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2 Wedding Cake Designs with Chocolate Frosting


When you think of wedding cake designs, you probably think of white or ivory frosting on the outside. This is the most classic and elegant approach. However, this means that you are limited to frostings that are white, such as butter cream, vanilla, or cream cheese frosting (which can give a bit of a yellow hue). However, if you are a chocolate lover, here are two ideas for whimsical and modern wedding cakes that demand chocolate frosting on the outside:

Chocolate Leaves & Petals: The chocolate leaves and petals wedding cake is covered in dark chocolate curls that resemble petals and leaves, with a moist hazelnut mocha cake beneath. This cake is especially great for autumn weddings, or for spring weddings, cover it with lavender, for a chocolate brown and lavender color combination.

Coffee Wedding Cake: For those who love coffee and chocolate, this cake is done in three layers (each with a different shade of mocha, progressively getting lighter from bottom to top). Underneath is a delicious coffee cake with dark chocolate frosting inside.

Remember, if your caterer or bakery does not offer these designs, it is always possible to bring them a photo of a particular cake. They may not offer to do it, but if they do (and it’s a hit), it could become one of their signature wedding cake designs.

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Gothic Wedding Cake Designs


Once you’ve chosen your Gothic wedding theme, you’ll find many ways to sprinkle it throughout your big day—your wedding dress, wedding color scheme, décor, and last, but not least, your wedding cake. Deciding between one or more wedding cake designs is easy when you have a specific theme guiding you.

A dress shaped wedding cake is a trend that’s growing, and could work perfectly with your Gothic theme. Gothic gowns, specifically wedding gowns, are typically large ball gowns with a number of embellishments. Imagine your wedding cake as a replica of a Gothic gown, adorned with lace frosting, multi-tiers, and a chocolate corset.

Another cake shape that adheres to the Gothic style is a castle cake. Do some research (or pass this task on to your cake designer) on Gothic architecture and have your wedding cake replicate that style. Make sure your castle cake is adorned with stained glass windows to give it a nice burst of color.

Express your Gothic wedding style by the color palette you choose for your wedding cake. Black, white, and red are popular Gothic colors that would look fantastic on your wedding cake. Another option is to have cupcake wedding cakes instead of a traditional cake, and alternate the three Gothic colors with cupcakes. For example, if you have 100 wedding guests, then one third of the cupcakes could be black, one third red, and the rest white.

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Wedding Cake Transportion and Storing


Picking out the perfect wedding cake is an important component to your special day. Which is why it’s just as important to ensure the cake is stored properly and safely transported to your wedding reception. Just as your wedding gown must be properly stowed, cleaned, and altered, there are steps you must take in making sure your wedding cake is well taken care of.

First and foremost, be aware of how to transport your wedding cake. Whether you have one or multiple custom wedding cakes, make sure you follow these steps:

  • If your wedding cake has multiple tiers, with pillars in between, make sure the cake is not assembled until it reaches the final destination. Also remove any cake accessories, such as loose flowers or toppers before transporting it to the reception. Place the accessories and fully assemble the cake once it is at your reception venue.
  • Most cakes—especially big wedding cakes—are heavy, which is why each base should be extremely sturdy. A ½ inch thick fiberboard or plywood base is sufficient.
  • Some cakes might require additional icing after transport, so make sure you have what you need on hand at the reception.
  • Have one box or pan per cake tier. This will make transporting it a lot easier than placing the tiers together in one large box. Wedding cake bakeries should be able to provide you with the boxes you need.
  • Have a thorough route mapped out to the reception, and make sure to include stairways and ramps so that you and who ever else is transporting the cake is prepared. You may need to bring a dolly, or cart.

As far as what you choose to transport your cake in, you have three options: a pan, a box, or on foam. One isn’t better than the other, but you might want to test out all three before the actual wedding day.

Once you reach the reception location, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Bring a leveler to make sure the cake table is level.
  • Instead of pulling the cake tiers out of the boxes from the top, have scissors handy to cut the box, and slide the cake. This will minimize your chances of grazing the cake with your fingers.
  • Have a cake making kit for safety. If the cake somehow gets smudged along its journey, you might need to perform repairs with extra icing or cake decorations.

If you plan on following the one year anniversary top cake tier tradition, make sure you know how to properly store the cake, to ensure it is as moist and delicious as ever—even one year later! Before storing it, remove all decorations and ornaments, and replace the cardboard base with foil. Freeze the cake for approximately 20 minutes, take it out and cover it with airtight plastic wrap, followed by two or more layers of aluminum foil. Then, one day prior to your anniversary, remove the cake from the freezer, defrost, and enjoy!

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Wedding Cake Designs: 3 Things to Consider


Now is the time to go cake tasting, and you haven’t had much time to think about wedding cake designs. Here are a few things to help prepare you for your first cake tasting visit:

Do you like the look of a square cake or a round cake? Wedding cake designs tend to depend on the overall style of your wedding, as square cakes go well with a more modern style (with the sharper edges), and round cakes tend to be softer, lending themselves well to classic, traditional, or vintage-style weddings. If your wedding is a bit whimsical, you can ask your baker or caterer if it is possible to alternate a round cake and a square cake.

Ask about cake accessories, such as wedding cake stands and wedding cake toppers. Typically, your cake vendor will supply a basic cake stand, but if you want something fancier or more distinct, you should go to a party rental store. An organized caterer can recommend a good rental place.

The more flavors you want, the more expensive it will be. A two-flavor cake is pretty typical, and many wedding experts recommend one basic, traditional flavor (such as vanilla cake with strawberry or buttercream filling), and one less common flavor, such as carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, or lemon-ginger spice cake. You may even want to consider coordinating your cake colors with your wedding colors; for example, if one of your colors is red, serve red velvet cake.

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Unique Non-Floral Wedding Cake Designs


Wedding cake designs can be as unique and personal to you as your wedding gown. Fortunately for you and your groom, there are countless head-turning designs to choose from that you don’t have to worry about having options. If you want to explore unique wedding cake designs that are non-floral, then use the following ideas as inspiration.

Photo-Cake: A great wedding cake design idea that’s popping up at more and more weddings these days is the multi-tiered cake with edible black and white photos of the bride and groom. The photos are placed on each tier giving them a perfect display.

Pillows: Have you ever seen a wedding cake that looks like a stack of colorful pillows? I have, and it looks delicious, exotic, and absolutely incredible. Have a wedding cake baker work with you on a design of four pillows stacked on top of each other, and make sure each pillow has intricate designs with edible lace and embroidery.

Starfish: This design is ideal for a beach wedding. Envision a three-tiered white chocolate cake that is adorned with starfish and seashells.

Cherries: A three-tiered white fondant wedding cake, with dozens of cherries on top of each tier is not only unique, but one of the sweetest cakes out there.

Henna: Ever get a henna tattoo at a wedding or party? Why not have your multi-tiered wedding cake decorated with henna-like designs, making your wedding cake stand out from the rest.

Plaid: If you’re a prepster then this cake’s for you! Choose from light colors such as pink or blue and have your cake decorated with a plaid design from top to bottom.

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Wedding Reception Games: Fun Activities for Your Guests


One of your main goals for your wedding reception is to ensure your guests are having a fantastic time. This could be a difficult feat if you have a lot of guests from out of town who don’t know one another. Since you’re only given one shot to show your guests a great time and to introduce them to one another, then you might want to consider adding wedding reception games to your wedding itinerary. Games will offer your guests the opportunity to interact with each other, to get to know you and your groom even better, and will give them some extra wedding reception entertainment.

Wedding Couple Trivia
This game is ideal for when your guests are waiting for their entrees. What you need for this game are questions about you and your spouse written down or typed on cards. Every single question must have to do with you or your spouse, for example: How did you meet? Once your guests have answered the questions, have volunteers offer to answer each one of them. The guest that answers the questions correctly can either pick the next guest to come up, or they get to receive a prize. (For example the table centerpieces.)

Musical Chairs
This age old game never ceases to be fun. It’s simple, doesn’t require any extra props or supplies besides a dj or a band, and chairs.

Guessing Game
Have a jar of marbles somewhere that’s easily accessible to your guests at the reception and have each female guest guess the number of marbles in the jar. Once they have all written their name and guess down on a piece of paper, have them hand it to your maid of honor who will decipher the winner. The prize for the female winner will be your wedding bouquet. This game will replace the bouquet toss.

Wedding Musicians: Letter of Agreement


After you choose your wedding DJ or band, and after you create your wedding playlist, make sure you provide the aforementioned entertainment with a letter of agreement.

A letter of agreement should include the following information:

  • Your wedding date along with the expected musician arrival time.
  • The address of your wedding.
  • A list of equipment that the musicians are responsible for bringing to your wedding. (Music stands, amplifiers, chairs etc.)
  • If you are going to hire a wedding band make sure to include the exact number of musicians you’ve booked, their names, and the instruments they will be playing.
  • A list of substitute musicians in case there is an emergency and someone needs to be replaced.
  • Also include a detailed guide on what the musicians are expected to wear.
  • The wedding music playlist.
  • Songs that you do not want them to play.
  • The time frame you are booking them for.
  • The time of their dinner break and any other breaks that might occur throughout the reception.
  • The amount you are paying them as well as overtime rates.
  • The due date of their payment.
  • A policy that covers cancelling or refunding.


Wedding Reception Music: Cake Cutting Songs


Don’t forget about the cake cutting soundtrack! It’s easy to get caught up in the most significant wedding reception music such as your first dance, father daughter dance, and mother son dance and allow the cake cutting songs to fall by the wayside. If you want to ensure your wedding is an experience your guests will never forget, then cover all your bases and choose perfect songs up until the final act.

All wedding reception songs are important, including the cake cutting songs, choose from the following ideas that are nothing less than ideal for the cake cutting portion of your wedding reception. If you’re having live music, then make sure to explore wedding reception bands who are capable of playing the songs of your choosing.

Ideal Cake Cutting Songs:

  • ‘Cause I Love You, By: Lenny Williams
  • A Ribbon in the Sky, By: Stevie Wonder
  • All For You, By: Sister Hazel
  • Because You Loved Me, by: Celine Dion
  • Can You Feel the Love Tonight, by: Elton John
  • Can’t Help Falling In Love, by: Elvis Presley
  • Celebration, by: Kool & The Gang
  • Chapel of Love, by: Dixie Cups
  • Cut The Cake, by: Average White Band
  • Crash Into Me, by: Dave Matthews Band
  • Have You Ever Been In Love, by: Celine Dion
  • Here & Now, by: Luther Vandross
  • How Sweet It Is, by: James Taylor

Ideas for Unique Winter Wedding Colors


Classic choices for winter wedding colors usually include combinations that reflect the holidays: red and green; red, pink and white; burgundy and gold, or silver, white and other shades of ivory. However, if you want to do something different, try coming up with a color combination that is more unique and less holiday-focused. Here are some tips on finding a unique color scheme to accent your winter wedding decorations.

  • First of all, do not think of traditional winter wedding ideas and colors; instead, think of your favorite color in the world. Then, consult the standard decorating color wheel for corresponding colors.
  • For example, if your favorite color is a bold color (such as midnight blue), use this color as the focal point and other, lighter colors as the accents. Your color combination could be midnight blue, a paler shade of blue, silver, and ivory.
  • If your favorite color is yellow, you could choose a mustard-yellow and pair it with shades of peach and chocolate browns. To give this color combination a more wintery appeal, add earthy, foresty elements such as branches or pine cones to your centerpieces.
  • Otherwise, you can also add extra flair with feathers or rich fabrics such as satin or velvet. Sometimes accents of plaid are the perfect way to pull together your winter wedding colors.

Negotiating Wedding DJ Prices


Of all the vendors that you interview and evaluate when planning a wedding, DJs are among the most important. Wedding DJ prices vary significantly, and often the more expensive DJs are worth the price. However, there are some excellent DJs that are reasonably priced and pleasant to work with. In order to find these DJs, you will need to do some research.

  1. Have several in-person interviews. There are many questions you should ask this contender. Does he have a music database where you can work together to choose your key songs? How does he set up his equipment? Does your venue have specific requirements for set-up (and if so, can he work within those parameters?) Does he do any wedding games?
  2. Ask for (and speak to) his or her references. If he or she runs a good wedding DJ service, then there should already be a list of references that you can call. If not, you should move to the next person on your list. Also, be prepared with a list of questions when you call a former client.
  3. See if he or she is flexible on rates. Definitely try to negotiate (and remember that most wedding DJ prices have a specific price range), but do remember that DJs work hard for their money. If your DJ is good (and has been distinguished from the many other professional DJs available), then don’t ask them to do your wedding for a price that is unreasonable.