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Bridal Websites: Should You Have One?


Many couples today are designing their own wedding websites, but is this a necessary aspect of the wedding planning process? Some couples shock guests with their speediness; a few days after they are engaged, they already have their bridal websites up and running! Though it may not be entirely necessary, a personal wedding website can be of great benefit to you and your guests, especially if you are doing a destination wedding. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. You can use wedding planning websites to share useful and relevant information with your guests. Since details are likely to change throughout the process, you can keep your information up to date and relevant. Out of town guests and those planning to attend a destination wedding will especially find this useful.
  2. Bridal websites are an excellent way to communicate with your guests and involve them in the process. Many websites have an option for guests to subscribe, so you can send out messages when anything changes. You can even link an RSS feed to Facebook or other social networking sites.
  3. A wedding site can be interactive. For example, you may be deciding among four or five different locations for your honeymoon, and you want guests’ input. You can have guests take a vote: Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Bora Bora, Lake Como, or Puerto Rico. (You may or may not decide to go with the popular vote, but it is fun and interesting nonetheless to see what people say). Perhaps one of your guests has been to certain place and highly recommends it (or dissuades you from going). You can also get your guests’ input on music choices and playlists (so that everyone can have their favorite song played).
  4. You can also post a wedding blog. People love to hear about how your planning is going. Perhaps you went to a cake tasting one afternoon, and want to share your experience, or maybe you had a great meeting with your DJ. You may want some feedback on color schemes and flowers. This is a great way to savor and enjoy the planning process; writing about it can be therapeutic and even help you make some tough decisions.
  5. Many bridal websites offer tracking features, which can help you keep track of things like RSVP’s, what type of meals have been requested, etc. (Also, if you have people RSVP online, they will only be able to RSVP for the number of guests who have actually been invited. Many brides run into a problem with paper RSVP cards: guests will cross out the number that has been invited, and add more people. This may sound absurd, but it happens all the time.)
  6. After the wedding, you can post photos, not just of the wedding, but also of the rehearsal dinner, the bachelorette party (if appropriate), and the bridal shower.
  7. A wedding website will also serve as an archive of your wedding planning. You will have photos, thoughts, and a ton of other memories of this special time in your life.

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Spring Wedding Invitations: Think Flowers, Nature, and Color!


When considering spring wedding invitations, think light and airy. Spring is a time of freshness and rebirth, so spring wedding themes should reflect nature and be eco-friendly, if possible. Here are a few ideas for spring wedding invitations:

Try to incorporate flowers.
You can attach pressed flowers to the invitations (which will also smell nice when your guests open the envelope), or scatter petals inside, preferably from the type of flowers you are using at your wedding. You could even include a packet of seeds, encouraging your guests to make the most of springtime.

Think color.
Many of the top spring wedding vendors—including caterers, photographers, and florists—are encouraging their brides not to shy away from color this season. Lavenders, greens, blues, yellows, corals, pinks, and even reds are great springtime colors. You have the widest range of palates to choose from of any wedding season, so take advantage of it when selecting your invitations! You can always mix more vibrant shades with pastels or ethereal silvers and ivories.

Foreshadow your wedding with your invitations.
For example, if your venue has interesting vintage Spanish architecture, choose an invitation design that reflects this. If you are having a beach wedding, hues of aquamarine and sandy yellows might be appropriate. If you are getting married at an arboretum, include something special that will be in season during your wedding, such as lilacs.

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DIY Wedding Bouquet Questions Answered


If you’re toying with the idea of creating your own wedding day bouquets and centerpieces, then you probably have a handful of questions. Fortunately there are countless wedding forums, wedding blogs, and of course your local online wedding florist that can serve as your encyclopedia for DIY wedding day flowers. If you’re ready to put on your Martha Stewart hat, but are unsure on a couple things, then hopefully the following questions and answers will get you to the finish line a little quicker.

How many roses are needed for a large round bouquet?
How many roses you use depends on the size of your flowers, since roses vary is size quite a bit. For example, if you choose Black Magic roses, which are on the larger side, you can get away with using between 20-25 for your bouquet. You can also ask your florist, when you go to pick out the roses, how many you’ll need for a large bouquet.

Can the wedding centerpieces be made the day before?
Yes, centerpieces can be make the night before, you just have to make sure you spray them with water or a floral hydrator and store them in a fridge. Your second option is to purchase flowers that have not quite bloomed yet, and store them in water overnight.

When creating bouquets of roses, do you need any gloves?
Garden gloves are strongly recommended when dealing with roses because of the thorns. You can also purchase a tool called the Thorn Stripper, which cuts off thorns and leaves.

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The Scoop on 2011 Wedding Expos


2011 wedding expos are a one-stop shop for the bride that wants to get a large helping of all things wedding related, before making any decisions about her big day. Bridal expos allow you to see all of your wedding related options at once, without having to drive to every wedding vendor, hair salon, or florist in order to find the one that fits your needs.

If you’re not sold on the idea just yet, then read through the following bridal expo exhibits and see if you’re not hopping online to purchase a ticket to the next expo in your area!

Bridal expos typically consist of the following exhibits:

  • Banquet facilities: hotels, resorts, country clubs, convention centers, winery, and golf clubs.
  • Accessories: guest wedding favors, wedding party favors, as well as companies that provide that extra something special, for example a media wall (like they have on red carpets), a candy buffet etc.
  • Beauty, Health & Makeup: Hair salons, skin care lines such as Mary Kay, and Nutrition companies.
  • Bridal Gowns: Various bridal boutiques and shops will have their latest styles on display through catalogs, and sometimes live models.
  • Wedding Consultants and Planners
  • Entertainers & Disc Jockys: Entertainment Lighting Professionals, DJ companies.
  • Event Designers
  • Favors: Jarred candies, Candies Apples, etc.
  • Florists
  • Gift Registry
  • Honeymoon & Travel
  • Invitations & Stationary
  • Jewelry
  • Limousine Companies
  • Musicians & Vocalists
  • Rental Supplies
  • Wedding Photographers
  • Tuxedo shops

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Contemporary Wedding Invitation Designs


Contemporary wedding invitations feature the most unique and modern designs that include interesting color combinations, eye-catching fonts, photographs, and textures. If you’re a modern bride who wants to make sure your wedding invitation designs stand out from the pack, then take your time when choosing a design that fits your personality and your zest for only the hottest design trends.

Fortunately for you, there are numerous designs to choose from. The fact that they tend to be grouped in categories makes it easy for you to narrow it down. Explore the following wedding invitations and see if any of them tickle your fancy.

Modern Wedding Invitations
Modern wedding invitations are fresh as well as fashionable. If the tone of your wedding is just that, then it’s imperative you choose invitations that represent that style and vibe. Open your mind and your pocketbook to modern designs and interesting shapes and textures, and you’ll be well on your way to having the modern day wedding of your dreams. Popular modern wedding invitation themes include the following:

  • Stripes: Stripes placed on any part of your invitation will make it pop.
  • Multiple Photos: Your possibilities with photos are endless. An ultra-modern choice would be to take photos at a photo booth and have them printed on your invitations. (Also ideal for your “save the date” cards.) Have fun with this idea, and experiment with various photo configurations on different areas of the invitations.
  • Dots: Dots are like stripes in that they turn a rather ordinary invitation into extraordinary by making it pop.
  • Motif: Choose a meaningful emblem or symbol and either enlarge it or make it smaller, color it and put it anywhere you choose on your invitation.
  • Quotes/Verses: Pick your favorite poet or philosopher and explore various quotes. Choose the one that best represents this joyous occasion and have it printed on your invites. Also, play around with the size and type of font. For example, you could choose a light color that works well for the background and have the quote written in cursive, which will give the invitation a more romantic style.
  • Bold: Bold designs have something extra special that makes them stand out, for example, multiple folds. If your invitation is fun to open because of the interesting folds, then your guests will know right off the bat they’re in for a treat.

Another way to make your custom wedding invitations stand out is by choosing a fun and modern theme.

  • Animals
  • Beach
  • Damask
  • Las Vegas
  • Vintage
  • Winter
  • Artists
  • Bamboo
  • Beach
  • Butterflies
  • Celtic/Irish
  • Fairy-tale
  • Fleur de Lis
  • Hawaii
  • Hibiscus
  • Lighthouses
  • Nautical
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Sunsets
  • Vintage
  • Wine/Vineyard

Choosing the right wedding invitations is much like choosing your wedding gown, engagement ring, or even your flower arrangements. You want your invitations to reflect your own unique style, while still leaving an impression on your guests.

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Spring Wedding Ideas: Color Schemes


Spring is a magical season for color schemes, and spring wedding ideas can span everything from intimate Victorian garden celebrations, to ritzy, well-lit indoor banquet halls for a spring wedding reception.

Here are a few ideas for color schemes:

Pink: Pink is a fabulous wedding color because it is so lighthearted, yet elegant. Some combinations are soft, some are earthy, and some are more dramatic. Here are a few examples: pink and green (optional blue accents); blues and whites (with accents of a lighter pink), pink and blue; pink, ivory, and sage; or pink, white and chocolate brown.

Lavender: Lavender, like pink, is also elegant, but adds a coolness that can be the perfect match for another warmer color. Consider: Lavender and pale yellow; lavender and chocolate brown; ivory, lavender, and pastel green; ivory, lavender and sage; lavender and blue (with an accent shade of berry); lavender and a darker purple (with a warmer accent color such as coral), or lavender and pink.

Gray: If you are looking for spring wedding ideas that are more unique, incorporate a shade of metallic gray or silver into your color combination as an accent. Here are some combos: plum, gray and mauve; gray and cherry red (with an accent of yellow), orange and gray, or lavender, gray and coral. (Hint: gray or silver also makes a wedding appear more vintage, if you are going for that look).

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DIY Wedding Photography: Creative Poses


If you and your hubby-to-be are creative and non-traditionalists, then you’ll want to come up with some unique poses that will ensure your wedding photos are as fabulous as you are. These are great poses for the bride and groom who go the DIY photography route—that way you aren’t stepping the toes of a wedding photographer.

Bride & Groom Poses

  • Find an activity (within reach) that you both love and have your photographer take photos of you both enjoying that hobby. For example, golf, or yoga. (In your wedding garb of course.)
  • Have your groom placed at the altar and glancing at his watch with an almost worried expression on his face. You could then do a series of shots with you entering into frame and your groom looking more and more relieved.
  • Lie down on the grass (make sure to place towels down so you don’t stain your dress!) and have your husband lay down so that the top of his head is touching your head for the perfect aerial shot.

Wedding Party Poses
Get a shot that’s reminiscent of the classic Beverly Hills 90210 aerial shot by having the entire wedding party lay on the grass with the top of their heads facing the circle.

Consider Hiring a Professional Wedding Planner


Elysa Ross, owner of Palm Beach Wedding Expert is an event planner, aesthetician and makeup artist with over 15 year’s experience.

So you’re engaged!  Now what?  Many brides have dreamed of their wedding since they were a little girl, but have no idea how to go about implementing their dreams.  If you don’t have many demands on your time and can enjoy the learning curve and the creative process, undertaking wedding planning can be fun.  However, if your schedule is full and there is always something on your agenda, wedding planning can be a daunting, overwhelming and stressful experience.  In such cases, consider hiring a professional wedding planner.

Wedding & Event planners can work with you from start to finish, for just for a few weeks, or manage the wedding day only.  Your wedding planner will fine-tune and simplify the process, allowing you to focus on all your other commitments.  If you have the time and the motivation to plan your own wedding, a coordinator can still help structure and produce the wedding day.  There are many, many facets of wedding planning that a bride and groom have no understanding of.  Scheduling when bridesmaids are to have their hair & makeup done, when & where the limos will be, guiding Uncle Joe as to when he needs to walk down the aisle, and coordinating where the videographer will set up are all details that you should not be focusing on your wedding day!  Relying on friends or family to orchestrate managing the wedding day is good in theory, but seldom works out well.  Nerves, excitement, visiting with those they haven’t seen for awhile, children, phones ringing, vendors coming & going, etc. tend to distract even those with the best of intentions.  The last thing you want on your wedding day is someone who is in charge to be thrown off their game.

Many a wedding planner can assist the DIY bride in how and what to conquer themselves and what not to tackle on their own.  Additionally, because planners send a lot of business to catering venues and vendors, many times discounted/better rates are available when planners are used.  When all is said and done, the cost of a wedding including a wedding planner can end up being the same if not lower than a wedding in which a planner was not utilized.  

If you have any doubts about planning your own wedding from start until finish, at least research the benefits and costs of a planner before assuming one can not be afforded.


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Wedding Catering: Flatware Essentials


Whether you’re going the wedding catering route or not, it’s a good idea to know what should be placed on your reception dining tables. Your wedding reception flatware is such a prominent piece on the tables that it should be presented in a formal, and decorative manner. If that element is off then it could have a negative affect on the overall look of your reception dining tables.


  • There aren’t any specific rules when choosing which type of flatware for your reception, however sterling silver tends to look best.
  • The dinner fork should be seated to the left of the charger plate.
  • The salad fork goes to the left of the dinner fork, however, if your salad is going to be served after the entrée then the salad fork should be placed to the right of the dinner fork.
  • If your wedding caterers serve fish, make sure the fish fork is situated to the left of the dinner fork.
  • The dinner knife goes to the right of the charger plate.
  • The knife designated for fish should be placed directly to the right of the dinner knife.
  • The salad knife goes to the right of the fish knife (if fish is served).
  • The soupspoon should be situated to the right of the knives. (This is only necessary if the soup is going to be served as the first course.)
  • Oyster-cocktail fork goes to the right of the spoons. (Necessary if shellfish is being served.)


Unique Wedding Centerpieces


Your floral wedding centerpieces are such an important aspect of your wedding reception that it’s imperative you choose wisely. Your guests will spend a good amount of time at their tables, so why not dazzle them with wedding reception centerpieces that are both eye catching and unique?

  1. Floating flowers and candles: There aren’t any rules that state you must choose a traditional flower arrangement as your reception centerpiece so have fun and mix it up! For this type of centerpiece, which is very easy to assemble, you need at least three glass bowls depending on how large your tables are. Once you have added water to each bowl, place silk flowers in one of them, and floating candles in the other two.
  2. Floating flowers and fruit: This centerpiece is very similar to the first one, except instead of floating votives it requires floating fruit candles. What makes this piece so unique is the scent of the fruit candles, which are sure to impress your guests and fill your reception with the sweet smell of grapefruit and oranges. Most suitable for spring or summer weddings.
  3. Glass Pond: One of the most unique wedding centerpieces and one of the coolest. To assemble, you need to find a large glass bowl, preferably 28” in diameter, fill the bottom with river washed stones, and add water. Then add floating flower candles, glass bubbles, and real lily pads (if you can find them).