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Celebrating & Preparing For Your Big Day with OurWeddingDay.com Today is Saturday, May 27, 2017

Wedding Timeline Template


Every aspect of your wedding will affect the overall success of your big day, especially your wedding timeline. When planning a wedding, be aware that the timing is extremely important. If your timeline is even a tad off it could throw your entire wedding reception off course. The last you’ll want is for your guests to be ravenous by the time their first course finally graces it’s presence on their tables, or for the best man speech to take place before everyone has had time to find their seats. Follow this wedding timeline template, and the last thing you’ll have to worry about is a timeline train wreck on your big day.

5:00pm Cocktail Hour: Directly following the ceremony, it is customary for the newlyweds and bridal party to take photos, while their guests enjoy cocktails for an hour prior to the reception. Some couples choose to take formal wedding photos prior to the ceremony, if this is you, then enjoy a glass of champagne in your hotel suite (if you’re getting married at a hotel), or a quiet room. If your reception is at a different location than your ceremony, then you’ll have a relaxing limo ride to share a smooch and toast with your new hubby!

6:00pm: At this time the doors to the reception area are open and everyone should be encouraged to take their seats. Wine or champagne is served and dinner orders are taken if the dinners were not pre-ordered.

6:10pm: Newlywed Entrance/First Dance: The bride and groom are welcomed into the main reception area and perform the first dance. It’s not necessary but some choose to have the entire wedding party introduced prior to the bride and groom.

6:25pm: Serving of first course.

6:35pm: The parents of the bride welcome the guests and thank them for coming.

6:40pm: The best man makes his toast, and the maid of honor’s toast follows.

6:50pm: The main course is served and other family members are welcomed to make speeches in honor of the bride and groom, including the parents of the groom.

7:20pm: The dance floor is open to guests.

8:30pm: Best Man/Maid of Honor Dance, as well as the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance.

8:45pm: The cake cutting takes place.

8:50pm: At this time the servers offer guests coffee or tea, or more wine or champagne.

9:00pm: The servers place wedding cake slices on reception dining tables.

9:30pm: The tossing of the bouquet and garter toss.

10pm: Final dance for the entire wedding party and all of the guests.

There is countless wedding planning advice that you should keep in mind when putting together one of the most important days of your life, and sticking to a timeline is one of the most important, and could save you from wedding day disasters. If you need any more guidance on this topic, feel free to contact wedding coordinators if you haven’t already.

Creating Your Own Wedding Dress


The task of creating your own wedding dress is both commendable and adventurous. If you’re up for the journey, there are a few steps that will make this process easier. Before you delve into creating your own wedding dress, make sure you follow these tips.

  • Choose your style: Instead of creating your unique wedding dress from scratch, visit bridal gown boutiques for style ideas. You’ll have specific visuals to choose from when you design your own wedding dress.
  • Explore embellishments: Don’t forget about crystals, beads, lace, and embroidery when designing your wedding gown. These embellishments can transform a simple dress into something more extraordinary.
  • Find the right fabric: You can find wedding gown appropriate fabric in the bridal section of most fabric stores. Call ahead so you don’t waste time and gas.
  • Test run: Before you make the dress, do a test run first. Who knows, you may even end up using the test dress as your actual gown. But it’s best to sew a test dress to allow for mistakes without pressure. This way, when you create your dress you’ll have more confidence since you’ve done it once before.
  • Plan ample time: You’re dress will be perfect if you have ample time to fix any issues along the way. You’ll enjoy the process much more if you’re able to take your time.


Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas


The convenient aspect of having a winter wedding is it makes the planning process easier because you can steal ideas from the holidays and the winter elements. Not only do you have Hanukah and Christmas to gather ideas from, but snowflakes, snowmen, mistletoe, tasty winter treats, and a gorgeous pallet of winter colors. Use the following ideas when exploring wedding invitation designs.

  • Christmas: Adding some Christmas cheer to your custom wedding invitations is a great idea, just make sure to do so in a tasteful manner. For example, an all white and silver invitation with a Christmas tree adorned with ornaments and lights would be more tasteful than one with a multitude of colors. The reason being because too many designs and colors typically appear tacky.
  • Hanukah: Pull from the various Hanukah symbols for your invitation such as the Star of David, a dreidel, or a menorah. The Hanukah colors of white and blue are nothing less than perfect for a simple, classic, yet festive wedding invitation.
  • Color: You might think you’re limited to only winter colors but you aren’t, just make sure that if you use summer or spring colors that they are over a base winter color such as silver, blue, or chocolate brown. The exception to that rule: You can use whatever colors you’d like as long as the invitations have some winter elements such as snowflakes or white capped pine trees.


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Engagement Announcement: Questions Answered


One of the most thrilling bits of information you’ll get to share in your lifetime is that you’re engaged. As far as your close friends and family are concerned, you’ll want to tell them either in person or over the phone, but there is also the lovely task of sending out an official engagement announcement. You might have some pressing questions about this tradition in regards to wording and level of formality, so here are some answers.

Modern Wording
Even though some couples don’t bother with this tradition and choose to only send out engagement party invitations, some still do, so if you’re one of the latter then you’ll want to explore your various engagement announcement-wording options. There aren’t any rules with a basic announcement, except that it’s imperative that you let your guests know what the wedding date is. If you don’t know the exact date when mailing out the announcements, then at the very least inform your guests of the month. For example you could print “(your name) & (your fiancé’s name) will exchange vows in December.” This way you’re letting everyone in on the exciting engagement as well as letting them know around what date they should expect the wedding to take place.

Traditional Wording
If you’re a traditionalist and want to stick to old school wedding etiquette, then your engagement announcements should read something along the lines of “Mr. and Mrs. John McCabe of Sacramento, California, are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Allison McCabe to Glenn Thompson, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Thompson of Austin, Texas. They will marry in the fall.” The second paragraph on the announcement should include the education and/or occupation of both the bride-to-be and groom-to-be.

Wording Adjustments
Depending on your family situation you may need some guidance on how to approach wording that fits your family configuration. For example if your parents have gotten divorced and are now remarried then it is customary for you to put your mother’s new married name first and then your father’s name. If one of your parents is deceased, list your surviving parent first followed by the deceased parent.

Modern Announcements
More and more couples are choosing to save money and help the environment by sending out announcements through email. While this is an adequate option, you need to keep in mind that even though most friends and family have email, there is the slight chance that some may not, particularly your older friends and family. If that is the case, then make sure to either make a phone call to those guests without email, or send them an engagement announcement in the mail. Communication is key and not informing a guest of your engagement could result in hurt feelings or that those guests are unable to attend your wedding because they weren’t informed far enough in advance of your wedding date.

In case you decide to go this route keep in mind that it is traditionally the bride’s family that is responsible for placing the engagement announcement in your local newspaper.

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Wedding Gown Care Post Wedding


If you’re like most brides you’ll want to preserve your wedding gown for the rest of your life. Use the following tips to ensure your gown stays in great shape for many years to come.

  • Wedding Dress Cleaning: After your wedding, have your wedding dress professionally cleaned as soon as possible. A lot of stains from dirt and sweat won’t show up until days after your wedding and could cause permanent stains if not treated immediately.
  • Storage: You have two options with wedding dress storage. You can either hang your dress or store it in a box. Hanging is the best option but takes up a lot of space. If you store the dress in a box, make sure you do so with acid-free tissue paper. Line the box with the tissue paper and then fold the dress into the box. Fill your traditional wedding dress with crumpled tissue paper to preserve the shape of the dress.
  • Hanging Instructions: If you choose to hang your dress, find either a padded hanger or pad it yourself with cotton. Once your dress in on the hanger stuff the bodice with crumpled acid-free tissue paper. The last step is to cover the dress with a garment bag and ensure it has plenty of space on either side to prevent wrinkling.


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6 DIY Wedding Favors Ideas


Leave your guests with a piece of you by giving them DIY wedding favors. There’s something special about giving a homemade gift that feels more personal than something store bought. If you’re looking to put your time, energy, and creativity into your wedding favors then use the following DIY wedding ideas and you’ll feel like Martha Stuart in no time.

  • Homemade candles: Keep the flame of your wedding memory alive by giving your guests homemade candles. The best part is that you get to choose the size, color, and scent if any.
  • Homemade Scented or Herbal Soap: Easier to make than you might think, and will give your guests an excuse to indulge in aromatherapy.
  • Bath Scrub: A perfect homemade favor to pass out to your lovely bridesmaids, thanking them for their contribution to your big day.

Eco Friendly: Use recycled materials to create personalized wedding favors.

  • Mini-notebooks with you and your husband's names and the date of your wedding stamped on the top or bottom..
  • Staple recycled paper to create a mini- envelope and place organically cultivated seeds. This will encourage your guests to grow plants, which is great for the soul, the environment, and is a fantastic wedding memento that will live on.
  • Edible favors are always a great gift; just make sure to buy delectable delights that are made from organic ingredients.


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Things to Do Before You Design Your Own Wedding Dress


Designing and creating your own wedding dress is a large undertaking. It requires a lot of planning and effort, but walking down the aisle in a gown created by you is a priceless feeling. The following tips can help you as you prepare to design the dress you'll wear on the most important day of your life.

  1. Do your research. You could start by browsing bridal collections. The first thing you need to do before you design your own wedding dress is to spend some time browsing through bridal magazines and online collections of designer dresses. You need to look at both cutting edge designs and examples of a traditional wedding dress. The more styles, necklines, and sleeves you have seen, the better prepared you will be to hone in on exactly what you want your unique wedding dress to feature.
  2. Try on different styles. Go into a boutique and try on as many dresses as your patience will allow. This is absolutely essential. Perhaps you feel certain you want a strapless gown, but you happen to try on a dress with a halter style, and it perfectly flatters your upper body. Maybe you've dreamt of wearing a glorious Scarlett O’Hara ball gown, but when you try one on, you end up feeling a bit silly. These are the things you need to establish before you spend the time to design your own wedding dress.
  3. Know Your Skin Tone. You may envision your dress to be a bright white, without knowing that the color of your skin is much better suited to a darker ivory. In order to look your absolute best on your wedding day, you want your dress color to complement your skin tone.

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DIY Reception Ideas: Baked Good Buffet


While candy buffets are all the rage at the moment, they can be on the expensive side, especially if you are serving high quality candy or chocolate. For a DIY party, a cupcake or cookie buffet is a “sweet” alternative. Here are three suggestions for executing it:

  1. If you are doing a cookie buffet, you can bake a large amount of dough weeks before the wedding and freeze it. This is a great option for a DIY party, especially if you are planning to make many different types of cookies.
  2. Ask members of your bridal party if they would like to contribute a baked good. Also, you can give them credit by placing a card next to their batch of cookies that says their name, where they got the recipe, and (if they agree), the recipe itself. For example: Maid of Honor’s grandmother’s favorite recipe: German Chocolate Cookies with Toasted Pecans. A little story behind the recipe is also a nice touch.
  3. Buy table decorations at a craft, fabric, or home goods store. Most craft stores have sales periodically, so keep your eye peeled. You can purchase paper or stationery for baked good labels, table runners, tablecloths, baskets lined with beautiful fabrics for placing the baked goods inside, greenery, or candlesticks. DIY wedding ideas can be fun, creative, and economical. Plus, guests will absolutely love the baked goods! If there are leftovers, you can give them away at the end of your reception, along with your centerpieces.


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A Very Muppet Wedding Proposal


Sid Ceaser, a New Hampshire photographer, really wanted to do something special when he proposed to Sara Prindiville, so he went "full Muppet."

Ceasar bought Muppet versions of himself and Prindiville online, made a movie trailer, and then got a theater to play it before a movie that the happy couple attended. The whole filming process and story is detailed over on Ceaser's blog.

Ideas for DIY Wedding Favors


DIY wedding favors serve two purposes: they act as both wedding table decorations and as complimentary gifts to your guests. Not only that, but favors also give you a chance to be creative and individualize your wedding! Here are a few ideas for wedding favors:

  1. Customized Jones Soda bottles featuring a picture of the bride and groom. Jones Soda bottles have a naturally retro look, and pictures of the happy couple add a personal touch. Place different flavors at place settings so guests can trade for their favorite flavors.
  2. CDs with music that is meaningful to the bride and groom. CDs make great DIY wedding favors because they are something that your guests can use after your wedding!
  3. Seeds to plant your favorite herb or flower. You probably never thought that lavender seeds could make excellent wedding reception supplies! Guests can go home and plant their seeds, and they will be reminded of your momentous occasion as the plant grows, .
  4. Edible Arrangements. When in doubt, send home some delicious chocolate! You can purchase luxurious ribbon (that fits in with your reception's color scheme) and silky satchels to package the chocolate or candy. Guests will be delighted.

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