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For the Bridal Party: DIY Shower and Bachelorette Party Ideas


Saving money isn't just for the bride and groom. Being a member of the bridal party can be an expensive commitment, but these DIY party ideas can help you honor your friend without breaking the bank.

DIY Party Ideas For Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties

Host your parties at home: Bridal showers and bachelorette parties can be held in your home. If your home is too small to accommodate several guests, ask other bridal party members or close family members of the couple. While bridal showers have commonly been held in homes, bachelorette parties often tour the local bar scene, but an at-home celebration can be safe, fun and easy on everyone's wallet.

Borrow DIY wedding ideas from the bride: Chances are your bride has found several ways to cut back expenses. Making your own floral arrangements, printing invitations, and re-using items you have for decorations are great tips for a wedding and a pre-wedding party.

Serve appetizers instead of meals: Schedule your bridal shower in the evening and serve cocktails and appetizers. You could also have a mid-morning tea party if your bride loves traditional events.

Turn photos into decor: Turn your memories together into decorations she can keep. Photos of the bride with her friend and fiance make great conversation starters. If you have a photo printer on hand, you can take digital photos of the bride with her guests and send them home with everyone as personalized party favors.

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Popular Wedding Reception Music For DIY iPod Playlists


Hiring a DJ for your wedding reception can be expensive. With the technology available today, playing your wedding reception music from your own iPod is an easy way to save money. Use this checklist to make sure you have enough music to keep the party going and get ideas for popular wedding dance songs.

Couple's first dance

  • The Gift - Jim Brickman
  • All I Need to Know - Kenny Chesney
  • A Moment Like This - Kelly Clarkson
  • At Last - Etta James
  • Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion
  • Amazed - Lonestar
  • I Wanna Grow Old With You - Adam Sandler
  • Nobody Knows Me Like You - Phil Vassar
  • You're My Best Friend - Queen
  • In My Life - Beatles
  • The Power of Love - Celine Dion
  • I'll Be - Reba McEntire
  • One Friend - Dan Seals
  • For You - John Denver
  • Happy Together - The Turtles
  • I Was Made to Love Her - Stevie Wonder
  • I Don't Want To Miss a Thing - Aerosmith
  • More Than Words - Westlife
  • Everything I Do, I Do It For You - Bryan Adams
  • When I Say I do - Matthew West

Father/Daughter Dance

  • You'll Be In My Heart (Theme From Tarzan) - Phil Collins
  • Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle
  • My Little Girl - Tim McGraw
  • Daddy's Hands - Holly Dunn
  • Love Without End, Amen - George Strait
  • Father and Daughter - Paul Simon
  • Kind and Generous - Natalie Merchant
  • My Baby You - Marc Anthony
  • I loved Her First - Heartland
  • Blessed - Elton John
  • In My Daughter's Eyes - Martina McBride
  • You Don't Have To Let Go - Jessica Simpson
  • Hero - Mariah Carey
  • There You'll Be - Faith Hill
  • Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder
  • I'll Always Be Your Baby - Natalie Grant
  • Wind beneath My Wings - Bette Midler
  • My Girl - The Temptations
  • Walk With You - Edwin McCan
  • Forever Young - Rod Stewart
  • I Believe in You - Steve Curtis Chapman

Mother/Son Dance

  • (Mom You Always Were) The Perfect Fan - The Backstreet Boys
  • I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack
  • Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Theme from Lion King) - Elton John
  • The Man You've Become - Yours, Mine and Ours
  • You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
  • I Am Your Child - Barry Manilow
  • The First Lady In My Life - Paul Todd
  • Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • On This Day - Christian Barnes
  • I'll Always Love My Mama - Intruders
  • Anyway - Martina McBride
  • Song for Mama - Boyz II Men

Wedding party dance

  • You're My Best Friend - Queen
  • Good Times - Chic
  • Young - Kenny Chesney
  • We Are Family - Sister Sledge
  • That's What Friends Are For - Dionne Warwick and Friends

When setting up your iPod wedding music, organize your selections into playlists. For example, you might have a playlist for the couple's dance, parent dances, and wedding party dances to start your wedding reception. Another playlist could play throughout the dollar dance, and yet another playlist would shuffle through your dinner music selection.

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How To Make A Wedding Veil


A great way to save money on your wedding is to make a wedding veil instead of purchasing it from a bridal shop. While store-bought veils can be costly, creating a customized veil is simple and much less expensive.

How To Make A Wedding Veil

  1. Choose the length of your veil: A traditional wedding veil that falls to the waist is generally about 32 inches long. Add or subtract inches if you want a short or long wedding veil. You can make anything from a simple shoulder length veil to an elaborate cathedral length veil using the same basic process.
  2. Select the right tulle: You can find different colors and types of tulle at most local fabric stores. Feel the tulle for softness and avoid varieties that are extremely stiff. Traditionally, brides will make a wedding veil that is the same color as their wedding dress so you may want to bring a fabric swatch of your gown to the fabric store with you.
  3. Cut one end of the tulle: Lay the tulle out on a flat surface and fold it in half from top to bottom. Place heavy objects on the tulle to keep it flat while you cut. Cut along the two unfolded ends to create a curved shape.
  4. Sew the fold: About four inches from the folded edge, run a simple over and under gathering stitch across the width of the veil. Once you've stitched across the veil, pulling the string will gather the veil. Tie off the string to keep the gathering in place.
  5. Connect the veil to a headpiece: You can use a comb, headband, tiara or any other type of headpiece. Attach the gathered edge of the veil to the headpiece using fabric clue.
  6. Customize the veil: You can customize your veil further by adding trim, pearls, sequins or other accoutrement. Fabric glue can easily be used to add just about anything to your veil.


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What to Include in a Wedding Memory Book


Creating a wedding memory book is a great way to add depth and story to all of the lovely photos you'll have from the big day. When you look back on your wedding storybook, you'll be able to remember small details that made your wedding day special. Although you probably won't get started on wedding scrapbooking until after your honeymoon, use this list to remind you to save precious mementos for inclusion in your memory book later.

What To Include In A Wedding Memory Book

  • Menu from the restaurant where you got engaged or celebrated your engagement
  • Engagement photos
  • Clipping of engagement announcement in newspapers
  • Save the date cards
  • Invitation for bridal showers
  • Advice from family; ask your parents and grandparents to write their words of wisdom on cards
  • Wedding invitation
  • Wedding program
  • Photos of you with each member of your wedding party and a short story about your relationship to them
  • Copy of the sermon
  • Copy of your vows
  • Song list from the wedding reception
  • Picture of the cake
  • Picture of flowers or dried and pressed flower from your bouquet
  • Written copy of toasts given by your attendants or family members

Combining photos with other memorabilia from your wedding and the days leading up to your marriage will help you create a personalized wedding memory book that reflects the individual story of your wedding day and your relationship.

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Wedding Scrapbooking: Remember Your Pre-Wedding Parties


Wedding scrapbooking is a fun, low-cost way to capture the memories of your wedding. You may even consider scrapbooking the occasion as an inexpensive alternative to professional wedding albums. To create a memory book that accurately captures the entire experience for you and your new spouse, use this checklist of things to include in your wedding scrapbook.

Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

  • Your formative years: A few pictures or stories the represent each of your families and childhoods are a great way to start out your wedding photo books. It sets the background for your very own love story.
  • Your engagement: Do you have a picture from the day you got engaged? Perhaps you can include a menu from the restaurant where the big event took place or a handwritten retelling of the story from each of your perspectives.
  • Bridal showers: Along with photos from the event, you can also include the invitations. If there was a game list or other souvenirs, perhaps the answers to a How Well Do You Know The Bride? trivia game, add those as well.
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties: A napkin from the nightclub you danced in or ticket stubs to the game you went to with your friends. However you celebrated, remember to document how you shared your wedding with those closest to you.
  • Rehearsal dinner: If someone gives a toast, ask if they have a copy that you can include in your scrapbook. It will be a great reminder to look back on in years to come.

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DIY Wedding Ideas: Designing Your Own Fall-themed Wedding


With all of the fall elements right at your fingertips, creating a fall-themed wedding will be easier than you think. I’ve been to countless weddings of all shapes, sizes, and themes where I’ve gathered a plethora of DIY wedding ideas. The best part of do-it-yourself weddings is that your guests will leave feeling as though they know you better. Before you know it, pieces of you will be sprinkled throughout your Fall-themed wedding.

Fall Décor
Take your fall wedding theme all the way down the aisle. Find piles of fall-colored leaves and place them on the aisle and around the entire ceremony area. This will add color and depth to the aesthetics of your ceremony.

Halloween is a perfect holiday to grab ideas and themes that can add a fun element to your wedding. Pick out pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and colors and place them on tabletops at your reception, throughout the ceremony space, or both!

Invitations and Stationary
Get crafty! Make the most of your fall wedding theme and pick out paper, stamps, and card décor at your local stationary or stamp store. At these stores, gather ideas from the pros who can guide you when creating your design.

Keep those creative juices flowing and hand pick your own flower arrangements. Choose fall flowers, (roses, orchids, hydrangeas, tallow berries, lilies, and chrysanthemums to name a few), for your bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids' flowers, flower girl, and the groomsmen boutonnières.

Now that you’ve scratched the surface to create your very own fall themed wedding, look around you for even more fall wedding ideas. If you run out of ideas or inspiration take a step outside and use nature as your muse!

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Great Gatsby-ish Art Deco Invitations!


We love these gorgeous (and not-to-expensive) Art Deco wedding invitations! [via Little Winter Bride]

Autumn Wedding Planning: Fall Beauty Questions Answered


Planning an Autumn wedding?  Fall is a season in which the elements have a very specific impact on skin and hair, but brides still want to look their best..  With that in mind, readers provided both questions and answers to Autumn beauty dilemmas, like preventing chapped lips, soothing dry skin & hair, fighting allergies and more.

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It's a fun read, but don't stop there!  Gal-on-the-street advice is great, and we're big fans of DIY wedding planning, but sometimes you need a professional's help too:

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5 Reception Table Conversation-Starters


No one likes a quiet table, especially on your wedding day. If you’re worried that some of your guests won’t know how to engage in conversation with each other, here are some tips to get the party started.

Memorable Photos
Since you know who’s sitting where, place old photos of the guests in small frames. Even if the guests don’t know each other, they’ll hoot and holler over pictures of bad hair and worse outfits. You can also place photos of yourselves on the table, which is sure to get a few “oohs” and ahs” from each guest.

Crazy Centerpieces
Want to get the guests gabbing? Try placing tiered candy-cakes on the table. No one can keep mum when they’re forced to argue over M&M plain versus peanut. Fondue-fountain centerpieces work wonders for inciting gab, as do Smore’s and Rice Krispie Treats. If you want to stay away from food, try something funky like Lava Lamps or anything retro.  

Great Favors
Speaking of retro, nothing is going to get the guests talking like mood-ring favors; everyone will be comparing colors. Bubbles are always a smart way to go, as are sparklers (check ahead to make sure the site allows them). When in favor doubt, give each guest something slightly different, and wrapped. People love to compare and contrast, and it immediately gets them talking.

Fun and Games
Depending on the style and formality of your wedding, you can print questions on the table cards. “Where did Aunt Joan and Uncle Lou honeymoon?” is the type of cocktail chatter that’s automatically created with this game. You can even have a little pre-wedding fun with outdoor bonfires, shuffleboard or horseshoes, or a volleyball game. By the time the guests take their seats, they’ll be bosom buddies.

Classic Touches
The best way to get guests talking is to make sure you’ve put together an excellent seating chart. Never put an entire family together, and don’t put together two relatives who’ve not spoken since 1983. Mix and match, so people are forced to introduce themselves and say their relationship to the bride or groom—the quickest way to get them chatting about their backgrounds. Another savvy idea is to spread out the wedding party members, so each one and his/her date is at a separate table. Everyone wants to talk to the wedding “insiders” to get the scoop. Finally, make sure you greet each person at each table, and make sure they’re all communicating. If you sense a lull, point out that your sorority sister Renee volunteers for the Humane Society, just like your groom’s nephew, seated immediately to her right. Polite and informative talk is always the best way to help everyone get to know one another.

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Trend Alert: Beehives!


This fall, the 1960's beehive is back! According to The New York Times, the modern version is sexy and tousled, and the ears are covered for a pretty profile.

For you DIY brides, here's a how-to.