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Honeymooning in Portland, Oregon


Though many people think beaches, white sand, and tropical weather for a honeymoon, you may be more of a city person with a love of bookstores, shopping, coffee, microbreweries, restaurants, and interesting people. If that is the case, consider going to Portland, Oregon. One bride and groom who recently went there on their honeymoon (as a last-minute decision because airfares were excellent) said that Portland by far exceeded their expectations. Here are a few reasons that Portland is one of the most unforgettable honeymoons:

The charming and inviting downtown area is filled with parks, fountains, hotels (some offer excellent honeymoon packages), shops, museums, and restaurants, and it has a mix of new and historic buildings. Portland is also extremely clean, and is known for being one of the “greenest” cities in the United States. You can ride the MAX, the Portland street car, for free here, as it is part of the Tri-Met’s Fareless Square route.

For a day trip, a drive to the Wilamette Valley is one of the most gorgeous honeymoon ideas because it has some of the most beautiful scenery in the Pacific Northwest. It is the heart of Oregon’s agricultural economy. There are also quite a few wineries and lodges, perfect for unforgettable honeymoons and extra romance. The Oregon coastline is also not far away.

If you are interested in Victorian architecture, Nob Hill (Northwest 23rd Avenue) is filled with cafes, restaurants, galleries and boutiques. It has been fashionable since the 1880s.

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Romantic Honeymoons: Maui


When it comes to romantic honeymoons, Maui is difficult to top. Here are a few reasons that Maui ranks high on the list of honeymoon spots:

Maui’s resorts provide some of the most pristine accommodations in the world. There are pools, restaurants, golf courses, swimming pools, and shopping everywhere you go. Whether you want to be active or simply lounge at the pool, you will be in heaven.

The famous Road to Hana is one of the world’s most beautiful drives. Though it takes a whole day in the car (and the road is very windy, at parts), it is completely worth it. The best way to do it is to take frequent stops along the way to get out and stretch your legs. Note to the adventurous—most people take the road to Hana, then turn around and head straight back the way they came. However, there is a back road that you can continue on (though it is not completely paved and potentially dangerous in some areas if it has rained a lot). However, this road is just as stunning (if not more so) than the main road. It is highly recommended for those who want to see some of the most gorgeous and desolate areas on the planet.

Lahaina Town (West Maui) and nearby Kaanapali Beach is one of the most fun and lively places on the island, perfect for romantic honeymoons and sunsets. You can find snorkeling trips, turtle watching excursions, fishing trips, and a wealth of great restaurants and bars.

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Honeymoon Ideas: 4 Reasons to Consider Panama


One of the least likely places for newly weds to think of when considering honeymoon ideas is Panama. It should definitely be on your list of places to consider though! Not only is it easy to get to, the country is rich in history, culture, and adventure. Here are a few reasons to begin searching for honeymoon packages in Panama:

  1. Accessibility. Many major airlines fly to Panama, and because of that, flights there are getting cheaper. You can even take a boat ride from Colombia, or a bus ride from Costa Rica. Many of the people in Panama speak English, which is helpful, and the currency exchange is easy; Panama uses the U.S. dollar, officially called the Balboa.
  2. No matter when your honeymoon is, it will be summer weather in Panama! It does rain more often in some seasons than in others, but it is usually only in the tropical areas (and not for more than an hour a day).
  3. The people of Panama are warm and friendly, and the culture is rich, with influences from Spain and France. Seven Indian tribes still live in Panama, such as the Wounaan tribe, the Embera, Bribri tribe, and the Teribe tribe.
  4. Panama is one of the best honeymoon spots for adventure. You can go snorkeling or diving in the Pacific or in the Caribbean, hike trails in the jungle, go kayaking, surfing, or hike along a volcanic crater (at the top, you will have views of both oceans). Panama is full of activities and honeymoon ideas for those who like to stay active.


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Honeymoon Surprise: The Name Game


There are a ton of fun honeymoon ideas to help you add an element of surprise and romance to your special trip. There is one surprise in particular, called The Name Game, that starts the first night of your honeymoon and lasts every night until it’s time to pack up and head back home.

About the game:
This honeymoon surprise is kind of like a game, hence the name. What you need to play this game on your honeymoon is different lingerie outfits, or sultry undergarments for each night that you’ll be on your honeymoon. For example, if you and your husband are staying for seven nights in Hawaii, then you’ll need seven different lingerie outfits.

How to prepare & play:
About two months prior to your bachelorette party, ask your party guests if they wouldn’t mind contributing to this game by bringing a lingerie outfit as your bachelorette gift. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, then request that your maid of honor send out an email telling the girls about the game. Since they’ll most likely buy you a gift anyway, this gives them direction and specifics on what to get, which actually makes it easier for them to pick out something you’ll love. Then, after you open each gift, have your guests collectively name each outfit, and write the name on two small labels. For example, one name could be “Pure Romance.” Let the style of the outfit inspire the name.

Make sure to have two labels per lingerie outfit. One that goes in a bag that your hubby will pick from each night, and one that is attached to the outfit itself.

You and your husband will experience these honeymoon surprises every single night of your trip. Each night, ask your husband to pick a label out of a bag and read the name out loud. Once he does this, then it’s your job to go find that outfit, and to wear it that night to bed.

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Honeymoon Locations: Colombia for Coffee Lovers


If you're looking for great honeymoon locations in South America, Colombia is an excellent choice—especially if you love coffee, mountain or water sports, and touring old colonial cities. Here are a few reasons to include Colombia in your top honeymoon locations:

  1. Colombia is home to a large number of resorts of impeccable quality, so you get the most out of your money.
  2. There are many gorgeous small towns and colonial cities for those who love history, including Cartagena, Barichara, Villa de Leiva, Popoyan, GIron, Mongui, and Guane. You can spend hours roaming the streets and enjoying beautiful hillside views. Much of the architecture in these towns has been well preserved. For those who love to hike, there is a stone path connecting Barichara to Guane.
  3. The Zona Cafetera, or coffee country, is located around the village of Salento, where you can tour coffee farms (often run by families), hike in the Corcora Valley, and of course, sip a cup of excellent coffee.
  4. Colombia’s Caribbean Coast is full of white sand beaches, gorgeous bays, and even the stunning Tayrona National Park.
  5. The people of Colombia are warm, welcoming and friendly, and the food is incredible. When it comes to affordable honeymoons, Colombia is difficult to beat.

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3 Reasons to Postpone Honeymoon Planning Until After the Wedding


The idea of taking a honeymoon directly after a wedding celebration is relatively new. Fifty years ago, typical newlyweds might book a couple nights in a hotel not far from their home; their honeymoon planning rarely consisted of an elaborate ten days in Maui. Here are a few reasons newlyweds (especially ones who are paying for their own wedding and honeymoon) should not succumb to the pressures to take a long vacation right after their wedding:

  1. Wedding budget: Most couples, because of wedding expenses, are on a pretty tight budget. Going on a big trip right after the wedding is not always the wisest financial decision.
  2. You will be exhausted after the wedding: physically, mentally and emotionally. Many couples say that they sleep for days straight after their wedding. If you planned a honeymoon in Spain, you can enjoy it more if you have had time process the recent events of the wedding.
  3. You will have more time to enjoy the honeymoon planning after you have settled into married life and caught up financially. Even just two months can make a big difference. (Remember that you can book a hotel for a couple nights right after the wedding to escape from the chaos and catch up on sleep, knowing that in a few months you will have a cruise to look forward to, or a week in Italy).

Honeymoon Locations that Won't Break the Bank


A luxury honeymoon can end up costing as much or more than a wedding, so it can be tempting to skip the trip all together. Instead, consider honeymoon locations and ideas that allow you to relax with your new spouse after the stress of wedding planning without spending (another) small fortune.

Best Honeymoon Locations For A Limited Budget

  • Las Vegas, NV
    You can always find a great deal on a honeymoon vacation package in Las Vegas. The key is to make sure you don't spend all the money you saved in the casinos. Look for deals on hotel and air fare combinations. Many hotels will also offer discounts on dining and entertainment if you book through their site.
  • The Pocono Mountains, PA
    Northeastern Pennsylvania is home to some of the country's most beautiful scenery. Enjoy hiking, cycling, scenic drives or quiet time in a secluded cabin.
  • Hilton Head, SC
    Enjoy the beauty of the beaches without the expense of popular tropical honeymoon locations. Visitors can play a round of golf on a top tier course, explore the local plantations, or spend your entire honeymoon in a vacation rental on the beach.
  • Local luxury hotel
    Eliminate air fare and check into a nearby five star hotel instead. Ask about packages that include credit at the on-site spa or room service vouchers.
  • Bed & breakfast honeymoon packages
    You might find the best honeymoon locations are closer than you think. Search bed & breakfast directories for getaways close to home and you might discover tourist attractions right in your backyard.

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Island Honeymoon Hot Spots


After the stress of planning the wedding, a paradise island honeymoon may be just the relaxation you need. Check out these popular tropical honeymoon destinations.

Island Honeymoon Hot Spots

  • Bora Bora, Tahiti
    Enjoy a luxury honeymoon complete with a private over-the-water bungalows where you can literally step out your front door into clear blue waters. Spend your days snorkeling and your evenings listening to the sound of the ocean.
  • Hawaii
    A Hawaiian honeymoon won't be inexpensive, but it also won't require a passport. You're just a plane ride away from surf, sand, volcanoes and waterfalls. Whether you want to spend you're island honeymoon sunbathing or bike riding down volcanoes, you'll find it on one of the islands.
  • Fiji
    Enjoy the legendary hospitality of the Fijian people while you wander from one secluded beach to another. Fiji has 300 islands, including the famous Turtle Island that only allows 14 couples at a time.
  • Jamaica
    You'll find plenty of all-inclusive resorts here to make budgeting a breeze. For couples looking for more affordable options, this is one of the few tropical honeymoon destinations that provides packages at several price points.
  • Bali
    Although tourists from all over the world have discovered the natural beauty of this island paradise, the local culture remains strong. Enjoy luxurious pampering of the body balanced with a quiet peace of mind.

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Complete ME Cancun for Your Honeymoon


This is a sponsored post by Sol Melia.

ME Cancun is part of the ME by Melia chain, a brand of experience based hotels in select urban and resort destinations. The concept behind the ME brand is focused on art, design, music and the local culture. The hotels are defined by modern interiors, state-of-the art amenities, latest technology focused on you – the client.

ME Cancun is all about YOU. It’s a sensory paradise of art, design, music and cuisine, situated on the most perfect stretch of beach in the Western Hemisphere — and focused on one pursuit: your pleasure. The Pool Concierge can help you discover a pool to suit your mood, or to change it. Balinese daybeds ($) and our own "Water Rituals" are part of a scene that includes Caribbean views and one of the largest infinity-edge pools found at resorts in Cancun, Mexico. From dining out to diving in, ME Cancun resort offers countless ways to take advantage of its miraculous setting. The sand is as white as you've heard, and the sea really is that impossibly blue.

ME Cancun is also the only hotel in the brand that is all-inclusive. Under the “Complete ME” plan, the 419-room resort offers a variety of hotel packages that include traditional all-inclusive amenities such as unlimited food and beverage options, complimentary access to the pool, YHI Spa’s fitness center, “Chill Out Deck,” “The Beach Club,” WiFi, as well as all in-room amenities. Guests are also able to enjoy dining services from food and beverage outlets including Salt, Beachhouse Restaurant, Silk, e-space, in-room dining and The Water Grill, an Argentinean-style grill making its debut at Complete ME Cancun.

The resort is also home to the original 2009 MTV Real World’s SuiteME. The suite, a 9,757 square-foot, bi-level, ultra modern suite, offers the perfect accommodations to get the girls or boys together to celebrate one last time. It comes equipped with the latest technological toys, lavish amenities, contemporary furnishings and sweeping views of the Caribbean. ME Cancun also offers a wide array of pre- and post-wedding celebration packages to suit all romantics.

Breathtaking Facts About The Property:

  • Breathtaking contemporary design and original works of art throughout the resort
  • 419 guest rooms including loft suites, 4 Level Suites and 4 passion suites
  • 9,757 sq.ft. bi-level SUITE ME , home of MTV´s The real world Cancún
  • 5 exceptional dining selections (4 of which serve dinner a la carte)
  • 7 bars
  • 2 adults-only pools (1 infinity pool)
  • 1 pool with water ritual
  • The chillout deck
  • The beach club
  • 11,000 sq.ft of world-class YHI Spa facilities
  • Beauty salon

For more information please call 1.800.33.MELIA or visit www.mebymelia.com

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Plan a Honeymoon Adventure: Skiing


Avid skiers frequently use their honeymoons as an opportunity to go on amazing trips down the slopes. If you fit into that category, or if you’re new to the sport, make sure you’ve done the prep work so your adventure’s a downhill breeze.

Once you decide to ski for your honeymoon, register somewhere that has ski equipment. This is smart and practical; also, guests love knowing they’re getting you something you need. Sporting goods stores have registries, and you can pick pricey items (new skis) and budget-conscious gifts (goggles, gloves). You should register somewhere unrelated too, for additional items you need and to give guests a wide variety to pick from.

If you love skiing, but are not pros (or if, say, one of you is a beginner), take a trip before your wedding planning, so that you’ll have mastered a lot of the basics. Like scuba diving, skiing is a serious and time-consuming sport. Some people decide they don’t like it after taking lessons, and others have more difficulty learning the skill. You want to spend your honeymoon enjoying the recreational aspect of skiing, not tripping over yourself on the bunny hill.

Unlike scuba diving, skiing has more specific seasons. Plan accordingly: If Colorado or Vermont is your destination, arrange your wedding so that it coincides with the winter months, or plan on delaying your honeymoon. If you go abroad to the Alps, know that surrounding European areas probably won’t be in the middle of tourist season, which means lower fares but colder weather.

One of the advantages of ski honeymoons is that resorts are aplenty, and not far from most sections of the United States. You can easily combine a ski honeymoon with a destination wedding—Aspen and Tahoe make wonderful wedding locales. Winter weddings are spectacular; just make sure you provide plenty of non-skiing activities for guests, from sledding to hot-cider “cocktail” hour.

You and your spouse will probably already have a good idea of how many days you want to spend on the slopes. No matter how ski-happy you are, make sure you spend some romantic time in local restaurants and back in the lodge. If one of you is much more of a lie-by-the-pool vacationer, now’s the time to start practicing your new life of compromises. Ski on your honeymoon, and go to Aruba for your first anniversary.

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