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Winter Wedding Ideas: From Centerpieces & Colors to Drinks & Appetizers


From centerpieces to colors, cocktails to skincare, here are some things to keep in mind as you plan a fabulous winter celebration:

Winter colors naturally lend themselves to weddings. What says “wedding” better than a frosty silver, crisp white, pale blue, or sparkling tone of gray? The excellent thing about winter wedding colors is that they are naturally complementary to each other, leaving a softness mixed with subtle contrast and depth: the epitome of elegance. If your wedding falls closer to the Christmas season, you can take advantage of the bolder winter wedding colors, such as cranberries, greens, deep blues, and even dark purples. Winter wedding ideas and colors should revolve around the warm and intimate atmosphere of the season. (Note: Be careful with the bolder colors, however, as you still want your wedding to feel like a wedding and not another Christmas party. Mixing deeper colors—such as midnight blue—with shades of silver can give you the elegance you are looking for). Or, you could go with an earthier approach, like using a deep chocolate brown and mixing it with a sparkling shade of lavender. The possibilities for fabulous winter winter colors are endless.

During a season that is not in bloom, finding winter wedding centerpieces is surprisingly easy. In fact, it can also be a great deal less expensive than displaying large flower arrangements. For example, bare branches make wonderful centerpieces for numerous reasons. For one thing, they reflect the winter season, when trees and plants are barren and leafless. Second, they add a lot of height, yet they do not block guests’ view as they converse during the meal. Third, you can display the kind that sparkle, the way trees and branches reflect light after a snowy afternoon. (Another great winter centerpiece idea is candles. Candles can be arranged in many different ways and come in many shapes, sizes and colors, They add warmth and romance, the essence of winter wedding themes).

Winter weddings also present many possibilities for favors. White chocolate, wrapped in silvery paper, and tied with a sparkling ribbon, makes an excellent wedding favor. You could also give out things like candles, miniature snow globes, packets of gourmet cider or hot cocoa, Christmas ornaments (if you are getting married in December), sparkling snowflakes, or even customized lip balm with your own message or text on it.

One of the best things about winter is comfort food! Imagine: Puff pastry stuffed with caramelized onion and goat cheese, macaroni and cheese bites, creamy tomato soup with crunchy croutons, mushrooms stuffed with pesto, and miniature hamburgers. Whether or not it’s cold outside, the food will set the tone for the winter season!

You could have a “coffee” bar with wintery drinks such as hot toddies, rich liqueurs such as kalhua and baileys to spice up some decaf coffee, hot caramel apple cider, peppermint hot chocolate, Russian hot chocolate (with vodka) and of course, mulled wine. Believe it or not: one really fabulous drink can leave an excellent impression on guests.

Winter wedding cakes are some of the most beautiful seen in the wedding world. Layers of crisp white cake, with sparkling icing designs in silver or pale grey, are absolutely striking. With winter wedding ideas, less is more. A striking, statuesque white cake says it all.

Beauty and Skincare.
After you have chosen your wedding dress and your overall winter wedding look, one thing you will need to pay special attention to (especially in the weeks leading up to your wedding) is your skin. Skin can sometimes lose its luster in the winter, getting dry and flaky. You want your skin to be dewy, luminous, and healthy on your big day, so make sure you invest in a good moisturizer early on, and use it diligently. Also, take it easy on the sugar and alcohol, as nothing is worse for taking the glow out of your skin.

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Wording for DIY Wedding Invitations


If you are the type of bride to take on the task of making DIY wedding invitations, then chances are you are also the type to forgo the formal and conventional wording often found in traditional wedding invitations. Traditionally, an invitation will read: "(parents of the bride) together with (parents of the groom), request the honor of your presence…" If the bride and groom are hosting, the invitation will read something like: “Please join us at a celebration of…”

However, many brides opt for more casual wedding invitation wording, such as “With joyous hearts, we invite you to attend…” Another example of unique wedding invitation wording used to describe the reception is: “Buffet, music, and merriment to follow.” This is lighthearted, fun, and tells your guests the most important thing—that your reception is going to be a blast!

Just remember not to get too fancy with DIY wedding invitations, because many people tend to just peruse it and you want to avoid confusion. Make sure to include the basics: the date, time, who is hosting the occasion, whether there will be a meal, appetizers, or dancing, and any additional information that is helpful. For example, if you are getting married on the Sunday after people set their clocks forward or back, you may want to note that on your invitation, to avoid guests arriving an hour late or an hour early.

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Invitation Designs That Fit Your Wedding Theme


When your wedding fits your personality and your theme, it becomes so much more memorable and unique. There are plenty of opportunities to put your personal stamp on your big day, including your wedding invitation designs.

If you and your hubby-to-be are headed to an exotic location for your wedding, then take advantage of invitation designs that feature a beach theme. Pick a beach scene you love and use it as the invitation background.

For those of you having an eco-friendly wedding, of course you’ll want to use all recycled materials for your invitation. Highlight your theme by sending out green invitations decorated with leaves and flowers.

If you’re having a winter wonderland wedding, consider adding snowflakes to your shimmery and sparkly invitations. For spring weddings, dried spring flowers can add a bit of flair to your elegant wedding invitations. For fall, pick a classic fall color for your wedding invitation stationary such as a deep maroon, or an eye-catching orange.

Indie invitations have grown in popularity with the rise in Indie weddings, which combine eclectic themes and exude a unique quality that’s different for everyone. Create a modern invitation that exemplifies you and your fiancé’s style by choosing something that you both love. For example, if you are lovers of the 50s era then you could have a 50s-style photo shoot and use one of the photos as the background for your invitations.

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Personalizing Your Program: Add Funny Notes about You & Your Wedding Party


If you want your guests to keep their wedding programs long after the “I Do’s,” you might consider adding humor. While Limericks and other inappropriate jokes are, obviously, not the way to go, there are tactful ways to make your wedding programs funny and classic.

One of the most popular trends is for the bride and groom to each write about their first meeting, resorting in a “he said/she said” script. Even the most serious of anecdotes will make guests laugh, as everyone remembers events in a different fashion. You can add photos too, and handwritten captions about the pictures. Guests will love seeing your snapshots of Disney World or your white-water rafting trip, especially when your groom describes your attempt to apply makeup in the wilderness.

Other ideas include the “vows” you opted not to say during the ceremony—“I promise to watch ESPN with him if he indulges me in Dancing with the Stars”—or to write how you plan to spend your 50th anniversary. The sky’s the limit on ways to add humor to your program, as long as it’s tasteful and respectful of everyone attending your wedding.

Since most people reading your program will have no idea who most of the wedding party is, add little stories about each bridesmaid and groomsmen. “I knew Jen was going to be the perfect maid of honor after she insisted we have margaritas after every dress fitting.” If you write a sentence or two about each wedding-party member, guests will not only chuckle, they’ll learn a little bit more about your friends and loved ones.

You can also go the other route, and have wedding-party members each write a comment about your union. People will love to hear the best man write of your fiance’s endless attempts to propose before finally getting up the nerve, or the grilling he first took from your dad.

Whichever route you go, talk to everyone involved, remind them to keep it short, and not to worry about being clever. When in doubt, tell the “writers” that a simple anecdote is usually more humorous than a forced joke. If anyone in your party is afraid to write, let them just scribble something as simple as “best wishes.”

Also, tell everyone that, while locker room humor has its place, it’s never at a wedding. Keep the comments short, sweet, and as tasteful as the two of you.

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Maximize on the Glamour of a Winter Wedding Theme


A winter wedding theme is absolutely magical and glamorous. From elegant ivories, silvers, and creams to chocolate browns and shades of berry, there is a wealth of possibilities when it comes to winter wedding colors. Don’t discount an entirely white wedding—with splash of color here and there, such as lime green, black, or even pink.

You can also get very creative with Winter Wedding centerpieces. White or red poinsettias make lovely centerpieces, especially if you use some sort of rich, sparkling ribbon as an accent. If you are getting married before Christmas, you can be festive with reds and greens. Remember that you don’t have to use traditional shades of red and green; instead, you could go with a more unusual lime green and cranberry combination.

If you are getting married after the holidays, make sure to take advantage of Christmas sales where you will find things like candles, pine branches, white lights, and other accessories that you can incorporate into your winter wedding theme. You can also use these things to decorate other areas of your venue, such as doorways, shelves, tables, or a fireplace mantle.

Note: Remember that if you get married in February, before Valentine’s Day, the price of flowers is going to be significantly higher. If you are particularly concerned with flowers, consider a date after the 14th.

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How To Make Handmade Wedding Cards and Programs


From engagement announcements to thank-you notes, weddings require a remarkable amount of paper from start to finish. You can drastically reduce your wedding budget and add a personal touch to the event by making handmade wedding cards. Use this guide to make your own handmade wedding stationery for invitations, programs and place cards.

Creative Wedding Ideas for Handmade Wedding Stationery

Select your paper style: You can save the most money and maintain a cohesive theme by making all of your wedding stationery yourself. The first step is to decide on the type of paper you'll be using for all of your handmade wedding cards. A specialty craft store can show you different types of paper that are available in multiple shapes and sizes.

Select your lettering style: Will all of your handmade wedding stationary be handwritten with formal language? Are you using a fun font that you can print? Using the same style for all of your handmade wedding cards maintains a consistent feel from start to finish and eliminates decisions you'll need to make down the road.

Select additional decorations: You can add embossed seals, ribbons, photos, colors, quotes or flowers. The possibilities are endless. To keep things simple, decide on one or two unifying decorations you'll use.

Assembly line production: If you have more than 25 guests, you're probably going to need help to put everything together. Once you've purchased your stationery and decorations, gather your bridal party and family members to help you assemble, fold, stuff and mail.

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Beyond Flowers: DIY Wedding Reception Centerpieces


Tired of the elaborate floral arrangements you've seen over and over again in wedding magazines? Let your DIY wedding centerpieces reflect your unique style. Check out these new ideas for non-floral wedding centerpieces.

Non-floral Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

  • Bring on the beach: Sand and seashells are the perfect compliment to a beach-themed wedding. Add candles of varying heights for extra elegance.
  • In a fish bowl: Are you heading to the tropics for your honeymoon? Do you love the water? Colorful beta fish in glass fishbowls make easy and inexpensive DIY wedding centerpieces.
  • Fall for fruit: Fresh, colorful apples and pears in beautiful baskets are a perfect compliment for an autumn wedding. Other food ideas might include candies in crystal dishes or miniature wedding cakes.
  • Toast the new year: Decorate a holiday wedding with glass vases or champagne flutes filled with ornaments. Select ornaments to coordinate with your wedding color or stick with gold and silver for a gilded finish.
  • Candles and more candles: Is there anything more romantic than candlelight? Make your DIY wedding centerpieces from a cluster of topiary candles in various candle holders or vary the size to add visual interest. For a more traditional look, use silver candelabra.
  • Photo finish: Share your favorite photos from your courtship. Add pictures from your childhoods. Placing different photos at each table give your guests a great excuse to get up and mingle after dinner.

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Wedding Dress Cleaning: How To Do It At Home


You may be surprised to know that you don't have to take your bridal gown to a dry-cleaner for proper cleaning and storage. Wedding dress cleaning can be done at home for a fraction of the cost and you'll have the confidence of knowing exactly how your gown looks before it's stored.

Guide To At-Home Wedding Dress Cleaning

  1. Check the care label: The FTC actually requires that all wedding dresses have care labels attached. Check to be sure that your dress can be hand-washed with water.
  2. Inspect your wedding dress: Hang your dress in a place that allows you to get a careful look of the entire gown. Make note of any spots and determine what the stains are made of so that you can have the proper cleaning supplies.
  3. Soak the hem: Your hemline will most likely be the dirtiest part of your wedding dress. While keeping the body if the dress out of the water, soak the hem in warm, soapy water. A bathtub works great for this process.
  4. Scrub the hem gently: After the dress has soaked for a few hours, use a toothbrush and liquid detergent to gently scrub the hem. Be sure to scrub both sides of all layers of your dress.
  5. Spot clean the dress body: Use the toothbrush and warm, soapy water to remove any stains from the rest of the dress. If soapy water isn't enough you can use a stronger detergent. Do not use bleach on your dress.
  6. Rinse the dress in warm water: Fill a clean bathtub with warm water. Swish the dress around in the water to encourage rinsing. Drain the tub, refill with warm water and repeat until you're confident that all soap residue has been removed from the wedding dress.
  7. Line dry the dress: A portable drying rack works very well for drying a heavy wedding dress after cleaning.
  8. Press your wedding dress: Be sure to use a clean iron in order to protect your wedding dress. If possible, press your dress while it is inside out.

After cleaning, you'll want to prepare for wedding dress storage. You can do wedding dress preservation yourself or contact a dry-cleaner to do this final step for you.

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Backyard Wedding Ideas For Decorating


Whether you're having a casual backyard wedding or a formal affair with a backdrop of natural beauty, these backyard wedding ideas will help you transform your favorite spot for family barbecues into a beautiful wedding venue.

Transforming the Backyard for a Wedding
Before you begin planning decorations, decide where each part of your wedding will take place. Look for a spot that provides a beautiful backdrop for pictures and room for seating for your ceremony. An archway is commonly used to designate the area where you'll exchange vows, but it's not necessary. You might choose to hold your ceremony in a gazebo, near a water feature, or just standing beside your favorite flowers.

For backyard wedding receptions, you may want to look for the largest expanse of flat ground that can easily support tables or tents. While tents aren't a requirement, you still want to consider how you'll handle unexpected weather.

Decorations for Backyard Weddings

  • Plant large planters with flowers that coordinate with the wedding colors
  • Use garden hooks to hang additional flower baskets or votive candles
  • Use tulle and flowers to decorate an arch purchased from a garden center. The arch can be reused in your yard after the ceremony and serve as a reminder of your special day.
  • A standard runner, flower petals or fall leaves can decorate the aisle for a backyard wedding.
  • If your backyard wedding reception will last into the evening, consider torches, votive candles or white lights to provide lighting and ambiance.
  • Take advantage of the yard's existing decorations. Play up water features, flower beds, decks and other areas.

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Printed or Handmade? Choosing the Right DIY Wedding Invitations


There are many reasons that more and more brides are turning to DIY wedding invitations instead of ordering from the large books at bridal shops. Whether you're looking to save money or flex your creative muscles, there are as many types of DIY wedding invitations as there are wedding gowns. Use this handy primer to help you narrow down your options.

Types of DIY Wedding Invitations

  • Printable Wedding Invitations:
    This is certainly one of the simplest types of invitations and can be very inexpensive. Printable wedding invitations are a great option for someone who likes traditional invitations but wants to save a little money. You can purchase a variety of wedding stationary and download free or premium templates from the Internet. Customize your templates and print your invitations on the paper stock of your choice. Your cost will vary depending on the type of paper you use with heavier stocks or specialty papers generally being more expensive.
  • Handmade Wedding Invitations:
    Although handmade wedding invitations can be less expensive than store-bought, they can also be very time consuming. Some brides add ribbons, decals, specialty borders and cuts to their invitations. If you're interested in an invitation that is unique and creative, DIY wedding invitations can let you standout from the crowd without breaking your wedding budget.
  • Themed Wedding Invitations:
    f you're having a themed wedding, a handmade invitation can set the tone for your guests. You might bypass traditional card stock and head to your local craft store for more creative ideas that reflect your theme. Having an outdoor wedding? Look for paper embedded with dried leaves or flowers.

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