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Wedding Favor Gifts that Reflect Who You Are as a Couple


Leaving your guests with wedding favor gifts is a wonderful way of thanking them for sharing your big day with you. Wedding favors provide your guests with a memento that they can keep forever and think back on the joyous occasion. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing elegant wedding favors is to not fall in the candy-covered almonds wrapped in twill trap. Venture off and find the gift that reflects who you and your fiancé are.

Unique to You
Make a list of you and your hubby-to-be’s hobbies and passions. If you both love to cook, then consider giving a gift that reflects that. For example you could box up mini bottles of olive oil and vinegar ready for the pouring. Go the extra mile and make them personalized wedding favors and have your names and wedding date painted or printed onto the glass. One of my favorite favors is a bag of flower seeds. This gift has such powerful symbolism behind it—new life and beauty ahead. It is also ideal for those who have a passion for gardening. Stick with the theme of life but add a twist by giving your guests seeds to plant a tree that bares fruit or vegetables.

Weather Appropriate
If you’re having a spring or summer wedding and it’s hot out there, then give your guests personalized fans. Choose a fan that reflects your style and have the wedding date stitched, painted, or printed onto the fans. This is ideal for destination weddings where the weather is on the humid side, like Hawaii or Bali. Another fantastic gift that’s weather appropriate and ideal for destination weddings is a sarong for the ladies, and a hat for the gentlemen. If you’re having a daytime, casual wedding in an exotic location then pass out these favors prior to the wedding so your guests have the option of wearing them to your wedding.

Go Green
Consider giving your guests an eco-friendly gift of stainless steel water bottles. This will give them a reason to forego plastic water bottles and help the environment. Another option is to give them customized and personalized reusable bags. A third option is to give your guests natural bamboo eco-friendly coaster favors.

Theme Appropriate
Find favors that match your wedding theme. If you’re having a winter themed wedding, consider giving your guests white soap in the shape of snowflakes. Soap is a great option for any theme, just make sure the shape is theme appropriate, for example if you’re having a fall wedding you could give pumpkin soap.

For the Romantics
If you’re a true romantic then choose a heart shaped favor. The possibilities are endless! To get you started on your search here are a few ideas: heart shaped personalized key chains, soap, chocolates, a bag of candy hearts, or heart shaped bath salts. You don’t have to choose a heart shaped favor of course, you could still remain true to your romantic core and give the gift of a scented candle, incense, or any other aroma therapy gift.

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