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The Tradition of the Bridal Purse


Wedding purses date back to at least the 15th Century, and were just as practical then as they are now. (A woman always needs a good bag to hold accessories.) One big difference: At one time the purse was a gift to the bride from the groom.

Poland adopted the Dollar Dance a couple of centuries later, a wedding custom in which guests danced with the bride and pinned money to her gown. The tradition was more than just fashionable, as many couples had very little money to start their new lives together. Since then, the Dollar Dance has been adopted throughout Europe and parts of Latin America, and a Wedding Purse has become a popular alternative to pinning money on the bride’s gown.

The Wedding Purse is now a popular American custom too, especially if you come from a European background. (The Dollar Dance is common too.) The bride can carry around a specially made purse at the reception, and guests put money in it as they meet and greet. In addition to money being a common gift for certain cultures, the custom is just a heck of a lot of fun.

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