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Designer Wedding Shoes: Can They Be Comfortable?


In a recent wedding, the bride decided to wear high heels for her entire wedding. They were high-quality, leather, designer wedding shoes. Although they were comfortable for a few hours during pictures, by the end of the night, she was in the worst foot pain. It took almost a week for her feet to recover. Here are some tips on choosing comfortable wedding shoes and how to prevent foot pain:

Some brides opt for flat wedding shoes, or shoes that have only a slight kitten heel. These tend to be a lot more comfortable, but remember that you will be on your feet pretty much the entire day, so a certain amount of foot pain is normal and expected.

A lot of bridal salons sell shoes specifically for weddings, but many of them are extremely uncomfortable. Sometimes it is better to go with designer wedding shoes purchased at a department store, or by a brand that you have worn before and know to be fairly comfortable. Remember that you do not have to choose white or ivory shoes to match your dress. You could wear a soft pink, silver, bronze, or even chocolate brown or black depending on the nature of your dress.

If you choose to go with heels, you can have a back-up plan by bringing a pair of flat ballet shoes to dance in. If it makes you a difference between you dancing and you sitting down in pain at your own wedding, then definitely change shoes. Just make sure that you take this into account when you get your dress hemmed, as you do not want it dragging too much (or be tripping over it!).

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