a night).

You don’t have to travel far; all you really need is a different set of walls to look at. Like the saying goes, a change is as good as a rest; putting yourselves in new surroundings will reheat your romance, and recharge your energy.

Will You Change Into a Reception Dress?


We just posted a new article about changing out of your wedding gown and into your reception dress.

Changing into "something more comfortable" will add about 15 minutes to the “between time,” and you want to make sure your groom waits to make an entrance with you.  Take a few extra minutes and enjoy a snack or glass of Champagne before you head to your reception; once you get there you may not a get a chance for a bite or sip of anything!

Check it out!

Have you considered a reception dress?

Save the iDate



Brides with iPhones need never worry again about forgetting exactly how many days, hours, minutes, even seconds are left until her big day. With the handy “Wedding Day” application from ANDESigned your moments left will be a touchpad click away at any moment, and it doesn’t stop after your wedding: There is also a “count-up" feature so you can cherish and treasure every single day of marital bliss.

Check out the iPhone Wedding Day ap!