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Celebrating & Preparing For Your Big Day with OurWeddingDay.com Today is Saturday, May 27, 2017

Wedding Planning Websites: DIY Brides are Staying Online


There are tons of wedding planning websites out there to use while gearing up for one of the most important days of your life. Fortunately, ourweddingday.com is a one-stop shop that offers planning tools and services that will keep you right on track from the moment you put that engagement ring on your finger, until you’ve stamped the last thank you note.

Personalized wedding websites aren’t going anywhere. In fact, creating your own website is quickly becoming the norm. Ourweddingday.com allows you to create your own wedding website that essentially replaces the bulky wedding binder of yesteryear. On your personalized wedding website you can choose a design that fits your style, tell your site visitors your story, upload photos of you and your fiancé, organize your wedding-related parties, rehearsals, and create guest lists. You can also post location, travel and accommodation details for your wedding guests, and also share guest book notes. It’s an invaluable tool not only for you to use, but for your wedding guests as well. Your website is also a fantastic way to cut down on the use of paper and the need to organize business cards and small slips of paper from wedding vendors that could easily slip through the cracks. Most of all, your own website will give you peace of mind just knowing all of your wedding related information is contained on one site.

Once you’ve created your own wedding website, you can then navigate through ourweddingday.com for guidance and tips on anything and everything wedding related. Ourweddingday.com offers and hints and tips on the following: Wedding Fashion & Beauty, Wedding Traditions & Etiquette, Booking & Hiring Vendors, Wedding Planning, The Wedding Reception, Wedding Travel & Honeymoon, Wedding Gift Registry, as well as wedding guides for the following cities: New York-Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Newark, and Baltimore.

Under “Tips & Advice” for wedding guides for specifics cities, you will find information regarding your cities wedding bands, officiants guide, videographers guide, bakers guide, photographers guide and more.

If you think wedding advice websites could not possibly offer a bride more information—think again. OurWeddingDay.com also allows you to create your wedding save-the-date cards online and send them as e-cards. Along with this service you are able to update your address books, which allows you to automatically update your guests’ contact info and quickly send your save-the-date cards as well as e-cards.

Planning your wedding can get stressful, and at times you may run out of ideas. Fortunately, ourweddingday.com is one of the few bridal wedding websites that offers a community forum. Interacting with other brides-to-be, exchanging ideas, asking and answering questions about anything wedding related is one simple click away. Even if you have a ton of friends who are either getting married or have been married, sometimes objective unbiased advice is what you need to make a decision about your wedding dress, wedding venue, honeymoon, or even pre-wedding day jitters.

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Bridal Websites: Should You Have One?


Many couples today are designing their own wedding websites, but is this a necessary aspect of the wedding planning process? Some couples shock guests with their speediness; a few days after they are engaged, they already have their bridal websites up and running! Though it may not be entirely necessary, a personal wedding website can be of great benefit to you and your guests, especially if you are doing a destination wedding. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. You can use wedding planning websites to share useful and relevant information with your guests. Since details are likely to change throughout the process, you can keep your information up to date and relevant. Out of town guests and those planning to attend a destination wedding will especially find this useful.
  2. Bridal websites are an excellent way to communicate with your guests and involve them in the process. Many websites have an option for guests to subscribe, so you can send out messages when anything changes. You can even link an RSS feed to Facebook or other social networking sites.
  3. A wedding site can be interactive. For example, you may be deciding among four or five different locations for your honeymoon, and you want guests’ input. You can have guests take a vote: Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Bora Bora, Lake Como, or Puerto Rico. (You may or may not decide to go with the popular vote, but it is fun and interesting nonetheless to see what people say). Perhaps one of your guests has been to certain place and highly recommends it (or dissuades you from going). You can also get your guests’ input on music choices and playlists (so that everyone can have their favorite song played).
  4. You can also post a wedding blog. People love to hear about how your planning is going. Perhaps you went to a cake tasting one afternoon, and want to share your experience, or maybe you had a great meeting with your DJ. You may want some feedback on color schemes and flowers. This is a great way to savor and enjoy the planning process; writing about it can be therapeutic and even help you make some tough decisions.
  5. Many bridal websites offer tracking features, which can help you keep track of things like RSVP’s, what type of meals have been requested, etc. (Also, if you have people RSVP online, they will only be able to RSVP for the number of guests who have actually been invited. Many brides run into a problem with paper RSVP cards: guests will cross out the number that has been invited, and add more people. This may sound absurd, but it happens all the time.)
  6. After the wedding, you can post photos, not just of the wedding, but also of the rehearsal dinner, the bachelorette party (if appropriate), and the bridal shower.
  7. A wedding website will also serve as an archive of your wedding planning. You will have photos, thoughts, and a ton of other memories of this special time in your life.

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DIY Online Wedding Planner: One Stop Shop


The fantastic aspect of having a wedding in this day and age is that you can have your very own online wedding planner! Even if you decide to hire a wedding planner, there are so many great resources right here at ourweddingday.com for gathering ideas for all of your wedding decisions such as wedding colors and honeymoon locations.

Gearing up to plan a wedding is no easy task and the first thing you’ll want to do after your engagement is to organize everything you will need to accomplish before your wedding day. On OurWeddingDay.com there are tools and ideas galore that will keep you organized and on the right track beginning as early as your engagement all the way to your last stamped thank you note.

On this site you’ll find the following links to help you along your wedding planning path:

Click on the “Planning Tools” link for guidance with managing your address book, planning your wedding budget, managing your RSVPs, save the date E-cards, managing your task list, and help with your own personal wedding website and blog.

Visit any of the following links under “Wedding Ideas” for general wedding planning tips, fashion and beauty advice and ideas, wedding traditions and etiquette, hiring vendors, wedding reception ideas, destination weddings and honeymoon guidance, gift registry, as well as local wedding planning ideas.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Visit the home page and peruse around for a better idea of how ourweddingday.com can make planning your wedding much easier than you thought.

How to Use Wedding Planning Websites


When using wedding planning websites, it is important to consider exactly what type of wedding you are having (large or small, formal or informal, religious or non-religious), as well as what your budget is. There is a plethora of information out there on “planning my wedding,” but much of it may not apply to you unless you specify your searches. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your online research:

  1. Treat the web as you would a wedding exhibition, with each vendor having a booth (or website), and you are visiting each one to take notes and glean inspiration. Perhaps you see a floral arrangement that is too expensive, but you may be able to recreate the same look for a more reasonable price. What do you like about the arrangement? Is it the colors? The texture? The vase that it is displayed in? The height?
  2. Research traditions (religious or otherwise) and wedding etiquette. If you are not sure when to send out your save the date cards, who gives a toast at the rehearsal dinner; or you want to know ways to incorporate Buddhist customs into your ceremony, this is a great way of using wedding planning sites.
  3. Get tips on “DIY” invitations, centerpieces, and decoration. Many wedding planning websites give thorough steps on how to Do-It-Yourself, yielding fantastic results.